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Smitten kitten

Since the first time I saw this rug, I was smitten. I didn't think it was possible to love a rug this much.....

The Rug Company

Thank you, Vivienne Westwood, for designing such a gorgeous specimen of a rug.


Aimée Herring

I love Aimée Herring's work. I love the light. I love the composition. I love the colour or in some cases the bright whiteness. If a photo can be young and joyful and exuberant then Aimée's are. Her portfolio is a treat. Wednesday is such a hump day. Let Aimée Herring get you over it.


Cindy Ray

Boston born Palm Beach based interior designer Cindy Ray has a way with colour. The rooms here have a tradition vibe but with the unexpected touch of deepest brown or rich green. There's drama and panache in her rooms. But Cindy isn't tied to tradition as the kitchen and bathroom in this series show. Love the details.

Images from Cindy Ray


All sorts of thrifted goodness

Sidsel wrote to tell us about an apartment in Denmark that is loaded with all sorts of great thrifted finds. A creative agency "Stupid Studios" is taking over the apartment to turn it into their office, but since the previous owner had such a knack of finding and displaying her thrift finds, they posted photos on their blog of what it looked like before they took it over. Since thrifting is one of my favourite pastimes, I LOVE to see what people can do with all the fantastic stuff they find. Many thanks to Sidsel for the link to this treasure trove of an apartment!


White floors

Lately I have been dreaming about white painted wood floors and pink walls....not necessarily in the same space but those are things I do not have in my current home that I've been craving. Due to this craving, I got a bit of a fix (although I think I also made it worse) by posting about pink walls. So I thought I'd also post about white floors. I just love the brightness of the rooms and how the furniture pops. Perhaps I'm influenced by people like Jessie who go and buy white hardwood for their entire house. And while I'm pondering white floors, are they as much of a nightmare to keep clean as dark floors? (Because when you live with 5 cats, Swiffer becomes your best friend).

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