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Sunday shopping

How stunning are these product shots from new Australian online store Dunlin? I was so excited when Sydney and New York based architect Alexandra Bond emailed to share these gorgeous goodies. After working in New York for the last six years Alexandra and her partner Nicholas Barber are launching an Australian retail extension to their architectural interiors practice.  "Dunlin is working with brands that we have built great relationships with in New York, including Matteo, Original BTC, Davey Lighting and West Third Brand. The majority of these brands have been unavailable in Australia, and we are carrying them exclusively in conjunction with a range of home accessories under the Dunlin line." Oh be still my beating heart! Readers outside of Australia will not know how difficult it is to source great lighting online in this country. But it's not only lighting. Click on over to explore the rest of Dunlin's stylish range. I have a hankering for the Campaign Breakfast Table and the Safari Campaign Chair.


Design Crew

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don't know what to do? You're not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you .... that's you lot ... the readers! Bridget emailed ...


Okay, I have a styling question.  My hubby and I have an industrial loft (30 foot ceilings, brick top to bottom, polished concrete floors, the whole nine yards) in Buffalo, New York.  After searching and searching for the perfectly vintage, perfectly chic work tables for both of us, we ended up purchasing these new industrial packing tables.  Our workspaces are out in the open, and we each wanted about 10 feet of workspace, so we realized that getting enough vintage worktop to look cohesive would be nearly impossible.. and finding 4 mismatched antique tables could get really hodge-podgy, really quick.

We bought these new:

Basically, we'll each have 10 feet of workspace (1 6-foot and 1 4-foot table each), with brick behind.  The hope is that they'll be a good, blank, cohesive, industrial canvas for us..  Do you have any ideas for how we could "chic" them up and make them feel more vintage industrial.  His stuff consists of a computer and then bike gear (tools, wrenches, etc.) and mine is 2 desktop iMacs and craft/paper supplies.

Any tips would be much appreciated!


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Another funky London home

Another lovely home from Domus Nova. This time I'm loving the 2 sofas, the quirky art - except maybe the saddle and the demon with boobs in the dining room- and all furnishings but the dining table. What NOT to do with silver leaf. (Does it drive anyone else nuts that there is no light fixture above the dining table?!)

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Pearse +1

Warm whites with rich wood accents, a dash of regal purple. Texture and layering. Elegance but liveability. Stylishly curated art and furniture. A study in restraint and good taste in Woollahra, Sydney. Love the cascade of frames down the kitchen dining area, the little details like the glass doorstop, the texture of the grasscloth walls, the sculptural elements, the flash of sexy, narrow legs on furniture. From Australian architects Pearse. (More on this firm here.)

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