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Retro beauties

This week's retro overload comes from Family Circle Home Decorating Guide. Hundreds of Great Ideas to Beautify Your Home, New York Times Company, 1973. Oh the patterns! Oh the colours! Oh the bizarre blow up seal in the last photo! Oh my poor sore head! Is that a suzani from the 70's? I guess everything old is new again.


Flickr finds - Saarinen

lexuhAlex Brey
Lorena & DavidMoakidi
paper ponyjoel_pirela

While digging around Flickr for these photos I came across the following from Flickr user stereolab. Here's the description of the photo below: "we made the floors in polished concrete, but a big crack appeared between the dining area and the lounge room. my idea was to make a bigger opening, and plant some dracenas, and cover the dirt with local river rocks." FREAKING BRILLIANT!!!



At last that #*%*# credenza is finished. So much work for a $39 thrift store find! I can't complain though because we needed the rain. Here it is with my tarted up lamp. (Just wish I had remembered to turn the seam away from camera.) The chair is a Grant Featherston R152 from the 50s. The artwork is a mixed media I made from vintage Penguin paperbacks. Papua New Guinea spirit house pole and stool, West German floor vase, vintage Portuguese copper coffee set and one of a pair of Murano glass vases round out the group. Except for the New Guinea pieces and rug everything is from a thrift/secondhand store or made by me. (I'm trying to furnish my apartment on thrift or handmade.) OK that's one piece I can tick off my "to-do" list. What's next?



There were so many links for this weekend that I thought I'd help Jo out and do a post too.

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Laura Simak of Emmerson Troop emailed to let us know that William Emmerson just unveiled the last piece of the Ab Ovo collection - a stunning, hand carved dining chair. It was literally just unveiled last week after 4 long months of design and production. William also has four additional limited edition, gallery quality collections planned for 2008 that are currently in the design phase, and she'll keep us updated on those. LOVE this chair! Thanks Laura!

  • Greg at 2Modern is looking for guest bloggers to contribute weekly to their blog 2Modern Design Talk. If anyone out there is interested, here is the contact info. Fellow bloggers, if you have time this would be a great opportunity to get your name out there!

  • Judy of Naked & Angry emailed about her new line of fabulous rainwear: "I work as a graphic designer for a distributing and marketing company - but now, instead of representing OTHER people's brands, we've decided to start our own line! It is a rainwear line called "dav." About 80% of the designs shown here are of my own creation!! I also created the flash animation teaser thing...It's pretty much one of my small dreams come true - while web design is fun and all... it's so freaking AWESOME to be able to help with product development, and see my pattern designs show up on an actual product. We'll be launching our rainwear line this month, at the Las Vegas "Magic" tradeshow. Very exciting - please send us good vibes - I hope everyone falls in love with it!" Judy, those are the coolest rainboots I've ever seen and I SO need a pair now that I walk to work. But how does one choose from so many amazing patterns and colours?!?!?!

  • Leah of More Ways to Waste Time wants help spreading the word of a wonderful exchange program that brings art to orphans around the world, and gives them a chance to express themselves with art as well. That is such a great idea! Here is her post with a summary of the program and this is the organization's website.

  • I had to mention Claudia's blog sofablog, because the other day she sent me a really sweet email. She thought I'd get a kick out Frau Maier, a German label for lamps and furniture. The kicker is Frau Maier is a dog, and the dog is all over their product shots, like below:

    But more importantly, I wanted to give her blog a shout-out because she also had this to say "I only started blogging and still need to learn a lot about this, but so far it is great fun. Blogging is not quite so big in Germany yet - certainly not with the design crowd. But I believe in it, thanks to some great inspirations like desire to inspire." Claudia, I wish you tons of success with your blog!


Watching paint dry

It isn't raining! Hooray! I have a chance to finish my credenza. What do you do though while waiting for paint to dry? Lampshade! I bought this fabric from Metremade back in August for another lampshade. It sat all this time in my linen cupboard confronting me everytime I opened the door. Today I measured cut sewed ironed glued and pegged until I had this "new" lampshade for my vintage Italian pottery lamp base (secondhand shop find). I must admit the old one was looking rather ratty. If my credenza is dry by Sunday (and I can drag it into the dining room) I'll take a picture of my tarted up lamp on my tarted up credenza.