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The interior design team at BAMO are strong, talented, creative individuals producing wonderful, brilliant, and sometimes quirky designs. Here's how they describe their work. "BAMO does not follow a single design style. In fact, we feel that it is more important to have style than be in a style. Our work ranges from traditional to contemporary, but each project incorporates both an elegance and comfort level that make the spaces livable and a true reflection of their context and occupants." Check out the pagoda folly. How cool is that!

Images from BAMO



I am a huge fan of colour, but the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles 2008 Designer Showhouse could not be any more neutral, and surprisingly, I love it. (The home combines the efforts of Keith Summerour of Summerour Architects and Nancy Pendergrast of Summerour Interiors in partnership with Beth Webb of Beth Webb Interiors). It's so serene, easy on the eye and comfortable.


Hecker Phelan Guthrie encore

I've showcased Hecker Phelan Guthrie before but I just had to revisit their hospitality portfolio after seeing their latest project The Ivy in the last Belle magazine. I need to hop a plane and go for a drink. The first two pictures give you just a taste. (You can see more in their press section.) Lots of fabulous ideas to "steal" here for dining areas. Love their work!



Have I got a treat for you! I've managed to get my hands on a retro book crammed with gorgeous designer solutions to all your tricky late 60s decorating problems. House & Garden Guide to Interior Decorating, The Conde Nast Publications London, 1967. With a tweak here and there to these rooms I feel I could be flipping through a glamour shelter magazine from today. Enjoy!


2Modern, and one of my fetishes

We have a great group of sponsors here at desire to inspire, and one that has been with us for a while is 2Modern. Their online store rocks, and I thought I would do a post on one of my fetishes, pillows, because they carry such a huge, amazing selection. (Although searching through their store might not have been a good idea, because it's too easy to hit that "ADD TO CART" button!)

One of my favourite lines is by Plush Living. OMG! They are silk, which ups the sexy factor, and the patterns and colours are so hot. I would be tempted to decorate a whole bedroom around some of these.

Thomaspaul is always up there on my list of favourite patterns and I am in love with just about every pillow 2Modern carries from their line. Since I have a thing for peacock feathers, that one might be my favourite.

Koko's line of pillows have an ethnic vibe to them which I'm always drawn to. The colours are so pretty, and they have such unusual patterns. The rice pillows won me over.

So go on over and check out their site, and for those in the continental US, shipping is FREE!