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Pia in Paris

Pia Jane Bijkerk just wrote to tell us about her latest project, an eight-page spread she produced and photographed in Paris seen in this month's issue of Home Beautiful. She'll be posting the whole story on her blog, and the story cover is so gorgeous I can't wait to see the rest!


Inspiration for a bathroom renovation

We received an email from Pooja who is looking for some help with her bathroom: "my husband and i are planning a small bathroom renovation and are stuck for ideas. we know we would like to use subway tiles (as the building was built in the 1930s) and are scouring the web for inspiration. i've pulled a few photos from your blog for our contractor, but was hoping to inspire you to post a few ideas for us." I found some subway tile photos but I also grabbed a few photos with other ideas, like painted wood paneling and square tiles for other options. Good luck with the renovation Pooja, and make sure to send us photos!

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Ami McKay

Ami McKay is a Canadian designer from Vancouver with impeccable taste. She is the designer on Makeover Wish, an HGTV series that rewards local British Columbia heroes with a $25,000 home makeover (not sure if it's still on the air). Fun and fresh style creates spaces that are energetic and inviting. And she's not afraid to use wallpaper!


Jeremy Samuelson

Sometimes with web surfing things get a little bland, a little so so. Then suddenly you find a website that is just so inspiring. Prepare to be amazed! Photographer Jeremy Samuelson has a breathtaking portfolio. Imaginatively displayed as a series of books with each turn of the page there is another stunning image filling the whole screen. Lighting, composition, depth of field, colour. You can be amazed by his technique or you can just let his fabulous talent wash over you. Must check the archives for more of his work and his list of clients will let you know how highly esteemed he is in the industry. Am I gushing? You betcha!

Images from Jeremy Samuelson


And now a word from our new sponsor

I could use a green tea right about now (it was a very VERY long day), and considering the state of my kitchen, I could also REALLY use some cabinets from Greentea Design. It's a Toronto based Asian furniture retailer with a large selection of contemporary and antique pieces and a strong commitment to the environment. They've been around for over ten years, and judging by the products featured on their website, I'd say they'll be around for many more. Not only do they carry kitchen cabinetry, but living room, dining room and bedroom furniture as well. Gorgeous!!! (Thanks Michael!)