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Rove Concepts



My boyfriend Jeff works for Fuel Industries, an advergaming and web design company, that employs some VERY talented and creative people. They recently relocated into a former bra factory in one of my favourite parts of Ottawa. The space, while still a work in progress, has me totally jealous that I'm stuck in a vomit-worthy cubicle all day. Jeff took me there yesterday so I could take photos of some of the very cool finishes and furnishings.

The picture to the right is of the front desk. It's supported
by a cement block and a steel beam.

The artwork below, by Calin Huianu, I LOVE.

The boardroom is filled with chairs like the one above,
so no table is needed.

When your name is Fuel, a gas pump is a MUST.


Blue bell bazaar

Gosia of the trunk emailed to tell me about her Etsy store, Blue Bell Bazaar, filled with many cute vintage finds. Here is a sample:


Nathan Egan

Wayne Nathan and Carol Egan are the unstoppable team behind NathanEgan. Their designs are a refined, eclectic mix of contemporary and classic furnishings. Rich and layered, lush and contemporary this New York based design firm creates spaces that are liveable and stylish.

Images from NathanEgan


Design from Stockholm

Jenny Oldsjö is one half of Oldsjö Hultgren Design along with Ragnar Hultgren. She just sent us a link to their fabulous portfolio. Their website says "Design to us is the connection between concept, function, material, and aesthetics. In every project we offer the client tailor-made solutions. Our goal is to interpret the clients' visions and together take them one step further." I love tessellations and these products are just amazing. Clever, beautiful and a touch of fun. Pattern power! Thanks Jenny for sharing these with us. I'm mesmerised.


Red dining rooms

Couldn't help but notice how many photos I had of dining rooms where the primary colour was red. Perhaps red is used so often in kitchens and dining rooms because it is said to stimulate the appetite. I don't usually need help stimulating my appetite (LOL) but this may help someone who's cooking is terrible.