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What do we want?

More retro! Once again the scans are from Woman's Day All Colour Book of Home Decorating & Design, Edited by Babette Hayes, Octopus Australia, 1977. Some interesting space saving solutions here as well as some that are just "interesting" including ruched headboards and bathroom carpet. I wonder why we stopped doing those last two? Enjoy!


Flea market scores

I just got back from the flea market, which is REALLY crappy and the only one we have here. But I managed to score, big time. I think Jo and I are starting a peacock chair collection - not that either of us have room for several of these chairs in our small spaces, but when you spot a really decent quality one for TWELVE dollars, you've just got to scoop it up. Which is exactly what I did. I also picked up 2 terracotta buddha heads for my backyard for $10 each, a brass peacock for $5, a brass vase for $7, a West German vase for $15, and a painting for $6. All in a morning's work.


Flickr finds - plants


Jo's place

So I feel like a queen with a throne ... or should that be a blogger with a bad case of retro! My new peacock chair fills a corner of my office (it's HUGE!). For once I resisted the urge to paint a piece of furniture. It was such a lovely day today. The sun was streaming in through the window and all I wanted to do was climb into my chair and read a book. Sorry, too much blogging to do and besides a big comfy pillow is needed for the seat. It's hard on the old bottom! The wall is a work in progress and the Keep Calm poster is a present for a friend. You know I tried minimalism once but just couldn't do it. I wonder why?



WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • New must read blog! Shannon Fricke has given in to the lure of blogging. Gorgeous gorgeous just like her personal style. Follow the renovations of her recently acquired country New South Wales property and drool over the eye candy she shares. To see how much we love Shannon click here and here.

  • 2Modern have launched their new 2Modern Design Directory. It is a great way for Modern Architects and Interior Designers to promote their work (it's free to get listed)...and a really easy way for businesses or consumers to find pre-screened Modern Architects and Interior Designers in their area. I've been busy checking out fabulous designers from all over the States. Great resource (and not just for us!). While your link hoping don't forget to drop by 2Modern's blog, always a must read!

  • Lee Kleinhelter from the über stylish Pieces shot this into the inbox. "40% Off Chic Dog Accessories! This Saturday, May 17th 10am - 5pm. ALL DOGS WELCOME! Treats and water will be provided for the pooches." They'll need a deep drink to cool down after getting all hot under the collar over Lee's fabulous fur baby must haves!

  • It's so exciting over at design*sponge. Grace has opened the voting for the 2008 d*s scholarship and the 12 finalists will blow you away. Amazing talent and a fabulous contest to foster emerging designers. Links to voting here.

  • Fabulous furniture in the email inbox. Ghettogloss presents its first-ever exhibition featuring furniture as art, and art as furniture in a solo-show by artist/designer Eve Yun. This is a unique line of high-end furniture, influenced mostly by nature and Asian culture. All the furniture pieces are "green", made with all natural materials, including hardwood, silk and cotton. The line has been described as "furniture that fuses organic and moderne with quality in art."

  • Jeni Crawford from Rian Rae has beautiful new finds in store from fabulous dreamy chandeliers to the cutest mushroom soaps. Time to drop around to her online store for another look. Sigh!

    Jeni has a fabulous promo running until 22 May. Anyone who makes a purchase of $200 or more, gets to choose one of these gorgeous bags (colour of their choice). These ruffle bags make great laundry bags or totes for carrying your towels and beach supplies. Jeni just asks that after making a purchase, you shoot her a quick email letting her know which colour you would like. Love these. YUM!

  • Laura from Fifi Flowers Design Decor is a talented artist who created this lovely room from images that she loved from the blogs she visits. To see more of her room and the real pieces that inspired it click over here.

  • Charmingwall is just about the cutest animated website I've seen in quite some time. After you've stopped marvelling at the wonderful line drawings winding around the page you'll realise that it is the online store of a New York gallery specialising in carefully curated limited edition fine art prints. And do the prints match the hype of the animated site? You bet! I want them all!

  • The long awaited debut issue of the alt-country style+design webzine from Urban Prairie’s Chris Brown titled “REFUELED” is here! “I have felt for a long time that there should be a alternative magazine in the country arena.” said Chris, “I want to continue to blur the lines with country - continue to inspire a younger generation.” Each issue, to be published bi-yearly, will feature collectors, shows, designers, decor, style & music. Like Chris it's just pure country class! Man you produce some great sh*t Chris!

So much more to share but I've run out of time. There's always next week!