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Merry Christmas!

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and for those of readers who don't celebrate at this time of the year I hope you can survive the holiday break in blogland. Don't forget our Holiday Reading Guide to help you get by.

I'd also want to send all my love to the greatest blog partner ever, the fabulous Miss Kim! This is a card that a good friend gave me this year and it sums up what Christmas is like in Australia. No snow and lots of sunshine! Merry Christmas!!



With almost a year of photos to choose from I thought I'd select my favourite 12 from my posts. Not an easy task as I found myself saving more and more images from the archives. If I'd chosen from Kim's posts as well I would have had to give up. I love so much of what she found this year.

Beach StudiosBurnham Design
Ken FulkMichael Luppino
Greg NataleSharyn Cairns
Lotta Agaton and Pia UlinGreg Natale
Scott WestonTom Scheerer
Tim YoungSpacecraft

OK that's really 13 and because I just couldn't make up my mind here's 4 more.

Kim CornelisonDana Gallagher
Sharyn CairnsM Design

Oh I need to add more. Please?


Flickr finds - shelves


The missing home office

Vlad emailed this week while I was off moving (photos to come shortly) to bring my attention to his super-fabulous home office that I should have included in my post last week. It's such a great space I thought it deserved it's own post. Would I ever kill for all that book storage. I'd have to go out and buy more books.


Holiday reading part 2

Hope you saved room for seconds. Here's part 2 of our holiday reading guide. More fab blogs from around the world. Now it's your turn. Leave the links you want to share in the comments section and maybe we'll all make it through the silly season.