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Peter Pennoyer

Peter Pennoyer is a classicist in the manner of the master nineteenth century gentlemen-architects - "elegance in the manipulation of traditional forms". His buildings are beautiful and classic based in historical fact, referenced by historical taste and style but truly livable and relevant in the twenty-first century. Beauty, utility, fitness - words that his multifaceted and holistic architectural firm hold as central principles


Lavender Hill

It's grey and dreary these days as winter approaches, and while I prepare to hibernate, I look for inspiration in homes like this one. It's bright and warm and eclectic which I am always drawn to.

Photos from Light Locations


Arrival of cabinets

This blog chronicles my entire kitchen renovation from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, and I'm taking care of the rest.

If you'd like to be brought up to date, check out my kitchen remodel blog for an archive of previous posts. I posted recently about the flooring, and now.....the cabinets have arrived!!!

I was sooooooooo excited for the day the cabinets were to arrive. Since Greentea Design is based in Toronto, I had only seen the cabinets on their website, and got a tiny sample (about 3 inches) sent to me in the mail to help with my countertop selection. Friday was the day....and it turned out to be bright and early. There was a bit of chaos early that morning as I scrambled to get some extra hands out to my house ASAP to help me unload the truck, but was quickly forgotten once I got a glimpse of the cabinets. The unloading only took about 20 minutes (once they got a system going it was easy peasy). I wasn't able to take photos of them being unloaded because it was raining that day. The first photo I managed to take was of all the cabinets stacked in the living room.

The cabinets were left there for the majority of the day because I wanted to get the walls and ceiling painted before getting the cabinets in place (turns out the walls weren't ready and needed more sanding - but we found this out after 3 coats of paint and after the electrician got the potlights working). For several hours the cats had a ball climbing all over them.

WOW - they were packed so carefully. I worked for moving companies for a few summers during my university years and I have never seen anything packed like that. For each cabinet there was styrofoam on the corners, then a box that wrapped all the way around, then moving blankets wrapped and taped (with perfect corners, like how us women wrap presents), and then shrink-wrapped. It was like Christmas morning unwrapping each piece. And not a scratch or mark on any piece. What a relief!

Is the suspense too much to handle? Then click HERE.


Anastasios Mentis

Specialising in still life, interiors and food Greek born but New York based photographer Anastasios Mentis brings a spirit and creativity to his photos. They are not only technically beautiful, they are imaginative and full of life. Don't miss the rest of his portfolio.


Marcos Armstrong

Enjoy the bold and crisp photography of Vancouverite Marcos Armstrong.