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Rayman Boozer and Apartment 48

Rayman Boozer is the creative talent behind Apartment 48. His work is "a rustic approach to modern design". Unexpected colours, styles and patterns are characteristic of his spaces. I remember bookmarking his apartment when it appeared in Elle Decor in 2006. Loved it so much. Now I'm on love with the leopard carpet!

Images from Apartment 48


Gareth Gardner

I found this selection of photos on the website of photographer and journalist Gareth Gardner, based in the UK. It's a wonderful dose of modern design that draws your attention to the architectural detail and the stunning materials used (I must point out the multi-coloured timber flooring that is sooooo incredible).


Matthew Leverone

Visually striking but totally functional - that's how Matthew Leverone designs his interiors. With over 25 years experience he creates spaces that reflect his clients' needs and their unique sense of style. His sense of scale, balance, light and colour plays an important role in these spaces. Liveable and authentic as well as stylish.

Images from Leverone Design


NathanEgan .... again.

Nothing much has changed since we first featured NathanEgan early last year. Wayne Nathan and Carol Egan are still fabulously talented. The rooms are still rich and layered, lush and contemporary. No nothing much has changed EXCEPT they have updated their website. More gorgeous rooms!


Flickr finds - vintage collections