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Katie Sellers

Another fabulous interior stylist another inspiring portfolio. Katie Sellers has a fabulous eye and a gorgeous girly/glam vibe but with a touch of elegant restraint. Styling houses, makeovers, still life, decorating ideas she does it all. So many more beautiful photos on her website so click on over.

Images from Katie Sellers


Good luck with the move Kim!

Image "borrowed" from Pia Jane Bijkerk

Just a little gratuitous dog on chair action to wish Kim good luck and light snow for her move tomorrow. Is everything packed? I hope the laptop is still out of a box so you can see this cute pooch.


Wobbly knees. Hot blushing face. Heart in throat…

.... So starts a gorgeous new blog. Pia Jane Bijkerk, stylist, photographer, writer, and international traveller (featured here on desire to inspire) has a new blog Pia Jane Bijkerk enhance the everyday. Imaginatively dividing the blog into rooms in her virtual home Pia invites us to "wander from room to room (page to page) to see what I am up to and see what+who inspires me, what my latest projects are and what’s cooking." So grab a cuppa or a glass of french wine and share in the genesis of a new and too too beautiful blog. Take the time to revisit her website again too as Pia has updated her portfolio. Congratulations Pia. I can't wait to see your beautiful blog blossom.


Catherine Huckerby

Lifestyle stylist and interior designer Catherine Huckerby is based in London. Her beautiful portfolio includes work in advertising and editorial, commercials and TV, She's divided her work into interiors - contemporary, classic and lifestyle but truly they are all interiors - wow!


At Kim's place

Jo posted below about what's happening at her place so I thought I would share what's going on at my place.

This is what my house looks like at the moment. A complete disaster, filled with boxes and packing materials and fur balls. I hate moving, because I hate living in chaos. My anxiety levels are through the roof. I am moving on Tuesday, and at this point it's looking like I won't have time for any posts until at least mid-week. I only have 2 days off from work for the move so that isn't going to help my situation much. So this is just a heads-up if posting is a little light this week. Jo will be doing her regular number of posts though.

And to top it all off, we are having yet another huge snowstorm today. This may help me if I'm snowed in tomorrow and can't get to work. :) If I don't come by the blog much, have a good week everyone.