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Want to spend more time in church?

We love a good church conversion on Desire to Inspire so when I was real estate stalking in Adelaide in South Australia I all but shouted hallelujah when I came across this 1889 bluestone church given just a little contemporary makeover. Love it! Especially the "kitchen sign" and the supersized Tretchikoff. Link here while it lasts.

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Photography to ease the soul

I would like to introduce Jennifer Squires as the latest addition to our sidebar. Jennifer is from London Ontario and is a fantastic landscape photographer. Her Etsy shop (a joint effort with her hubby) is a space for modern and minimalist images of peace, reflection, and for all things that can help induce a bit of meditation in our days. They offer photographs of seascapes, landscapes, and winter trees in all sorts of sizes. (After studying French for 2 solid weeks, I could use a little bit of inner peace right about now, and the following photos sure do help...)


Easter Reading Guide 4

Almost there! Last day of reading guides and thank goodness because my chocolate stash is almost gone. Painting is stalled as I head out to lunch with friends. There is definitely a Scandinavian bent with todays blog list. Not all though .... just to keep it mixed up. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the last of your long weekend.











Easter Reading Guide 3

Oh dear me! Unbutton my jeans. I have had a little TOO much chocolate (and hot cross buns). My kitchen painting is rambling along. I realise now why professionals get paid good money to paint walls. But now I've started I'll struggle on. You can have a laugh at how pitifully inadequate my painting skills are on my page but if you're sensible you'll ignore my painting adventures and instead head off to visit new blogs. Here is the third installment of our Easter reading guide. Enjoy!












Easter Reading Guide 2

Time for part two of our easter reading guides! I'm covered in black paint but thankfully the floor isn't. Don't worry it is just the cupboards and not the whole room ... yet :) I know you'll enjoy these next lot of blogs. Don't you just love blog surfing? It's like making new friends. Back to work for me and off to discover new blogs for you. Hope your Easter weekend is going swimmingly and that you are keeping up your chocolate consumption. Most important you know!