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Jordi Vayreda

The other day I received an email from Jordi Vayreda introducing me to his design studio in Catalonia, Spain. A boutique team of 5 designers create commercial and residential work as well as industrial design. I've mainly featured their domestic work here but check out their amazing shop fit outs. Jordi says that each project is unique as they don't like to repeat their designs as they adapt to each clients needs. The studio has collaborated with companies such as Coinma in Spain and Sipam in Italy. Exciting times are ahead for Jordi Vareyda as the studio prepares to launch their own line. Good luck guys! Awesome talent!

Images from Jordi Vayreda


And now a word from our sponsor....

Liquid Luma

Some of you may have noticed the stylish new B&W ad in our sponsors' column. Click on through and subscribe to Liquid Luma's website and not only will you find beautiful black and white art photographs from around the world for sale but you'll receive access to an exclusive gallery, photography tips and photo essays with their newsletter and a gallery of free high resolution (up to 2560 x 1600) desktop wallpaper just like these beautiful images to download. Their images are other wordly and I've always loved B&W fine art photography.


Betty Wasserman

Betty Wasserman is about modernism and minimalism, with art playing a primary role. While focusing on design, she actually represents the work of over thirty artists, and has her own line of furniture. Seems she has all of her bases covered. Note the phenomenal lighting in the following photos.



Stargo is an architecture and interior design firm based in Stockholm. I am taken with their portfolio because of my love for black and white. These spaces are so fresh and inviting. Beautiful use of plants as well.


Pieter Estersohn

There is nothing more inspiring than the images captured by a great photographer. Pieter Estersohn has shot for the likes of Elle Décor and Architectural Digest to name just two. Here are just a few of his tearsheets and photographs. Check his portfolio for even more and don’t miss his covers. I’m sure you’ll know most of them.

Images from Pieter Estersohn