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Christina Murphy and a room crush

I almost called this post "If I were a room..." because it's true. That gorgeous green nook makes my heart sing. Christina Murphy is one of the rising young guns of American interior design. Starting her career with Celerie Kemble her website is still in development with portfolio coming soon but the press section lets you choose pdfs of her work at Kemble Interiors so of course I had to include those until we get to see more when the website is finished. Hopefully that won't be too long because I love the green room and can't wait to see more!


Robert Couturier

I am a little shocked to discover we haven't featured design god Robert Couturier on this blog, until now. He is based in New York, has been featured in just about every shelter magazine there is, and has been included on Architectural Digest's Top 100 Designers list on several occasions. His work is totally glamorous, luxurious, bold, witty and frankly, makes me want to throw a party. In those spaces.


Lucyina Moodie

Too many beautiful images in Lucyina Moodie's portfolio. Where do I start? What photos do I choose? I sat in awe as I clicked from image to image. Great styling so modern yet feminine and still with a hint of vintage. Hey vintage is the new modern. Love Lucyina's work can't you tell?

Images from Lucyina Moodie


Alise O'Brien

Alise O'Brien is an internationally recognised and award winning architectural and interiors photographer. She's the one that architects call on to capture their work on film, a talented professional. I call her an artist. Beautiful light, clever composition and great colour. Yes she has it all but more importantly her photos of stunning spaces have soul. As we all know it's easy to take a photo. It takes talent to take a great one.


Alex Papachristidis

It's been since early last year that we've posted about the work of Alex Papachristidis, and he never ceases to amaze me. He is on my list of top 10 favourite designers. His designs have so much depth it's almost overwhelming - but in a good way. His style is not for the minimalist, which is why I love his portfolio so much. So much to look at, so many layers, so many patterns and colours. I am baffled at how well it all works together. I could never pull something like that off. That takes some pretty serious talent. And he's up to his eyeballs in it.