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Concept Interiors

Canberra is Australia's national capital. More known for stuffy government offices than interior design. Concept Interiors is a Canberra based interior design firm and as you can see there is nothing stuffy about these rooms. Love that quirky little kid's tunnel between rooms and the dining room wall mural is beautiful. Now if only my kitchen was as stunning as the two featured here.

Images from Concept Interiors


Caroline Beaupere Design

Caroline Beaupère began her interior design firm in December of 2005 and has been creating spaces for clients all over North America. Her style is a mix of modern and traditional, with fun colour combinations that render timeless and unique spaces.


Bus roll envy

One of my favourite things is a vintage bus roll. Love them! Have several. I used to find them in flea markets in the old days but now it's eBay. It looks like I have competition. Jennifer from Atlanta emailed. "I fell in love with the destination rolls and got one on eBay from London!!! I put stretcher bars together for my frame and stapled fabric to the sides. Then I used upholstery nails to tack the sign to the frame. I thought you'd like to see the finished product!!!" The upholstery nails are brilliant. If you've tried to stretch one of these babies you'll know there is not much spare fabric on the sides. I am so jealous of your roll Jennifer. Great destinations and fabulous job! (And from what I can see of your house, it's fabulous too!)


Amy Devault

Too often we focus in on modern, midcentury or vintage boho here on Desire to Inspire. Today it's time for something just a little more traditional. L.A. designer Amy Devault mixes old and new but with a traditional, elegant vibe. Her work is simple yet ornate, multi-layered with luxury finishes, glamorous and classic.

Images from Amy Devault


Joey Horton

That's it, I'm moving south. When I came across this fabulously beachy South Beach apartment designed by New York based Joey Horton, I started packing. It's so comfortable but modern. All the white and white-washed and timber furniture is so relaxing. Perfect for a place on the beach.