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Outdoor favourites

I've gone through my files and found my favourite "outdoor rooms" for 2008. I love living outside as much as possible and if I had spaces as stylish as these I doubt I'd want to come back inside. Whether a chair pulled up casually in a favourite garden corner, a private place on a veranda or an architect's dream melding outside with in there is inspiration a plenty.

realestate.com.auAlison Miksch
Claesson Koivisto Rune
Lucyina Moodie

Eric StaudenmaierEric Staudenmaier
Reed DavisShootspaces
Quentin BaconMagni Design


My favourite bathrooms of '08

I will be posting over the next few days my favourite photos of the year, by room type. The bathrooms from this year (and by this year I mean that I've saved on Flickr after Jan 1 '08) that have inspired me are below.

Reasons I love these: old world beauty, most amazing tiles EVER, fun wallpaper, sleek and simple, copper tub (OMG), mosaic tiles, glamourous, quirky in white, insane view, dramatic, earthy, oversized artwork, dark and moody, bold colour...


Not just new years day

Today is a special day each year. Not just because it's the first day of a new year, but it's also my mom's birthday. This year though was a extra special one, although one my mom was not looking forward to whatsoever. Today my mom turned SIXTY. Yep, a SIX followed by a ZERO. She made us swear we wouldn't make a big deal out of it. We all (my sisters and our significant others and the grankids) went to my parents house and had an amazing fondue. I just wanted to post something for my mom because she's awesome, and she reads the blog all the time. She's pretty proud of me for my part in what Jo and I have accomplished with our wee blog. :) And I'm proud of her because she's one hot looking mom. She was hit on by many of my guy friends in high school. It was hilarious. And she's still hot at 60. She might kill me if I post a recent photo of her, so I'll just post a couple of really old ones (these were all I could find). One when she was pregnant with my twin sister and I, and one when we were 2. Happy birthday Mom. You don't look a day over 30. I swear.


Brisbane (and beyond) bloggers

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! Today's holiday reading list is just a little bit different. As most of you will know I live in Brisbane, a young and vibrant city dipping it's toes in a winding brown river. Once a sleepy place it has over the past few years blossomed into a creative hub, bursting with talent and rushing to make up for lost time. Today's reading list features Brisbane bloggers big and small. (OK some live outside Brisbane but they are fellow Queenslanders and that is just as important.) Blogging is still not an everyday activity in Australia so I'm very proud of this motley crew. Some are big blogs on the block. Some you will already be visiting. Others are new. There are designers and artists, small business women and crafters. There are people just like you. Welcome to my city. Relax, stay awhile.


I've had to update the list already because I forgot one of my favourites. If you're a Brisbane blogger and I've missed you let me know in the comments below. I want to know you all!

Update! I knew it. I knew it. I knew I'd forget some and two of these I visit regularly, one posted a piece about my bus rolls which is how I first found out what an amazing artist she is and the last I have winked and was a member of for a short time. So check above for more blogs! Never do a story about your hometown blogs with a post New Year's hangover ;)

Update again! Even more. Keep 'em coming!

OK it's official. I'm blown away by the Brisbane blog scene. Thank you for your intros to all these new blogs!



OMFG! Jo and I are VERY honoured to be among the top 8 blogs nominated for Apartment Therapy's The Homies. Not only are we honoured but also surprised at how far we've come in 2 years. Thanks so much for the nominations everyone, and though we don't usually like plugging ourselves I'll make an exception for this. We'd LUV your votes so if you think we are worthy, here is where you can vote. We're seriously just stoked to be among the list of such amazing bloggers. It's a great way to start the new year. So on behalf of myself and Jo, have a rockin' New Years everyone!!

(Below was supposed to be a photo of me with the cats but that was too freaking difficult to manage by myself - getting 6 cats in a photo is tough enough. Of course, I had to bribe them with some salmon which is why they are all looking at the floor).