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News from Swank Lighting

Ed from Swank, one of our sponsors, emailed us with the following exciting news:
"In the short three years we have been in business we have sold hundreds of Vintage Murano Lamps from the finest glass houses in Venice. These lamps were imported by BALBOA in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. The response to our re-introduction of the remaining inventory of BALBOA has been phenomenal. One thing we have heard over and over from Designers and Collectors is that the look is fantastic and although our prices are lower than the high-end showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. they still require an investment out of reach of many people. To address these concerns we set out to create a line of blown glass lamps with the same hot mid-century look, in a price range within reach of many more admirers. We first looked into having the glass components blown in Italy and importing them. Although there remains many wonderful glass artisans on the island of Murano, the cost to have the glass blown there and shipped to the U.S. was still too high to fit our model. Further much of what is being blown in Murano today is not the same high quality it was in the 20th Century and is more geared to the tourist "souvenir" market. So, we decided that we should really focus our efforts on promoting the beautiful work done by American glass artisans. In our search for the best America has to offer we found Joe Cariati. Joe's work is absolutely incredible. He sells his decorative pieces at some of the finest store including Barneys, Gumps, Belvedere, and Haven. You can see his collection online at www.joecariati.com. We contracted with Joe to blow the inaugural offerings in the new American Blown Glass Lamps from www.swanklighting.com. We are calling this line Hard Candy. The full line will be launched in September and priced around $800 per lamp. Unlike with our vintage line, we will sell singles as well as pairs of Hard Candy."

All I can say is STUNNING.


How a WINKS became a reading guide

I swear I was writing a WINKS today. I had sorted through the emails. I had decided what images to use. I had even decided who was going to be the first WINK. That was the problem. The first WINK was going to be a wonderful new blog. The second WINK was yet another great new blog. Then I realised I'd been to a lot of new (to me) blogs recently. Light bulb moment! Time for the next installment in our growing tradition of reading guides. And it's not even a long weekend ... well maybe it is somewhere in the world. Make yourself a coffee, pour yourself a wine. Settle in and explore. I promise WINKS next weekend ;)


Uxus Design and the Amsterdam Canal House

Uxus Design is an interiors and architecture firm based in Amsterdam. One of the principals and creative director of the firm, George Gottl, emailed us with some photos of one of my FAVOURITE projects of theirs, the Canal House, a loft in Amsterdam that I had initially seen in the April 2007 issue of Elle Decoration. This has always been an unforgettable space for me because it is so creative and quirky and eclectic and just plain funky. It's a mix of mid-century modern, Hollywood regency and science lab with stunning sputnik light fixtures, Eames molded plywood chairs, and a bowl of skulls. What's not to love?

"The canal house is located in a 250m2 18th century warehouse with a panoramic view over the city. The owners wanted to keep the original open-plan layout of the space so, UXUS created a series of dramatic curtain walls, which could be opened and closed according to the needs of use. All of the decorative interior elements were selected to reflect the eclectic tastes of the owners."

Photos courtesy of Jansje Klazinga


Scott Laslie

Scott Laslie's design philosophy is simple. "I work to enhance space with proven design expertise and by adding a bit of the unexpected." Whether it's traditional or contemporary there is a glam vibe to his rooms. They're sophisticated and luxe with plenty of personality. I would kill for those dining chairs in the lead photo. Hey I'd sell my soul for the banquette and metal chair dining with or without the zebra hide.


J. Savage Gibson

I just had to round out the week with another great photographer, J. Savage Gibson. Kim and I go on and on about lighting and composition and angles and colour but when you see beautiful photos it's those things that are so apparent. Josh's work is subtle. These aren't pictures that scream "look at me look at me". Instead they draw you in with their order, refinement and relevance. Don't miss his b&w portfolio .... lovely!

Images from J. Savage Gibson