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Dillon Kyle

Space and proportion, spirit and architectural roots. Things are not always bigger in Texas. Sometimes they are better. Houston-based Dillon Kyle and his architectural team respect the design heritage of their home state but don't get bogged down in the twee, in clichéd nostalgia. I love the scope of the work. I love that the firm can't be boxed in a certain style. And if it's possible to love a carport then I think I'm smitten. You will see why after the jump.




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Reader request - stairs

Today's reader request comes from Anna of from bali with love: "I have a question maybe you and your readers can help me with. I plan to renovate a one story house to a two story house. The front door/main floor opens into the living area (rectangular shape). I'm thinking the living space is the best place to add the staircase to go to the second level but I'm having a hard time deciding what type of stairs to use and a good location for them? By the front window/door? Along the long wall on right side of room? etc?  Ideas, pictures, advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!" My initial thought is to place the stairs by the front window/door. That way all that stuff that will take up space will be in one location and the rest of the space will be free. I went digging through my photo stash and found all sorts of ideas that may help - although I didn't find too many photos that clearly showed stairs situated in a living room. But I think these will help....and thank gawd stairs aren't quite as boring as they used to be!

John Donkin Andrej Kopac
Sköna hem Paul Cha
David Mikhail Décormag
Indenfor & Udenfor Hus & Hem
Evan Joseph Sköna hem


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World's smallest bathroom

Here is an email we received from a reader named Mari: "I have the world's smallest bathroom. I tried a couple of things, but nothing's seem to work in it. The worst thing it's not its small size, but how the things are put together. I even had an architect to take a look, but there was no way to change the things out of their original place. The bathroom is 83cm x 2.40m. The shower is 80x80cm. I was wondering if you can get me some ideas." I honestly don't know what to say about this because it really is T. I. N. Y. My advice is blow out a wall but I'm guessing that ain't gonna happen. An architect friend of Mari's said that it would be possible to blow out the wall on the left, but when it was time to do it, it was discovered that that was some kind of building regulation against it. So if you guys have any ideas for Mari, fire away! (P.S. I did a "small bathroom" reader request a couple months back but I'm not sure that post would even help in this case).


Dominique Vorillon

Dear Dominique Vorillon,

You don't know me but I have devoured every image in your portfolio and I'm sorry but it leaves me wanting ... wanting more and more and more. I have a little reputation in the blogosphere of being a photographer tramp. I find 'em, I love 'em and I leave 'em. Not you Dominique. I'm smitten. You're a master of your work. No wonder interiors and architecture are your forte. Holy cow! The breadth of your portfolio. Is there a style you haven't captured? I'll go now. I know I can get a little insistent, a little embarrassing. I'll just be lurking in the background, just loving your work.






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We received an email the other day from Jerzy Wozniak, one of the founders of the relatively new (since 2009) Poland-based architecture firm mode:lina. The firm recently finalized their premises in an elegant 60's building basement in Poznan and they wanted to share it with us. "Faithful to the idea of using cheap materials without cheap appearance, designers used lacquered OSB boards for the flooring and furniture. Desks, also made of OSB, are covered with artificial leather to make sketching and drawing more comfortable. Luminaries are produced out of standard profiles used for gypsum-cardboard wall systems and fluorescents. OSB office furniture brings more intimate atmosphere and hides all the cabling and recycle bins." Fantastic workspace!! I love the use of OSB on the desks and floor giving the furniture a seamless look. And with the white walls and black desk tops it's a modern and funky colour scheme that I am really into right now. (Photos by Marcin Dondajewski)

I went poking around their blog and found some cool photos of some of their work-in-progress projects that I wanted to share as well. (Check them out after the jump).

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