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Evan Sklar

Evan Sklar is a wonderful photographer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. I'm loving the ethnic vibe of many of the photos, and the hits of bright colours.


When black gets better

Sometimes the day is just a little black. Things aren't going great. Then you find something that makes you realise that black is OK. Hey more than OK. Absolutely stunning. These photos were styled by Lotta Agaton and taken by Pia Ulin. Both are represented by Agent Bauer. Amazing talent, amazing portfolios. My day is a lot brighter now.

Images from Agent Bauer


Boy free zone

Sometimes we girls need a little pampering, a little me time. Sometimes we want pink and frilly and fragrance and fantasy. Time for a virtual spa day in this oh so girly, OTT spa room by Caroline Vesey. For when zen is not your yen.


Sweet Crib

Leontien (or Accolady as she's known on Flickr) sent us a link to a mid-century Palm Springs rental getaway that is freaking fabulous. Just imagine the parties you could have here.... (Thanks Leontien!)

Note: Richele of *richie design* emailed to let me know that she had covered this house (photographed by her photographer friend David Zaitz) on AT:LA recently. So check out her post here.


Dealing with a TV in your living room

David, who has a 32" flat screen TV, sent us an email about a design dilemma he has and it goes a little something like this: "Why does it seem that no one in the magazines or design sites has a TV? We have a micro-sized house with one living area. We like to watch movies every now and then on our couch in said living room, but we don't want the TV to be the focal point of the room. We feel like a grouping could be done that would minimize the impact of the TV while still having it across from the couch, but I can find no inspiration in magazines or online to help me find the answer I seek."

I personally think flat screen TVs are kind of nice to look at and don't need to be distracted from, but hey, I see David's point. My favourite is when the TV is positioned in a convenient place in the room in terms of design aesthetics, but you can't view it easily from any given chair or couch. I saw this exact scenario this afternoon on an old episode of Home to Stay. Gimme a break people!!! So I went digging around my photo stash and came up with some photos to help David and anyone else out there with this common problem. Hope this helps. (I added a photo of my living room - I found that by filling the wall around the TV with photos, the TV was way less obvious.)

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