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Reader request - curtains

It's about time for another reader request. This one is from Nadine: "I am wondering if you might have some inspirational curtain or window dressing photos? We are just moving into our new (well new to us) unit and are having a little trouble deciding how to hang some curtains... i.e. to the floor or to the bottom of the window sill etc. Any advice or examples would be greatly appreciated." Now I often find myself wondering what to do with window treatments, in particular curtains, and never really know what rules I should be following. After going through my photo stash, it's pretty clear that the acceptable standard is long curtains that either just touch the floor or puddle a little. And in my search that was for the most part all I found. My 2 cents is that if you have a small window and you're trying to keep the space casual, then hanging a curtain that ends a foot or 2 below the window works. I did that in my office in my haste to do something with my little window. I happened to have had a piece of fabric I was dying to use that covered the window with about 15" going below the window frame and just hooked it up on clips....a year and a half later and they're still up and looking adorable (to me anyway). So here is some inspiration for you Nadine. And if anyone has any curtain tips for Nadine please do leave a comment. (For a couple more previously blogged curtain posts see here).

Lori Dennis
Tracey Butler
Phoebe Howard
Rodolphe Foucher
Blount Design

Amanda Nisbet Eric Roth
Atlanta Bartlett Simon Brown
Steven Gambrel House Beautiful
Siskin Valls
Retrouvius Guido Barbagelata
Perianth Rodolphe Foucher
Domino Judy King

Jacinta Preston

These are real homes for real people. Stylish and so practical. The kids run through, the dog jumps on the couch, your friends feel so at home they sometimes stay for lunch and dinner. Jacinta Preston takes the great Aussie dream of a home of your own and adds in the lifestyle. It's fun and easy maintenance, inside and out, vintage and new, off to the beach and curled up watching TV. Real. And really lovely! If you have the latest Real Living magazine (a must have every month) you'll see Jacinta's bedroom on the cover. Butterfly love!










Atelier AM

Alexandra and Michael Misczynski of Atelier AM endow their work with qualities that have become increasingly rare in our culture of trendy, grab-n-go design: patina, depth, character, and soul. Their approach to design defies superficial style labels and antiquated distinctions between "traditional" and "modern". Instead, their work is defined by connoisseurship, quality, and authenticity, regardless of the context or architectural style of a particular project. They treat Belle Epoque grandeur and 21-century minimalism with equal elegance and aplomb. Atelier AM  - it's all about comfort, timelessness, and a global vibe, creating rooms with soul.


Axis Mundi

The design firm of New York based John Beckmann, Axis Mundi creates spaces that are contemporary and clean lined. Modern work that is concise and practical but also unique and chic. Think of it as uncluttering to provide focus. Beckmann plays with scale to provide excitement and provides just enough tension to capture your attention. It's minimalism but with glamour.




Richard Goullet

May I interest you in a little trip to the south of France this afternoon? Lord knows Jo and I can use a little voyage away from reality (and blog problems, which we think may be fixed now). Here are some simply stunning photos from the portfolio of interior decorator Richard Goullet. The architecture and decor takes you to another era - so authentic and rustic. I am suddenly craving some bread, cheese, grapes and a big glass of red wine.