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m. elle

mmmmmmmm ... m. elle. It's easy to see why this mother and daughters design team (Mary Lynn Turner and Marie and Emily Turner) made Elle Decor's 5 to watch list. Sophisticated interiors throughout their portfolio but it was this mountain home that had me from the first picture. Understated elegance yes but also casual and inviting. Cocooned in dark rooms with blazing fires and layered textures. Enticed by the bright and white. It's a stone and aged wooden beam dream with conifer clad hills thrown in for free. Retreat is definitely the right word. What a wonderful interpretation to match a stunning site. So much more after the jump.




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House facade help

I could not resist posting this request we got recently from Marcelo and Shanti: "We bought a house for us and our three kids... but the facade is ugly as it gets... Please help us as our kids are ashamed from the house..." I have to admit that this may be one of the ugliest exteriors I've ever seen.

Does anyone have any suggestions for these poor folks? I'm clueless when it comes to exteriors - and when it's this wacky I'm even more clueless. (I would like to make one suggestion - that you save up some cash to get that top left window replaced so it can be the same size as the others).


Suze's ode to Jonathan Adler

Suze Yalof Schwartz of the blog Dwellers Without Decorators had emailed us a while back looking for curtain inspiration. She emailed again to share with us her fabulous newly renovated New York apartment and OMG did I ever have to share it with you all. It's gorgeous and I love every square inch of it. Her home is very Jonathan Adler-esque (she even met him and told him so!). Here are some photos of her living room which she turned into a combined living/dining space (so she could use the dining room as an office/den). The architecture of this apartment is phenomenal and must have been so exciting to work with. (Decent existing architecture is so hard to find). I am smitten with the wall colour, the trim detail she added to the walls, her Jonathan Adler sofa, her dining chairs...

First, a couple before photos:

And voilà, the after, photographed by Dan Hallman (see more photos of this space and a few other spaces in Suze's home after the jump).


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Stalking two for one

Behind this beautifully restored Edwardian facade is a house with two personalities. There is little to forewarn you as you stalk on by this Hawthorn, Melbourne home. Through a purple door the original rooms of the house give a hint at an owner who, while respecting the past, embraces modern design ... the chairs, a light here and there, the colours. But then as you break through to the rear of the house a second home awaits you. Clever and contemporary, sleekly modern and  definitely 21st century. But wait there's more! The garden. OMG the garden! Did I say two for one? Make that three! If you need to ask the price you cannot of course afford it. It even has it's own website for the sale and definitely more after the jump.

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Monday's pets on furniture

If you'd like to send us photos to include in next week's "pets on furniture" post, please ensure your photos follow our basic rules: First, the pet must be on a piece of furniture. And said piece of furniture must be clearly visible in the photo, so it takes center stage rather than your pet. (Think of it more of a photo of a great piece of furniture that you want to show off...and your pet happens to be sitting on it). And second, the photo must be of decent quality. If it's dark or fuzzy (from a camera phone) then it may not make the cut. Thanks! (Photos, your name and a brief description can be sent to and PLEASE don't send me closeups of your pet!)

"Here is Stella blending right in to the sheep skin on our Bertoia Diamond chair."
- Iris

"While Mario the cat (named for Mario Batali due to his both coloring, his rock n roll 'tude and his gourmet tastes) isn't technically on people furniture, I thought the fact that he had confiscated Shiloh's dog bed still counts. After all, it's a pet on a (pet's) piece of furniture!"
- Emily

"Please find attached a picture of our British shorthair cat "Dulce". Her name means "sweet" in Spanish and that really defines her very well."
- Anne-Cécile & Juan Antonio (Brussels, Belgium)

"This is Mose, he is fat. I think it’s the ice cream."
- Jacob

"This is Stefy on her favorite pouff. I've found her five years ago, very sick, sad and with her three small kittens. Now she's very healthy and happy, and so are her babies ...i have kept them with me all three of them. I have a total number of eight cats, all rescued from terrible situations. My house is small but extremely fun!!"
- Bobbi

"Here is Flynn enjoying a nap on his favorite chair!"
- Lisa

"Pumpkin resting on my newly upholstered outdoor sofa. He looks great in orange!"
- Danielle

Because I didn't get very many pet entries for this post I thought I'd include some gratuitous photos of some of my cats on various pieces of furniture.
We've got Milo on my old dining table, Phoebe on an African camping chair a friend gave me, a plethora of cats scattered about my office, and Edgar asleep on the Ikea-hacked baby changetable.