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Everything old is new again

I know a lot of you really love the retro posts here on Desire to Inspire. Rachel from Design Savvy Maui emailed me these wonderful scans from two of Billy Baldwin’s books, Billy Baldwin Decorates, Chartwell Books Inc., Secaucus NJ, 1972 and Billy Baldwin Remembers, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, 1974. Seems Rachel loves retro has much as I do especially when it is the work of the king of society decorating from the 50s through to the 70s. I confess I’ve been seduced by the kitschy and downright disgusting of bad retro decorating lately. Thankfully Rachel has bought me back on track. Divine decadence!


Paul Barbera

The work of Australian photographer Paul Barbera is magical. He incorporates shadows in such incredible ways, and thus lighting plays an integral part in his photographs. Simple rooms look so much more beautiful through his eyes than a cluttered room ever would.


Your Home and Garden

New Zealand has a great shelter magazine called Your Home and Garden, which I've never personally seen, but they've got a website with some fabulous inspirational images. "Inspiration you can use" as their slogan goes. Very achievable interiors for everyday people. Love that.


Eva Lindh

There is something wonderful about the Scandinavian style and there is definitely something wonderful about Swedish stylist Eva Lindh's work. Beautiful rooms, fabulous fashion shots, her portfolio is just too gorgeous and inspiring. A must see website.


Alessandro Pasinelli

Alessandro Pasinelli is a stylist from Milan with a fantastic edgy style. He appears to love using warehouse-type spaces for his backdrops which makes the furnishings in the photos come to life.