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Casual elegance

Leibowitz and McLachlan are the new girls on the block. A sassy and sophisticated Sydney look in that laid back way that you know is classy without screaming brash. A daybed to relax in, a desk with a view, a cosy elegant family space to gather in. Think casual without sacrificing style.


Luce et Studio

Luce et Studio was the brainchild of Canadian architect Jennifer Luce and was established in 1990 in San Diego. "The studio focuses on innovative responses to design and architectural challenges at all scales. Passionate about research, new technologies, materials and a strong philosophy about art in architecture, the work defies classification and explores innovation." Internationally recognized and awarded for incredible modern design.


Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian readers. Especially to those who ate turkey last night like I did and are waking up looking for leftovers, only to discover someone got to them first and now there's nothing left except some veggies and a small mound of potatoes. :(


Matthew Mead

Matthew Mead emailed this week to let us know that his fall website is up. Luscious entertaining and decorating ideas for the change of season and those upcoming holidays. If you haven't been to his website before, you're in for a treat .... trick or treat!


Retro kitchens

There are some things conceived in the 60s that hold their age quite well (ahem, ahem .... I'm a case in point) but there are others that are in serious need of cosmetic surgery or is that a complete gut reno? Here are some interesting to say the least kitchens from the era. OK, OK I could live with one maybe two of these.

Images scanned from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement Vol 10, Greystone Press, New York, 1971.