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Katie Lockhart

Too good for product promotion and, come on if you were honest, too good for the little ones. These irresistible dollhouses (or is that Bauhaus models ...wink, wink ... too good for the little ones remember) are the styling work of New Zealander Katie Lockhart. Originally created as a promotion for Resene, showcasing their Karen Walker paint range, they reference the Bauhaus School of the 1920s. See you can tell the kids they're models, then close the door and play with them yourself. If only they were in production!

But Katie's talents don't end there. Take a look at these clever paint collages she did for Inside Out magazine. I remember sticking post-it notes on the magazine pages to bookmark these when I first saw them.

And the best for last. I've seen these rooms before but never knew they were Katie's work. Now I want to paint my floors!


Our favourite chair

Jo and I have a thing for peacock chairs. We have a few between the two of us, and this one is just like one of Jo's and one of mine. I adore this photo by Graham Atkins-Hughes that I've been hanging onto for some time now. So here is a smidge of chair porn for ya.


Hommage to vintage

Happy hump day folks. In order to lift your spirits on this mid-week day I thought I'd share some thrifted, vintage eclectic goodness in the form of photography by Penny Wincer. I seriously could not love all these photos more. (See more Jo posted last year here).


Jim Franco

Dear Mr Franco,

You don't know me but I am the woman who will be stalking your website from now on. Jim ... may I call you "Jim"? ... it was love at first sight when I found your portfolio. All my friends know that I have a thing for talented photographers and have stalked many over the past couple of years but now I only have eyes for your work. Don't worry I won't bother you. Just silently stroke my monitor whenever I see one of your photos.

Kind regards,


P.S. My blog partner Kim loves you too because I just realised she has already posted about you last year. But I love you more :)


Who let the dogs out?

It only takes one dog on a chair photo to unleash more beasts. Yes we have a dog on a bed, a dog who is almost on the bed and on a chair and a dog doing its best to absorb a chair.

Kelly Planer sent in this gorgeous photo of a dog on a bed (she swears a bed is as legitimate as a chair for the sake of these posts). Is it yours Kelly? You never said. I hope he/she is because that is one sweet puppy!

Linda from Lime in the Coconut was inspired enough to send in this quaint portrait of Bo the great Dane trying out her newly revamped garage sale find. A perfectly big chair suddenly disappears! See more here.

And in the original post Jeannine from Small and chic in Cville left a comment linking to her flickr photos of Baxter at work and at play (that's his hotel room!). Such sweet dogs and complete hams!