Rove Concepts


Valerie Pasquiou

Loving the signature style of Valerie Pasquiou The website says it best, "Undeniably modern yet able to blend different world cultures with a variety of historic periods, Valerie Pasquiou's designs are refreshingly unique and consistently timeless." There is a definite zen like feel to these very livable spaces. Valerie believes in the importance of the personal in her designs. No cold soul-less "art gallery" rooms with the trophy modern sofa.


Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hächler

Gabrielle Hächler and Andreas Fuhrimann are architects based in Zurich, Switzerland who design modern residential and commercial spaces like no one's business. Simple designs with minimal details, the emphasis is on the importance of nature and the views outdoors, and basic materials such as concrete and plywood.


More Sean Myers

Back in April Jo posted about photographer Sean Myers and mentionned a quirky home he had photographed. I hadn't gone to his website to look at it, but recently happened upon it and OMG!!! It's so fabulously vintage and thrifty and granny-chic that I had to post it.


Ashley Roi Jenkins

Whether it's designing her own office space to bachelor pads and commercial spaces Ashley Roi Jenkins has a hip and fresh style. She's also at home fusing historical details with the modern and practical. The first few pictures are of her own design office (contained within her San Francisco home) and wow, I love it. Clever use of closet space as office space.

Images by Ed Ritger



Mai-Linh's photography is just gorgeous. The lighting is spectacular - beams of light creating magical spaces. The view in the photo above? No words...