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Real estate stalking

Like many parts of the world affected by the sub-prime credit crunch the real estate market in Australia is slowing. How does that affect Desire to Inspire? Less gorgeous homes listed on my favourite online real estate site. If you don't HAVE to sell then you sit quietly and ride out a downturning market. I did find this wonderful 1880 house for auction in one of my town's most exclusive suburbs. I love a classic Queenslander house. Wide verandas, soaring ceilings, french doors and old pine floors. Click on the images to enhance the stalking experience.



Jo posted a while back about "Castles in the Sand", homes for rent in the Moroccan coastal city of Essaouira. I was on the website for these homes and found so many amazing photos that I had to do an encore. I would give anything to take a vacation right now, and to a place this beautiful. *sigh*


Alan Higgs Architects

Alan Higgs Architects is a London-based firm that does everything, from interiors to landscapes. "Our work is characterised by a sense of order and calm, finely composed spaces, generous open relationships between rooms and between inside and out, and the capture of as much natural light as possible. Our designs respond with vision to clients' books, art, and furniture, and form optimal settings for their specific lifestyles and aspirations." Their portfolio is simply wondrous, how they create open spaces that are so seamless. I particularly love how they design such sleek simple kitchens that are unobtrusively open to other spaces.


Elaine Griffin

I remember first seeing Elaine Griffin's work in Elle Decor. It was the Dining by Design "room" above and I tore out the page and still have it a few years later. (You can see the scan of it here.) I love what Elaine says on her website, "A person's home -- what it looks like, where it is, how it's lived in -- reveals more about him than absolutely anything else in the world. Think about it: you change clothes every day; you eat a different food at every meal. But you head home to the same house night after night. Feed someone, change his evening. Change his clothes, you impact his day. But when you change a person's environment, you change his life."


Kim's place...some progress

Like Jo, I have been so busy the last week or so trying to get some work done in my house. There are some exciting things coming up that involve my place and Jo's that we'll tell you about when we can. But in the meantime instead of doing a regular post (since I am lacking in time) I thought I'd post what I've been working on, and purchasing, lately.

For starters, I spent a few hours yesterday (with some help...thanks Jeff!!) putting up a forest mural in my living room. It was painstaking, and worrisome because we ended up with alot of bubbling, but this morning when I went downstairs, I was relieved to find out they pretty much all flattened out once it dried. PHEW. I love the result. It's kind of wacky, and that's my style. The cat on the couch is a pillow I bought on Etsy. Nah, just kidding, that's Jo's favourite cat Lucky.

Now for the office. Last weekend I painted the office floor-to-ceiling white. I finally said buh bye to pale blue walls, and ugly light oak hardwood. The room is SO MUCH BRIGHTER now. It gets alot of sunlight throughout the day, and with everything white, it's just such a nice room to spend time in, as I do...ALOT. My desk was super long, so I cut it down and covered it in some eBay fabric I've had for a while. Jo suggested I paint the door leading to the back deck yellow, and it looks awesome. I have a ton more work to do in there but it's a good start.



I've gone a little nuts lately on eBay and Etsy (and local shops) looking for trinkets and furniture to finish off some rooms with. Today I received 3 parcels, and am waiting for a bunch more. They included the pincushion chair, the resin grapes and the metal tray. The lamp I bought yesterday at a mid-century modern store here, and the table I bought last week at Value Village. It really needs a coat of paint, and I'm not sure what to do with it. I also have 2 chair cushions at an upholsterer so more photos to come hopefully later in the week.