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Birthday wishes

Just wanted to do a quick birthday post this morning. Yesterday was my dad's birthday, so Happy Birthday Pops. (Although he won't notice this post as him and my mother are in their 3rd week of a 6 week vacation in Puerto Vallarta (grrrrr)). I could only find this photo I took of him being mauled by my niece...

And today is my boyfriend Jeff's birthday. I told him we could do whatever he wanted today, and he wants to help me build a couch for my living room. THIS GUY IS A KEEPER. Happy birthday Jeff!!! (His mom has been scanning photos of him growing up, so of course I had to share one).


Surprise .... reading guide!

So OK it's Saturday and what do I normally do? I partake of a leisurely breakfast at my local cafe, scour the thrift stores and antique shops looking for treasure and I spend my afternoons writing WINKS. What did I do today? The first two followed by several house inspections and surprise ... no WINKS. What does a girl do when she is totally unprepared for her usual Saturday links feature? She springs a surprise reading guide. (I've been secretly bookmarking blogs for the Easter holiday break.) And the house above? A new contender in our house (and development) buying plans. Can't say too much because I handed my business card over to the wonderful real estate agent who showed us two of the properties today. Must not let her know how cute I thought this house was as she said she'd drop by the website. Hi Christina! Please don't ask about the other house. It was never meant to be. Enough of house buying schemes though. Time to discover new blogs. Usual story. Some are new, some are new to me, some may not always be interior design related but all are fabulous. Pour yourself a cup of tea, click on the pictures and enjoy!


Villa & Villa

I was so excited to get an email yesterday from Maria of Villa & Villa, a Sydney based studio specialising in architecture, interiors and graphics. Maria is the interior and graphic design half of the firm, and Eduardo, her husband, is the architect. One of their latest projects is a beach house that Maria thought may be of interest to us. Let's just say I was so interested, that after looking at a few photos I realized I needed to take a breath. :) This home is so fascinating - from the design of exterior with it's floor to ceiling windows and amazing views to the simplistic modern yet rustic interior. What a talented duo!!

I couldn't stop with just this one home. So here are a few more examples of their designs. (And a big thanks to Megan Morton for sending Maria our way!)


Open Haus

I love it when my inbox is groaning with photos emailed by our favourite architect Scott Weston. Once again he has included one of his amazing models but I'll let him explain the space.

"We thought you may appreciate an office fitout for a pr company, open haus that we are just completing including the branding. The idea was to build investment pieces of joinery with BLUM hardware that can be dismantled and moved when the company expands. A very functional planning layout that clearly distinguished between public and private areas with glimpses through to other rooms. Each particular space has it's open specific look with materials and finishes to suit. Public areas are delineated as silver and gold metallics with the company logo of turquoise as the single colour insertion. The linear silver planes also form the main corridor and storage units to the staff workstation areas beyond. All storage areas are finished in high lacquer hot saturated colours with black internal carcasses. Conference room (plaster birds and leaf lights) and breakout space (leaves and lawn) have witty and quirky details that reference the Clients attitude to enjoying work and referencing open haus. Boardroom has it's own digitally printed carpet, woven gold fabric and rubberised metallic chair frames and movable resin boardroom table 3m x 1.8m in signature open haus turquoise resin."

Conference Room- Brunschwig & Fils Linen upholstered walls with plaster bed details inset to wall.

Lacquered Staff Storage Walls and turquoise workstations. Breakout Space with lawn digitally carpet yet to be installed and black pinstripe suiting and mutli stripes to purpose designed sofas.


Laurent Bourgois

The Paris-based firm of Laurent Bourgois consists of works in interior architecture and design. They have an impeccable grasp on classic and contemporary styles, and include many ethnic touches (and occasionally modern) in their designs. Below are works that wowed me...2 tiled kitchens with very different vibes, relaxing bedrooms, graphic artwork, it's cultured yet comfortable.