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Dealing with a TV in your living room

David, who has a 32" flat screen TV, sent us an email about a design dilemma he has and it goes a little something like this: "Why does it seem that no one in the magazines or design sites has a TV? We have a micro-sized house with one living area. We like to watch movies every now and then on our couch in said living room, but we don't want the TV to be the focal point of the room. We feel like a grouping could be done that would minimize the impact of the TV while still having it across from the couch, but I can find no inspiration in magazines or online to help me find the answer I seek."

I personally think flat screen TVs are kind of nice to look at and don't need to be distracted from, but hey, I see David's point. My favourite is when the TV is positioned in a convenient place in the room in terms of design aesthetics, but you can't view it easily from any given chair or couch. I saw this exact scenario this afternoon on an old episode of Home to Stay. Gimme a break people!!! So I went digging around my photo stash and came up with some photos to help David and anyone else out there with this common problem. Hope this helps. (I added a photo of my living room - I found that by filling the wall around the TV with photos, the TV was way less obvious.)

kontakt MagazineChristopher Gaona
Form ArchitectureDomino
Studio IlseKenneth Brown
Robyn KarpBKSK Architects
fernlund + logan architectsJerry Jacobs
The Lawrence GroupPappas Miron
Nicholas Haslammy living room


De Lisle, Philpotts and Staub

De Lisle, Philpotts and Staub sounds like a venerable law practice but it's actually a fabulous interior design firm based in San Francisco and Honolulu. "Neither traditional nor contemporary, our perspective is modern in the sense that function and comfort paired with graceful and spirited design are key to a successful interior." Too many wonderful rooms featured on the website. Take time to check them all out. Colour, glamour, minimalism, ethnic, traditional and fantasy. It's all there and all amazing!


Are those dogs or shag pillows?

Thank you Tammy for sending in this photo of your Pulis. As Tammy says: "Two pulis are better than one, especially on an orange couch". I couldn't agree more.


John Gruen

A sample of the beautiful photography of Conneticut-based John Gruen.


The dark side

There is something about a dark room. I don't mean that the light switch is off. These rooms are mysterious, cozy, snug, cool and cave like but they are also chic, elegant and unexpected. Be brave. Turn to the dark side.

Hallie BurtonLaura Resen
Paul WhicheloeRoger Davies
Eve RobinsonDavid Hicks

De Lisle, Philpotts & StaubNicholas Haslam
Barclay FryeryJustin Bernhaut