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A tale of two houses

I thought I'd share two houses for sale only a few kilometres from each other, both beach houses, both totally out of most peoples reach (multimillion dollar price tags). One is a stylish beachfront holiday "shack" with family friendly feel and a knockout view. The other is an über stylish deepwater mooring canal home which just oozes glamour and high end finishes. My question - if you won the lottery which one would you choose as your holiday getaway? (Click for a closer look.)

In the red corner...

And in the blue corner...


Mary McGee

Interiors that fascinate and function. That's how Mary McGee describes her designs. They tell a story of the people who inhabit them. "The real inspiration of our work comes from our clients. Their taste, needs, and lifestyles is the beginning of an idea that evolves into a creating a product that is reflective of them." Luscious multilayered but functional rooms are elegant but user friendly. Feminine without being fussy.


Bruce Bolander

Bruce Bolander meet mid-century modern. Mid-century modern, meet Bruce Bolander. Things I dig about the following photos from this architect's portfolio: the lime green kitchen (who knew?!), the 3 person vintage sink, the innovative towel hooks, and all of the chairs.


Eames on my mind

Since jumping on the Eames shell chair bandwagon yesterday, I have these chairs on my mind, so I thought I would do a post dedicated to this classic, versatile beauty. I was surprised to see how many photos featured it in white. BORING. Makes my lemon yellow one seem extra special. ;)

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Nicole Hollis

Nicole Hollis and her design team believe in an organic but luxe aesthetic. Her amazing rooms are modern in their vernacular but are well grounded in the natural. The company specialises in high end residential and hospitality but still believes in re-use, re-purpose and re-define.