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Husband and wife photographers Gentl & Hyers have a way with light that takes me back to the works of the Old Masters. Chiaroscuro, light and shade, positive and negative. The air is thick in their photos like treacle and colours have a tangible presence. It's like the photos are caught in amber or that the white light is thick like milk. Beautiful portfolio. Their black and white work is a must see.


Boutique getaways

I haven't been on a holiday in ages, but if I got the chance to stay in any hotel I wanted, I have no idea what style I'd prefer. Modern? Rustic? Themed? Glam? I came across a website called Boutique Getaways, which is a guide to some pretty stylish hotels located in several countries. These are some of my favourites - and apparently I prefer glam or rustic.


Eric Prokesh

Eric Prokesh "finds that borrowing from the past is crucial to his work - a deliberate decision that helps him make something new." Named as one of H&G's "50 Tastemakers" his portfolio covers French Classical to Mid-century Modern. The colours of these rooms are so beautiful, so fresh, the rooms themselves so luxe but simply elegant. Using colours not usually associated with the fine antiques he uses draws the eye to these lovely pieces.


Bright ideas for the home

Retro time! Yes we take a short break in our tasteful transmission to bring you DIY ideas from the 70s for your swinging pad. Per Dalsgaard and Elisabeth Erichsen are responsible for these decorating ideas and do you know what? Some of them aren't that bad 30 years later. OK some of them haven't quite made the journey to the 21st century like that bondage sausage floor lounge (so unbelievable I just had to supersize it) or the very 70s concept of a velvet patchwork round bed for you and your friends. Enjoy these scans from Bright Ideas for the Home, Per Dalsgaard and Elisabeth Erichsen, Macmillan London, 1978.


Kim's place - some painting going on there too

I have been having a busy weekend too. Like Jo, there was some painting going on here too. I was getting totally sick of the putrid yellow that most of this house is painted and took off to my local Benjamin Moore store yesterday afternoon with a list of white paint and my latest Style at Home mag, where a gorgeous photo of a kitchen painted in Farrow & Ball's Blackened had got me thinking about grey. In the end, grey won out (Misty Gray for walls and Distant Gray for trim). I painted the living room yesterday, except the wall behind the tv that leads upstairs - that's getting painted today (and the upstairs hallway). Some photos are below. (The one with my little teak dresser shows the putrid yellow on the wall in behind.) I've also included one of the baseboards. NONE of the baseboards in this house are painted. So they required 3 coats. And OMG what a difference. The room still needs alot of chairs, coffee table, curtains, pillows, rug etc. etc. but I think it's off to a good start.

I also bought some paint for my kitchen cabinets. That will be a job for my day off tomorrow. Wait until you see what colour I chose. The kitchen is going to be trashed as soon as I get my act together and get renovating, so I thought something a little crazy would help me not hate it so much.