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Award winning Athens and London based architectural firm Divercity. What can I say? Amazing contemporary designs referencing Greek heritage, a local vernacular with an international appeal. Holding its own against a stunning landscape I'm drawn to their hotel work whether almost suspended in the sky in Mykonos and Santorini or grounded in the rocky fields that surround their conversion of a 13th century manor in Monemvasia. Their work is inspiring and simply beautiful.

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These are for you

We just wanted to say thanks for all your support. Kim and I love putting the blog together but it is made even more special by knowing we have the best readers around. We love you guys! These flowers are for you to say thanks ... and to also apologise for no posts this weekend. We are taking the weekend off. "YAY!" I say but I know you will be saying "BOO". Kim is drowning in French studies and I'm still getting over my recent health hiccup so I just know you will forgive us for taking 2 days off. We have hardly ever taken time off in the more than four years we have been blogging so we are going to be bad this weekend and play hooky. Don't worry though we'll be back Monday and of course the Easter weekend will be overflowing with easter eggs and Desire to Inspire reading guides, a holiday tradition!

P.S. These gorgeous flowers are actually sitting on my breakfast table. I am such a lucky girl. Thanks Lexi!


The Kate Moss of homes

Thanks once again to my bro-in-law Dave for providing me with a link to another home that I thought was blog worthy. Actually, there isn't anything very spectacular about this home in Barcelona. The reason why I'm blogging it is because it's apparently "impossibly thin", "freakishly thin", "If buildings had human doppelgangers, this one would be 90s-era Kate Moss" and "just 12 feet wide". That is why I had to blog this. Because my home is also 12 feet wide. But here is where this home differs. It's nearly 4000 square feet (mine is 926) and is the length of an entire city block - 82 feet.


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Mark Seelen + 2

Couldn't help it. I had to keep digging in photographer Mark Seelen's portfolio. Absolutely fabulous. A girl is spoilt for choice when it comes to favourites. Stunning rooms, stunning architecture, stunning shots. The man has an artist's eye. Enjoy!


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Cue the violins

I don't really know what to write as an intro to this post. Basically I am stressed out and preoccupied to the max and my brain is just not functioning up to par. My day job has been REALLY busy for ages, we're trying to get plans finished for the house which is a little tough working with an architect AND designers (both of whom are swamped), I have a French test (for said day job) the day after Easter weekend that if I don't pass may mean having to leave my team (where I have worked for my entire career as a public servant) and go back to programming - something I REALLY don't want to do. And I f*cking hate tests, especially verbal ones. With that whining, I leave you with some photos from Avotakka, a very cool Finnish magazine. (P.S. I really want to make a floor lamp like the one in the first photo.)

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