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The Sun House

I loved our virtual stay at the Lunuganga in Sri Lanka so much I thought we’d head to the hills of Galle on the southern end of the island to stay in the 1860’s colonial home of a Scottish spice merchant. The Sun House is just the spot to relax, do nothing and soak up the feeling of a bygone era. Another drink or a dip in that pool? Decisions, decisions.

Images from the The Sun House


Shameless plugs

It appears Jo and I are embarking on some pretty big ventures at the moment and I wanted to take the time for a little shameless plug for each of us. Let's start with me, since I have a wee bit more at stake. My house is up for sale, and I'm really proud of ALL the work we've put into this place. But it's time for me to move on. So if anyone out there is looking for a townhouse renovated and decorated by yours truly in Ottawa (Kanata actually), send me an email and I'll give you more info. Some photos are below (click them for bigger and better view).

Jo has recently opened her Etsy store and it's stocked of some of the most amazing artwork. She is so freaking talented. And I am so fortunate to already own several of her pieces. I'm like a proud Mom. The first two are photos of ones I own, and the other two she has available in her shop, that I am also itching to own.


My obsession with all that is mid-century

Hi my name is Kim and I'm addicted to everything mid-century...pretty much anything un-new. (That's my new word). So when I came across a couple of online mid-century furniture stores I figured why not stray from the norm of what we usually post (being rooms) and showcase some furniture, of which each piece I covet.


Paul Whicheloe

Another fabulous photographer, another knock out portfolio. Great rooms need a talented photographer to pay true service to their extraordinary design. Paul Whicheloe is an amazing photographer. He captures the soul of these spaces beautifully. Check out more of his work here.

Images from Anyway Artists


Stephen Roberts

Stephen Roberts is an Australian designer living in New York. His clean minimalist lines are not cold or impersonal but full of the joy that simplicity of line can bring. Spaces and furniture are strong and plain but also beautiful and zen like. This is just one of the interiors he has designed. Check out the rest of his portfolio. It takes restraint, good spatial awareness and a lot of talent to pull off this sort of interior. Stephen Roberts does it masterfully.

Images from Stephen Roberts