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Galley kitchens

I figured it was about time for another reader request. This one comes from Marisa: "We bought a 1950's house a few years ago and are (finally) ready to start planning our kitchen renovation. It's terrible! Three layers of stick-on tiles, fake wood countertops, "custom" lighting. However, most inspiration kitchens are open plan, while ours is galley - and no potential to be otherwise because every wall in this house is cement block. Weird! Would you be willing to find some galley kitchen inspiration photos?" Simple enough request. Here ya go Marisa! (OMG aren't cement walls a b*tch?!)

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L Kae Interiors

Pleasant surprises come in all forms including comments on blogs that lead to websites and on to gorgeous rooms. I love the casual natural mix part costal, a little french, a little farmhouse, lots of earthy textures and relaxed family style of these spaces by interior designer Lyndsy Woods of L Kae Interiors. So livable and so lovely. And I found her because of a comment. Don't you love the internet! 








Rockin' retro style

I love the reto style of this home styled by the fabulous Katrine Martensen-Larsen (and photographed by Kira Brandt). It's home to Swedish Christin Johansson, her husband Henrik Roloff and their two young children. A fun mix of vintage retro furnishings and funky ceramics, this home has colour and spunk, a nice change from typical Swedish homes.



A rare stalking

A Georgian house. A teeny tiny Georgian house. Just those first two windows wide. They call it a "pied a terre" on the real estate website. Two bedrooms, two floors, elegant french style interiors, high ceilings, painted timber floors, two fireplaces, slate roof and sandstock exterior walls. Why am I so excited? I love Georgian buildings, something about their spare, elegant lines but they are so rare in Australia. After all the British colonised this country only in 1788 and Sydney was a rough and ready town well into the first quarter of the 19th century. These little gems are so rare. A truly beautiful little house in a superb suburb. Mind you it may not have been such elegant living in the early 1800s. Maybe my love of Georgian is from a romanticised and sanitised 21st century perspective. Still it's so cute I just want to pinch it's little house cheeks!


Some white for your Tuesday

I was recently devouring the website of  Danish stylist and writer Katrine Martensen-Larsen and came across the most wonderful home that is bathed in white. It is the flat of Danish designer Nina Kejser and her Italian husband Mario Iadanza in the small town of Charlottenlund just north of Copenhagen. Most of the furnishings are modern but I love that they've added some vintage pieces here and there to add interest. I am becoming more and more in love with neutral spaces and this one really does it for me, and it's styled perfectly by Katrine and photographed by Mikkel Adsbøl. (Stay tuned tomorrow for more of her work).