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Love this house

5 floor, fully panelled Huguenot silk weaver's house built in 1722 with high ceilings, wooden cornices, lime plastering, broad 18th c floorboards, stone flags in kitchen, open fires on all floors, beautiful light and high walled landscaped back garden, in Spitafields, East London. The description is an intriguing teaser but doesn't quite prepare you for this amazing house. Beautiful architecture matched if not outshone by midcentury classic furniture and a quirky courageous style. Yet another gorgeous location house. This one from jj locations. I love it.

Images from jj locations


How's the move going Kim?

I know Kim doesn't have internet at the moment and is way too busy moving to check the blog anyway so I tried to imagine what things are like at her new house. Chaos, cardboard and cats. Hope it's not too horrible Kim!

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Eric Cahan

Eric Cahan is by now infamous for his photo shoot of Gwyneth Paltrow's Amagansett home for House and Garden. Take a closer look at his portfolio and you will find gorgeous images from interiors to fashion. It's so refreshing to see people in interior shots. So often a photo looks like a show room not a home. Don't miss the quirky fun of his personal work. Love it!

Update. Eric has sent us a special link to his upcoming show. Gorgeous!!


Hugh Leslie

Leading London interior designer Hugh Leslie has a quintessential British style. There is a gentleman's club, country home feel but not quite like any club or fine home you have seen. There is colour and humour and passion for fine living but with more than a nod to an essential comfort factor.

Images from Hugh Leslie


Chris Chen

Beautiful fresh photos from Sydney based photographer Chris Chen. The lighting is so clear and bright. You almost feel that you could step right into the image. Be sure to check out the rest of her portfolio, beautiful travel photos and food that had me salivating. Sometimes I wish this was a food blog. Great work.