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And now a word from a new sponsor

Tate has decided to become a cherished member of the desire to inspire sponsor family, so I'd like to introduce you to his blog, Strange Closets, and welcome him with a great big kiss...but he'll just have to settle for this post.

I love Tate's "About Me" section on his blog so I think it's a perfect introduction: "I'm a native Chicago thirtysomething guy (more Timothy Busfield than Ken Olin, unfortunately). In my dreams, I'm a world-renown taste-maker, sought after for public appearances and too busy with my successful blog to take on any new clients. In real life, I discovered my passion for design while rehabbing a 2 flat in Chicago. For some reason, whether adding a staircase or expanding the kitchen, the result always seems to be Strange Closets."

Here's a bit about Tate's blog in his own words: "It's Chicago-based but I'm looking for photos of readers ideas, room makeovers, favorite stores, etc. from around the world. I'd like to maintain a Chicago focus for the readers here but to open it up a bit and let other readers introduce Chicagoans to the great design they or their community have to offer."

I just spent way too long on his blog, and LOVE to see the progress on his home. So do go check it out. And because we are all about photos on this blog, I thought I'd share a few from Tate's blog of some of his home renovations, which blew me away.


Noah Webb

The spaces featured in the portfolio of photographer Noah Webb are stunning. The composition of each creates such a cool vibe, and showcases the extra-special features of each such as the gorgeous artwork and beautiful fabrics. He even had a cat on a chair photo. Gotta love that.


Environa Studio

Environa Studio is one of Australia’s leading sustainable architecture practices that integrates architecture, interiors and landscape into some pretty phenomenal spaces. Such incredible materials used such as the different wood and tile flooring, and perfectly placed windows to take advantage of the landscape. Modern masterpieces.


Celyon et Cie

Ceylon et Cie have a mission statement.Dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of beauty through passionate, timeless and inspirational design. Michelle Nussbaumer and Ceylon et Cie specialise in grand luxe rooms with an elegant worldly take. There is a true joy in beauty of the surroundings and a celebration of the finer things in life. Michelle effortlessly mixes antique and modern, glamour and a classic timeless vibe. As an aside isn't that the most stunning green you have ever seen?

Images from Ceylon et Cie


Ben's showcase house bathroom

Well, it's good to be back blogging (although what I should really be doing is sleeping) and of course Jo didn't listen to me about not posting in my absence. OH WELL. She's not a very good listener. So I worked ALL weekend, and the next 3 weeks or so will be slightly less chaotic. It was so nice to finally have time to check my emails, and I found a lovely surprise when I opened Ben's email. It included some amazing photos...I'll let him explain:

"I am a new interior designer and have just completed my very first showcase house! I’d like to submit some photographs of a “faux bois bathroom” I just designed for this year’s San Francisco decorator showcase house. The inspiration was a trip through Sweden last summer where rooms were a dazzling mix of high and low end furniture. My goal was to create a very serene and ethereal space using a mix of styles --- traditional & modern, formal & rustic. It’s a mix that can be hard to achieve, but produces spectacular results with the right balance. The room meant to be elegant but restrained. Very appropriate to the way we live today!"

These photos are going in my inspiration file right away. I have 2 bathrooms to renovate and this fits me to a T. Thanks Ben!!! (Click on them for super-sized version)

I also found these equally incredible photos on his website. WOW.