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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?



  • Beautiful, beautiful bone inlay furniture from Sang and Serena.  A chance meeting in India, the desire to promote artisan creations and the result? Stunning furniture and gorgeous textiles.


  • Good looking and good for you. Previously available only to the trade the Q Collection uses carefully selected natural and non-toxic materials and heirloom craftsmanship. Love the look!

  • There's a tactile sensuality about Rosemary Hallgarten's designs. Gorgeous rugs and pillows and this OTT shag leather chair and ottoman. Shake it baby!

  • The Lace Glass by Lasistudio. Reclaimed beer and soda bottles transformed into gorgeous new drinking glasses. The romantic side of eco-design. Available through Matteria.


  • Colour is Gretchen Langner's tool. Vibrant energizing colour. This artist turned textile designer creates a hand screened contemporary range of fabrics, dZign, perfect for a modern look. And as if the choice of colour ways isn't enough (I loved playing in the colour lab) there is always custom!



Schappacher White

Happy Friday! How about a bit of wonderful architecture and interior design from SchappacherWhite Ltd., a New York-based firm founded by Steve Schappacher and Rhea White. Whether it be modern, contemporary or country chic, these folks know what they're doing. I think my favourite has to be the first group of photos, of a 1904 farm house renovation in Shelter Island, NY. Black and white seems to be where it's at these days and I could not love it more.


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Miha Matei

A crazy week! So much to do and so little time. That's why I love to find a website that transports me to a world of beautiful things and beautiful rooms bathed in beautiful light. New photographer crush. Romanian born but now long based in the States, Miha Matei gets it. She really does. Miha can capture the essence of a room and tug at your heart. She makes you go "yes ... that's it ... that's exactly what I want". And I want that bedroom and that dining room and those spindly leg stools. So much more after the jump.





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A great book, a great store, and a great opportunity

Since I have the day off from work I thought I'd use this opportunity to get through some posts I have been wanting to include here lately that I haven't had a chance to what with wedding plans monopolizing what little spare time I have.

To start, even though Jo mentionned this book back in a WINKS post in April, I finally got my hands on a copy (gotta love snail mail from the other side of the world) and wanted to do my own plug, because it is JUST THAT GOOD. The book I speak of is Australian stylist Megan Morton's Home Love. And I have ALOT of love for this book. I have not had a chance to devour every word yet but I have devoured every photo and they are stunning. What I have managed to read of it so far is very useful tips and suggestions for creating different flavours of rooms. Megan has included alot of her own personal experiences which I think brings this book to a certain level of reality. It's definitively one of my new favourites that will sit proud on my coffee table, and I highly suggest that if you don't have a copy already, that you go find one ASAP (or try here). Oh - and Megan happened to mention our little blog on page 92. :) Here is a sneak peak...


Next order of business is a new advertiser has joined DTI, and I'm totally stoked about this one. It's a shop called Redefine Home, run by David Betz and Linsi Brownson, a home builder and interior designer by trade. They started this online shop last year,  and are proud to work with local artists and small companies, and offer products that are exclusively made for Redefine Home. They offer a bit of everything, from furniture, lighting, textiles, kitchen and bath products, art...they have it all.  I'm stoked because there are so many items they carry that I'd love to get my hands on. (Shipping is free on orders over $50 in the U.S. and I am pleased to tell you that they ship to Canada! And the UK!) Here are just a few of my favourites:


And lastly, I received an email from Greg at 2Modern who wanted to put the word out that they are looking for some new guest bloggers on the 2Modern blog. Anyone can inquire. Guest bloggers post once a week on a chosen day...topics range from modern design, architecture, furniture, lighting, etc. The bloggers are from all over the world (but posts are in English only) and from all walks of life (architects, modern connoisseurs, designers, etc.). A link to contact them if you're interested is here.


House facade help

HAPPY CANADA DAY to all of our Canadian readers! Hope you all have a fun day off work, partying it up and enjoying the festivities. I'm hoping to get out in my front yard at some point and attempt to snap a photo of the Snowbirds as they fly around the capital. (Last year I just missed them).

Today I've got a few things to blog about - the first is a request for some paint ideas. Later I have a book review, a new store to share, and a request for guest bloggers.

So to start, here is a request from Nataliya:
"A few weeks ago you did a wonderful post of someone's house exterior with reader comments on how to improve it. I was wondering if I could get so lucky as to have my house get the same royal treatment :) It's a Minto home on a Minto street and I'm looking to make it extra special and fun. I would love to paint the trim, front door, garage door and storm shutters, but not sure what colours to choose. Currently I love white, black and red. However, a red double garage rood scares me a bit! :) Any comments would be very very appreciated."

Minto is a very popular builder of suburbs here in Ottawa and this home is very typical of what you'll find here. (I grew up in a very similar home). So Nataliya needs help making her home stand out from the rest because as is typical of the burbs here where all homes are built by the same company, every house looks the same - which is one of the main reasons why I am staying out of the burbs. So if you guys have any suggestions for Nataliya, fire away.