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Anne Coyle encore

We were in raptures over Anne Coyle's refreshing use of colour when we last posted about her designs. Now she's updated her site again with more of her lovely rooms. Those stripes are so bold and provide a perfect foil to the delicate classical furniture and as for that powder room, swoon! Thank you to Sarah from Anne Coyle Interiors for letting us know about the update.


Flickr finds - Etsy art



My apologies to everyone but I just can't wink today. Kim and I are busy with a little "secret decorating business". If I can I'll post an update later. I promise WINKS will be back next weekend twice as big as ever!

Update 1 - I'm covered in paint and looking for a few ideas in my photo files. Need your fix of pretty pictures? Check out my Inspirational Rooms set on Flickr.

Update 2 - Don't ask!


Michael Wells

The following photos photographer Michael Wells' portfolio are so outstanding I can't decide which is my favourite. It could be the first photo because of those gorgeous white chairs. Or maybe the second because of the bold wall colour choice. Or maybe the last photo because I've always had a thing for a bright white kitchen. Or maybe....


Real estate stalking for real

I thought I'd share this lovely light and airy home I found in my almost daily ritual of stalking real estate sites. With loads of glass, polished wooden floors, a neutral palette and touches of blue to match the crystal clear pool this beachside home is rivalled only by it's lush gardens and pool house. No come to think of it I think the pool house wins. Someone else can buy the house and I'll rent the pool house!

P.S. Almost at the $100,000 over at As I write this they only have $6,000 to go. So if you live on this side of the world you still have a chance to help before the target is reached - in only 2 days!