Freedom Summer 2011

Last week I flew to Sydney for the launch of Freedom's Summer 2011 range. Earlier this year they relaunched their look taking Freedom from dowdy and forgotten to fun and fashionable. Even though Freedom paid for my fares and accommodation I'm not the kinda gal who waxes lyrical about a brand unless I think it is great. This is everyday furniture for everyday Aussies (and New Zealanders) with a clever, quirky and stylish vibe. What really caught my attention was their limited edition range (and I really mean limited as the last season's limited pieces sold out quickly). A chinoiserie patterned canopy chair in bold red, an in your face ketchup coloured wingback that is willowy at the same time, a midnight black leather wingback and ottoman so matt that it is almost stealthy and a canapé that is a quirky and stylish statement piece. The Jack and Jill ottomans are sure to be a hit too. And the prices are great ... but you'll have to wait until the catalogue comes out to find out just how great ;)


So many other pieces caught my eye. There are wonderful hammered metal coffee tables and side tables as well as a chunky, boxy leather sofa. The Asia Daze range is rich with red and black lacquers and asian influenced homewares. Great vintage posters, larger than life floor lamps, cute rugs and a narrow dining table perfect for limited space. Team the table up with turquoise stools and it's love at first sight. Summer bright outdoor settings and clever wooden screens and box seats are perfect for apartment balconies. The Freedom designers have come up with a great range. The night was styled by Megan Morton who kept me entertained from the moment she urged me to drink up my pineapple cocktail as she walked me through the range. Hi to Lisa from The Red Thread and lovely finally putting a face to stylist Heather Nette King. Thanks Freedom. I had a fab time and the range is super! Release is timed for August 22. Until then you can see more after the jump ...

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Waterfall factory

Breathtaking. Simply breathtaking. A lake, a waterfall, a 1950s factory refurbished into a minimalist space that reaches out to a wooded wonderland through walls of glass. References to its industrial past are complemented by the sparse interiors but what could be cold is brought to life by that view. Fitout and furnishings are simple. The art graphic and strong. Breathtaking. Simply breathtaking. (Thanks to Lisa for the link.)

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Hot stuff!

We received photos of another Shoot Factory home last week and I figured while temperatures are scorching here in Ottawa (it was 117 on Thursday) I'd share this hot, steamy and very over-the-top London home - and for lots more photos check out the feature here.
(Before I go, I'd like to tell my husband Jeff that I love him a ton and happy first wedding anniversary babe!!! If we can make it through this upcoming massive house renovation project then the rest is gravy!)


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Design Crew

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don't know what to do? You're not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you .... that's you lot ... the readers!

Arnold emailed, "A couple friends and I recently acquired a 700sq/ft beautiful old classroom with original slate blackboards and large windows to use as a design studio space. We realize the space has so much potential to be super amazing but are overwhelmed by the options as we are not experienced with interior design. I would like some ideas from you and from your readers as to what we should do with the space ... (we are) mainly looking for ideas in terms of wall treatment?"

Look at those blackboards! Imagine what Dana Tanamachi could do to those! I know you will come up with great ideas for Arnold and his friends. In the meantime I'm heading back to bed. I have put my back out and have orders for 5 days bed rest with lots of drugs. Like the idea of doctor enforced time in bed. Don't like the idea of the drugs ... much ;)



Back in November I blogged the office of mode:lina, an architecture firm based in Poland. They emailed us recently with one of their latest projects - an apartment designed for guests visiting the Poznań International Fair. It's called the QUOTEL (combination of the words "quote" and "hotel"). This specific customer defines the nature of this apartment - at the crossroads of hotel features and relaxed homely atmosphere. The challenge was to use easily replaceable parts (here:IKEA) and create a space that definitely stands out among other similar offers on the market. Designers faithful to the principle of crossing-over, combined catalogue elements with custom-made ones to create an affordable and durable design giving the impression of tailored interior. I dig the modern minimalism with great use of Ikea products, colour that adds some life, and the phrases on the walls are a fun, cheap and at times cheeky form of artwork. (Oh, and those floors!!)

***Totally off topic: My parents, twin sister and I are having a garage sale tomorow out in Cumberland (parents' house - they have the longest driveway, from 8am-noonish) so you can stop at the Cumberland Market, pick up some fruits and veggies, then drive up the road about 100 feet and come check out our junk!!


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