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Jason Martin

Interior designer Jason Martin emailed to share his latest venture. Jason, who owned Silho Furniture in LA and now works exclusively in interior design and custom furniture, has started a new photo blog in preparation for an on-line portfolio. He jokingly wrote that "it is super basic right now but we will launch more soon including a a dedicated website" (which Desire to Inspire will trumpet when it's live). "We are working very hard to photograph five finished projects and are in the early stages of three more - so there's lots to come. By the first of the year we will expand the tumblr site to be more of a journal and it will include posts like before and after photos, progress reports on projects and informative interviews with vendors and other designers." Hate to put the pressure on you Jason but if these are just a taste of your work then the race is on to finish your website. We need to see MORE :)


Anna Ranung

I want to be a stylist when I grow up. In the meantime, I'll enjoy perusing portfolios such as that of talented Anna Ranung.


Moris Moreno

Moris Moreno's photography will knock your socks off (and those would be big thick wool ones if you live near Ottawa where it is brutally cold). The spaces are incredible and his angles work so well, as if you're peering in as to not disturb anyone. Stunning.


Francis Smith

So who clued me in to the work of Jennifer Flanders? Why the photographer Francis Smith (although he's at pains to point out that one or two of the shots on her website aren't his). I first featured Francis' portfolio last year with his amazing shots of the 2007 Hampton Designer Showhouse. And 2008? These are the shots he captured of this year's rooms created by some of America's leading interior designers. Francis you see has worked with the best as his portfolio attests. Actually we have unwittingly posted his work many times on this blog. Don't miss the rest of his portfolio. Great talent great shots!


Cat on a chair

It's been a little while since we posted animals on furniture so thanks to Alyson for sending me the link to this photo she found on Flickr. (Amazing chair!)