Rove Concepts


Stalking by the bay

Imagine having this as your view everyday. Imagine a lovely bright white home with vintage finds and warm wood. Imagine a casual Australian beach lifestyle. Then walk down the long wooden stairs to the boathouse and realise just how lucky you are to live here. And if you have enough energy then pour yourself a white wine and wander down to the end of your jetty. Life would be so tough if this was your home. The property is for sale in Sorrento, Victoria. Perhaps if we pool our money we could share it.


Really REALLY busy

I just got home from work and I have sooooo much to do so this is going to be a quickie. I LOVE this photo. Such a cool idea for desk legs. Though not sure how practical that is because mags stacked that high tend to slip.


Clare Cousins Architects

Wonderful modern homes designed by Melbourne architectural and interior design studio Clare Cousins Architects. I love the use of unusual materials and colour particularly the turquoise colour blocking. These are great examples of integration of internal spaces with the outdoors, so important in climates like Australia's. It's all to do with sympathetic orientation, materials and building design. No McMansions here, just stylish contemporary dwellings that are not only comfortable family homes but break out of the cookie cutter mentality. I've included some of their commercial work too. Such clever ideas, the shelves, the simple paper lanterns.


Nan Whitney

It's all about the stylist you know. Great rooms and great photographers but stylists rule the shoot. I love the way they take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Nan Whitney has a wonderful eye. She creates classic but casual, light bright and fun rooms. I love the whole vibe going on here. Beautiful rooms I could imagine living in surrounded by family and friends. That's the dream she creates.


Random on a Tuesday

I mentionned in my post yesterday that I'm really REALLY busy this week. So when I have a moment to spare here and there I will post some random photos. Here are some living rooms that caught my eye in my photo stash.