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Amanda McLauchlan

I remember finding photographer Amanda McLauchlan's portfolio a few years ago and being blown away. What's better than a stunning portfolio? A stunning portfolio updated. This Australian photographer has it. Gorgeous shots full stop! Serene, rich, evocative.






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Freezing cold days and a little photo shoot

It's freezing cold here in Ottawa and I hate winter with a passion. But yesterday my mood was uplifted with a visit from a photographer at my home for a little photo shoot. It was alot of fun and I was especially stoked that he really wanted to get some of my cats in the photos (which turned out to be hilarious, trying to get 7 cats to sit still). It worked out great amazingly and I can't wait to see it in print. For the shoot I did a bit of redecorating around the house - necessary as my home has been in a bit of a state of disarray since my husband moved in back in May (with all his crap stuff). When the photographer left I took the opportunity to snap some photos while the house was clean and fur-free.

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Rainy days and rubbish skips

My weekends are being devoured by new old house jobs. The painters start on Monday and to ensure our weekend is action packed my husband has hired a rubbish skip for the week. Think of me as the rain pelts down, lugging stones and rubbish from the backyard and removing old flyscreens and strange bits of timber nailed to walls for unfathomable reasons. The next old house before video is up on my page as well as a few of my recent thrift  and secondhand store finds like my new murano glass bowl on a thrifted ikat. That glass is almost edible! Yum!


A panicked, but welcomed Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I am spending the day cleaning house and rearranging furniture and panicking a bit as tomorrow there is a wee photo shoot at my humble abode. Since the hubby moved into my (now our) WAY too small home in May things have been in a bit of an uproar and I'm trying to make sense of it all. Regardless of the chaos I am super stoked for this shoot and can't wait to see the outcome. I'm a bit lacking in free time as a result so I thought I'd do a simple post today and showcase some photos from a French Canadian magazine called Décormag that I've featured a couple of times in the past (here and here).


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Joe Maer


Whether rock star, boho or everyday home, stylist Joe Maer nails the look. Colour and quirky finds, personal mementos and clever upcycling. It's all there loaded with inspiration. Pucci bedskirt anyone? Love it!




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