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Shannon Fricke and her Sense of Style

A little while ago I featured a photographer, Prue Ruscoe whose work I adore. My favourite pictures of Prue's appear in one of my favourite books, A Sense of Style. Colour, by Shannon Fricke, interior stylist, TV presenter and now regular contributor to Inside Out. My copy is well worn and well used. Shannon was kind enough to email thanking me for mentioning her book and with the news that she has a new book, Sense of Style. Space. These are the images she sent to share. In her first book she explores the world of colour, revelling in it's cheekiness and life enriching beauty. Her books, while informative, are joyous celebrations of life, style and lifestyle. Each is a feast for the eyes with glorious photos of homes, mood boards and vignettes styled by Shannon. Her new book takes us on a journey through space, sacred, personal, transitional and functional spaces. Once again her insightful holistic approach is matched by Prue's stunning photographs. If you find her books I know they will become well used sources of inspiration. Both books can be found readily in Australian bookstores and here. Unfortunately both are not yet available in America but that's what online ordering is for!

Images above by Prue Ruscoe courtesy of Shannon Fricke. Don't forget to click on these to supersize.

Images from Prue Ruscoe's portfolio at The Names Agency

P.S. Thank you so much for the copy of the new book Shannon. It's gorgeous from cover to cover!


Retro revisited

Finally my boxes are unpacked from the move and my retro collection of decorating books has a new home. I'll make up for not revealing more retro inspiration last week by doubling up this week. Let the inspiration/aberration begin!

All images scanned from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement. Vol 16. Greystone Press, New York, 1971.



It's been a while since I've done an animal post, and when I found Adrian Burke's portfolio, I thought it was about time I posted some adorable animal photos. Thankfully he had some that involved chairs or other furniture so it would relate somewhat to the topic of this blog. This post is in honour of my new cat Mimin, who has decided to let bygones be bygones and get along with the other four monsters cats. (*PHEW*)


O'Connor Design Partners

O'Connor Design Partners is a firm located in Dublin. They have a great classic style, using neutral colours with wonderful pops of colour for some contrast. Their website is very informative with lots of useful advice, like this on living with colour:
"Remember that whatever colour you choose for your walls will become the main colour in the room, so take your time with this decision; consider what visual impact it will have and how it will effect other elements in the room. Try to see the room as a combination of parts forming a harmonious whole rather than just separate elements. Another important factor to consider is how much light does the room get? Does it get full sun from a southerly aspect or does it get a softer more grey light from a northerly aspect? A sunny room can look great painted in one of the cooler shades of blue or green but a dark room can feel cold and unwelcoming in the same colours. Similarly, a sunny room can be overpowered by a dark and sombre colour, whereas a dark room can become warm and cosy, the perfect winter cocoon! Consider will the room be used mainly by day or night; if it is a night-time room think carefully about the use of lamps and other diffused lighting. Different lighting will hugely affect how a colour looks."

"Also consider creating a link between the rooms in your home through the use of colour, the eye will travel easily from room to room and a sense of continuity will be created. Choose say three different colours using one for your walls, one for your windows and one for your carpet then reverse where these colours are used in an adjoining room. Halls, stairs and landings and open plan areas are key linking spaces and they either be treated as one so the eye travels smoothly or they can change subtly allowing the eye to adapt to what is around the next corner or in the next room."


Heather G Wells

Sparingly elegant, a classic clean country look, minimalist country, modern/traditional twist. These are just a few phrases I think encapsulate Heather G Well's work. Her designs are client driven, the right "fit" for every person. If modern country is your look and modern minimalism with traditional forms and tailoring are what ring your bells then HGW is for you.

Images from HGW Ltd