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I'll take one of these to go

I absolutely adore the home of model An Oost and her boyfriend. It's a mansion in Ghent, Belgium that they run as a bed & breakfast. It's got great bones, and I am smitten with all the classic mid-century found throughout and the quirky touches like one orange doorway and a beanbag chair in the bathroom.

Photos by De Baerdemaeker Kat via OWI


Tim Clinch encore

When I first found Tim Clinch's portfolio last year I was taken by the way he captured the essence of the European homes in his photographs. You could almost feel the warm summer breeze in the south of France, hear insects throbbing in the olive trees, smell the coffee wafting from the local cafe. He has an uncanny ability to transport you to another world, a romantic world, a chic getaway for daydreaming. The new shots on his website have me dreaming all over again.


Maxime de la Falaise

Back in April I blogged about Evan Drew Harrison's dilemma on what he should do about the decor in his fabulous LA loft. He sent an email promising to send update photos as soon as he finishes up (he mentionned vintage Knoll, Swedish stuff, kilims and other ethnic touches....all of which had me totally intrigued), but the real reason he emailed was to share the former home of his dear friend, Maxime de la Falaise. Maxime passed away of natural causes in April in her Provence home, and she was quite a character. "Maxime made Cruella Deville seem like a pussy cat" Evan told me. She was a "celebrated fashion model and artists’ muse of the mid-20th century who was later a designer, food writer and the matriarch of a three-generation clan of international couture models" said her obituary in the New York Times. At one point during her career she also designed furniture and rugs. Evan loved Maxime's New York loft she sold in the early 90's and thought we would love it as well. Her loft is exactly how I imagine my home to be when I reach that age - filled with treasures and textures from years of collecting.


Maura McEvoy

Maura McEvoy tells a story every time she takes a photograph. She captures light, senses colour and composes just the right shot. The story telling is no accident. Maura studied journalism. Neither is her ability to pull together the perfect shot. She was a stylist before taking over behind the lens. Beautiful, refreshing photographs. Don't you just want to step into them?


Monday's pets on furniture - part 2

If you'd like to send us photos to include in next week's "pets on furniture" post, please ensure your photos follow our basic rules: First, the pet must be on a piece of furniture. And said piece of furniture must be clearly visible in the photo, so both pet and furniture takes center stage. (Think of it more of a photo of a great piece of furniture...and your pet happens to be sitting on it). And second, the photo must be of decent quality. For example, if it's REALLY dark or fuzzy (camera phone) then it may not make the cut. Thanks!

"Here are a few pictures of my cats, Caleb (brown tabby) and Squirt (white and gray). They are not siblings but as you can see they do take care of each other. Catching them snuggling like this on my living room chair always melts my heart. The chair is from Anthropologie--a big splurge. I bought the pillow cover in Morocco."
- Heather

"I woke up this morning to find Bella the cat (aka Bellarina, Bell Bells, Bella Fontae) on this armchair in our bedroom. Bella woke up as I was taking the photo and promptly got up and left - oops!"
- Julie

"I thought I would submit a picture of my sister's english bulldog, Clarence. He might be the dumbest dog I know, but the joy he brings makes up for it!"
- Candace

"My name is Amanda Powell from Huntsville, Alabama. Your blog is a must read, and I love the "Pet's on Furniture" post you feature every Monday. Since you've started it, I've been desperately trying to get a picture of my sassy Marie on our leather couch. This has proved quite a task since she is never still and always into something. Today she sat, for the first time, and did not move until I took the picture. Hope you enjoy my little beauty! PS: don't be fooled by her expression, she is very mischievous :)"

"Here are a few pictures of my cats Nanook and Romy hanging out around our home."
- Cheryl

"I read your blog daily and I look forward to every week's Pets on Furniture. Please consider one of these photos for next week. Thanks and Happy Halloween. Oh and the tapestry in the background is from Urban Outfitters."
- Selena

"Finally I decided to send a picture of Bianca, my dad's doggy. As you see, she has her own space on the sofa... seems that she really does like it. (I'm from Spain. The house is in the Canary Islands.)"
- Natalie

"I love to see all of your featured pets and I would like to include a photo of my Shi Apso, Picaboo. Picaboo loves to cuddle on piece of furniture he can find. Here is a shot from Christmas 2007."
- Carole

"Oh how I've tried to resist sending in photos of my pets for Monday's Pets on Furniture entry! I've admired all of the other fabulous submissions and finally cannot hold out anymore! Please find the following photos for your consideration. Pinball (grey cat) is 12, Colonel Forbin (orange cat) is 10, and Cedar (dog) is 10. They are constantly taking over the couch! (I also should say that I grew up with 6 cats and I am trying my hardest to get my husband to let me adopt more.)"
- Wendy

"I send you my picture of my cat Musetta and the ikea vase...designed by hella jongerius for IKEA PS"
- Dana (Italy)

"I send you photos of my dog Argos, who is a Golden Retriever. He is 2 years old. Argos is actually very active dog, who loves to play around, run and swim a lot. He loves water. But at home, he just wants to relax and to be lazy. He hates lying on the floor, so whenever the situation allows or when me and my husband are not watching, he climbs up on the couch."
- Zola

"This is Maya, I recently painted and recovered this telephone table and it has become a great place for Maya to sit and wait for me to get home. She has added her personal touch by clawing up the covered chair pad."
- Stacey