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Flickr finds - rattan chairs

My bad, it seems I forgot to add Lori Pickert's gorgeous photo of her rattan chair, which I have since added below. Thanks for the link Lori!

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Catskills Grrl.Amy.huimei98.
tim domestiqueyiksau


Open for business

Yes it's time for the shameless self promotion. My etsy store Desire to Inspire by midcenturyjo is open at last. Please drop by and take a look. I'll be updating regularly with new work!


Big ginger dog

By now most of you would have read that Victoria's dog Cooper has passed away. Kim and I just wanted to add our condolences. These Cooper drawings are for you Victoria.

P.S. I did say big ginger dog but I think I went a bit orange in the watercolour department so here's an uncoloured Cooper.


If I was a retro room

I so want to be this wonderful retro room from the 60s. Sophisticated, silver and sleek with a chinoiserie twist and a Platner side table. But after a few too many white wines at lunch I think I need to be this dark soothing retro room from the 60s. Love them both by the way! Images scanned from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Vol 8, Greystone Press, New York, 1971.


Jo's place and the long boozy lunch

I am so excited. My Grant Featherston Numero chairs came back from the upholsterer. They are so retro fabulous in their houndstooth check that I could squeal. The union jack pillow you can find out about here. The busroll pillow is one of my own. The two Florence Broadhurst fabrics are for lampshades and a roman blind. OK, OK I had every intention of styling my office today and taking lots of photos but 2 of my girlfriends and their darling but dynamite daughters decided to come to lunch. So instead of hanging art and covering lampshades I helped demolish a couple of bottles of riesling over chicken caesar salad and fruit salad and meringues (lazy pavlova). Lovely afternoon but no work on the office. No batteries for the camera either as 3 year old decided that she wanted to take our portraits or rather photos of our knees and elbows. I promise I will try to take photos of the almost finished office next week.

On another front my etsy store is almost ready to go. Any day now. I'll being posting when it's ready to open its doors. Hope you all drop by!