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Easter Reading Guide 3

Oh dear me! Unbutton my jeans. I have had a little TOO much chocolate (and hot cross buns). My kitchen painting is rambling along. I realise now why professionals get paid good money to paint walls. But now I've started I'll struggle on. You can have a laugh at how pitifully inadequate my painting skills are on my page but if you're sensible you'll ignore my painting adventures and instead head off to visit new blogs. Here is the third installment of our Easter reading guide. Enjoy!












Easter Reading Guide 2

Time for part two of our easter reading guides! I'm covered in black paint but thankfully the floor isn't. Don't worry it is just the cupboards and not the whole room ... yet :) I know you'll enjoy these next lot of blogs. Don't you just love blog surfing? It's like making new friends. Back to work for me and off to discover new blogs for you. Hope your Easter weekend is going swimmingly and that you are keeping up your chocolate consumption. Most important you know!













Easter Reading Guide 1

In what is now a holiday tradition here on Desire to Inspire it's time for four days of reading guides. Settle in with a a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a hot cross bun or an early raid on the easter eggs and go blog surfing. I am off to paint my kitchen cupboards. I can't take the dirty blue colour anymore and I certainly can't afford a new kitchen. The painter is coming soon but the kitchen isn't on his list. So while you're enjoying lots of new blogs I'll be trying to avoid spilling black paint ... oops gave too much information away then. Photos to come.












Mauricio Fuertes encore

Please enjoy some more beautiful photography by Mauricio Fuertes while I study for my freaking French test and consume some wine.

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I tought I saw a wabbit!

Yes it's true. I was stalking today and came across what I think is the blogosphere's first sighting of the Easter Bunny. Standing guard over the stunning home of architect Sharon Fraser.  Modern and minimalist the house achieves a balancing act between pure white box form and everyday family needs. Look carefully at the aerial view and you will see a minimalist cubby house perfect for the littlest family member and all watched over by the giant red rabbit sculpture by Peter McLisky. I'm seriously in love with this house. The minimalism married with the whimsy all wrapped up in the fact that it sits high on a ridge behind the Northern New South Wales coastline in Federal, sigh, perfect ... and it has a conversation pit! The house is called "Amileka" which if I had $6.75 million I'd be changing the name to "home". Link here while it lasts.

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