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Retro and rehabilitating the 80s

When God was handing out taste most people say that the designers from the 80s were holding the door for the other decades to pass through first. I'm on a mission to rehabilitate this much maligned 10 years. Not everything was horrendous and as some of you have rightly pointed out good design will out. There are good ideas here, bright painted interiors of cupboards, painted floors, bold vibrant artwork and tasteful rooms that could be from the present. Try to ignore the ruffles and the dried flowers. I love the use of house plants from the 80s. Maybe if we start with that. Baby steps remember.

Images scanned from Better Homes and Gardens New Decorating Book, Editor Gerald M Knox, Meridith Corporation, Des Moines, Iowa, 1981.


Dog on a couch

Thanks to Zee of Homebug for her shout out to our 'dog on a piece of furniture' post. I said post but that should really be plural because it's becoming almost a regular feature here. So here's Zee's ADORABLE contribution:


Dogs on a chair

Ingrid, a loyal DTI reader that I posted about way back when, wanted to contribute to our "dog on a chair" theme. She sent the following photo that had me gasping from the shock of so much cuteness (thank you Ingrid!!!!).


David A. Land

Interior photography at it's finest by New York based photographer David A. Land.



Dwell is one of my favourite shelter/architecture magazines. The photos are so inspiring, and the architecture featured is always creative, modern and edgy. So here are a few photos from their website that I love.