Rove Concepts
DHgate has all for travelling


Inside my favourites scrapbook


Anders Schonnemann                                                                Lisa Cohen

I keep inspiration files. I think we all do. Here are some more of my favourites from this year. It's obvious that I have been seduced by neutrals again but I have included some colour .... some.

Prue Ruscoe


Damian Russell                                                                  Jac de Villiers

Paul Raeside

Philip Harvey


Lo Bjurulf

Sandbox Studio


Pernille Vest                                                                        Kathryn Russell

Michaela Scherrer



Some favourite outdoor spaces of 2009

But first, a I'd like to say Happy New Year to all our readers, and happy birthday to my Mom!!

Arkitektstudio WRB
Morten Holtum
Semple Brown Design
Ken Gutmaker
Michael Graydon
Turnbull Griffin Haesloop


Spreading the love .... holiday reading guide 2010

2010. Can you believe it? 2010. Doesn't feel any different yet. I'm hoping it will be though. Peace and love and friendship and prosperity. Not much to ask. I'll start this new year by spreading a little more blog love. Go say hello and spread some goodwill. Life's too short for pettiness and snark. Smile. We're all in this together :)













Some favourite bedrooms of 2009


Holiday reading guide 2009 

Time to put my vintage Santas away and time to venture back into the blogpond. Some of you are still on holidays (I know I am) and some are working "hard" at the office/home (yes I mean you Kim!). I originally intended to cover the Christmas and New Year breaks with my reading guides but, hey, there are just too many blogs out there to be explored. For me it's early New Year's Eve and I'm really looking forward to 2010. So excuse me if I don't settle in with a cup of tea this time. I'm popping the first champagne cork of the evening.