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Reading guide!

So it's Labor Day long weekend in North America. No such luck here but that won't stop me sharing new blogs with you. Any excuse for a reading guide! You know the drill - some are new, some are new to me, some I've been reading for quite some time, some aren't in English and all have loads of eye candy! I'm not jealous that it's a long weekend in another country .... I'm still on holidays :) WINKS next week I promise.



How about ending the work day (and the beginning of a long weekend for alot of us) with some simple, serene and stunning photographs from Swedish photographer Anna G Tufvesson.



It's a clever name, Landart Landscapes. This garden design firm creates that connection between outdoors and in that we all crave, that extra space, the outdoor room that we all covet. It helps to be based in Sydney with it's beautiful climate and relaxed lifestyle. It also helps to have such a design connection with nature. I so want the apartment balcony with the fish tank. Come on summer! (Apologies to our Northern Hemisphere readers :P)

Images from Landart Landscapes


Alexander van Berge

When is too much of a good thing, well, just too much? Never in the case of the portfolio of Dutch photographer Alexander van Berge. Inspirational photo after inspirational photo. Part of the magic is the use of natural light. Part is Alexander's ability to capture the personality of the rooms. Beautiful!


Carter Berg

I love the portfolio of photographer Carter Berg. The photos appear so makes me want to be in these spaces and be able to spend hours devouring all the trinkets and art and furnishings, and of course pet the sleeping lab on the sofa.