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More Joe Schmelzer

Photographer Joe Schmelzer, whom I posted about back in February, wrote the other day to let us know he has added some new photos to his website. They are as fabulous as the photos I posted last time, so how could I say no? He also gave us a heads-up on an interior designer we haven't posted before, so stay tuned for that post later today.



Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian readers out there. This is the biggest party day of the year here in Ottawa (the capital of the country - NO it is NOT Toronto), so I have a couple of options of what to do today. The photo below is one. A trip downtown to hang out with hundreds of thousands of people and watch the fireworks.

Then there is option B, as seen below. Hang out at my parent's place (Rancho Relaxo as we often call it) and get some soooo-not-good-for-you-but-badly-needed sun. This may be an easy choice.


Wendell T. Webber

We've showcased the portfolio of photographer Wendell T. Weber before but after finding his rep's website crammed with even more photos. I thought it was time for an encore. Love the lighting, love the angles and composition but most of all it's so apparent that he just gets colour! Fabulous photos.


Coffee table conundrum

A reader wrote in wondering what to do for a coffee table and has a couple requirements - she doesn't want 2 smaller tables and her other half doesn't want glass. I've been in the same predicament for several months now, and can't seem to find anything suitable, although I will probably go for glass or acrylic since my room is so small. I think coffee tables are a perfect place to add a little bit of the unexpected - a bit of colour, a different style to the rest of the space, a bit of can really do anything. Since our reader already has a blend of styles in her living room - a sofa (contemporary casual - Crate and Barrel-like), chairs (modern), side table (antique mahogany parlor table), and lamp (Tiffany-style), then why not spice things up? I am loving Moroccan tea tables at the moment as a great way to inject a little bit of ethnicity. Or perhaps something Asian flavoured? Below are a wide range of styles for some ideas.

Lynn MorganSköna hem
Sköna hemTed Yarwood
Jack LevyRebecca Bradley
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Jeff HerronGaelle Le Boulicaut
Fotene DesignLocation Works
Andrea LarssonAero Studios
Robert StilinUrban Spaces
Cabinet Jean Louis DeniotHomes & Gardens


Amanda McLauchlan

I wanted to wax lyrical about Australian photographer Amanda McLauchlan's work but I found I couldn't write it better than what was already on her website. "Her images are crafted using natural light and evoke the virtues of her soul; quiet and serene, modern and simple. Passion is reality for Amanda." A truly beautiful portfolio. Don't miss her travel and food books.