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Manny Rodrigues

Beautiful grainy shots, an interesting play with focus, studies of decay and the imperfect. I'm fascinated by the portfolio of photographer Manny Rodriguez Beauty isn't always sparkling and new or perfect and polished. I particularly love his use of incandescent light - so moody. Must see on the website - graffiti doors, leaves and Manny's personal work.


What a trip

I really don't quite know how to start off this post....except to say that this would make the cutest little summer hideout EVER and I bet this place would make you feel like a gypsy.

Images by Bernard Touillon for Côté Sud


Jaimi Holker

Let's start the week with lots of lovelies from prop stylist Jaimi Holker. Relaxed but stylish, casual but beautifully layered. The food portfolio is of course totally lick-able!


Does anyone keep their dogs off the furniture?

Dogs are popping up everywhere including on the furniture. I forgot how much I loved doing these last year. First up we have this photo from Natalie. "I recently did a photo shoot which included some very cute and naughty dogs on and around the furniture." I see you have the obligatory handbag in shot too Natalie. Great photo and the dog is super cute!

Lindsay left this pensive beauty in my inbox and my heart melted .... awwwwwhh! Meet Meathead.

Petra from Designfragment sent is this sweetie. "His name is Rocco, he's a staffordshire bullterrier and only about seven months. (+he's all mine)"

And to "end" it all this rear view sent in by Meredeth. "This is Lola our 6 yr old American Pit Bull Terrier. She's waiting for her favorite person in the world to come for a visit - my sister - "Aunt" Denise." Maybe I should rename the post well rounded rump on a chair!


Flickr finds - necklaces