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Mary Anne Smiley

Dallas, Texas interior designer Mary Anne Smiley epitomises all the design savvy and down right charm and elegance of Southern design. Award winning, published and beloved by her clients she seems destined to be in the built environment having grown up with a family connection. Once again it's in the details and the fact that although elegant and refined these rooms are family rooms. Lovely livable design with a dash of Texas oomph! (I first saw Mary Anne's work featured on All The Best here.)

Images from Mary Anne Smiley


For Pink

Hey everyone. Many bloggers have been wondering what has happened to Pink, of Pink Mohair and Casapinka blogs. Please pay both of her blogs a visit as I have just published posts on her behalf explaining her absence. Of course, in her honour I had to post some pink photos.


Animal print furniture

Naturally because I love zebra rugs, I also have a thing for animal print furniture (again, FAUX). It's graphic, somewhat rustic, and bold. I would love to recover one of my old upholstered chairs in a great animal print (probably zebra). I figure, I live with 5 cats, animal prints would be very suitable here. :)

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What? Holiday time again?

I know you all think that Kim and I spend all our time on holidays at these amazing resorts. That we lead such a glamorous life lounging by the pool and dining in the finest restaurants. As if!! Only virtual holidays for us. So sad. This week's dream vacation spot is Lunuganga on the mystical, magical island of Sri Lanka.

Images from Lunuganga


Retro time!

No retro revolting this week. Oh no! These images are scanned from a very scholarly tome, Inside Today's Home 3rd Edition, by Ray and Sarah Faulkner, Holt Reinhardt and Winston,1968. These classic 60s interiors are the creations and homes of leading architects and interior designers of the time. Lovely and no purple shagpile or mustard patterned wallpaper in sight. (I miss the OTT rooms though. They're my favourites.)