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Minimalism found

Found is a London based design firm which provides innovative, yet realist, architectural and interior design solutions. Clients range from Virgin Atlantic to Harrods to private clients. Beautiful luxurious minimalism. These are just some of their residential interiors. Go check out their commercial work, including the red ambulance in the meeting room!!

Images from Found


Ted Yarwood

Let me introduce you to the outstanding photography of Ted Yarwood. Please have a look at his portfolio for more eye candy - there were so many amazing photos to choose from. I love the photos below because the lighting in each is just perfect, and he focuses on the most beautiful elements of each space. Oh - and I would give my right arm for those pink tufted leather chairs.


Windows and walls

Time for another trip to the retro vault. This time a look at wall coverings and window treatments. Images scanned from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Vol 17, Greystone Pres, 1971.


Aidlin Darling

Joshua Aidlin and David Darling head the multidisciplinary design firm Aidlin Darling Design. This San Francisco based team focus on architecture, interior design and furniture design. I would love to be sitting at the desk above staring out into the garden, trying hard to ignore my blogging duties. Love their clean modern lines and clever spatial solutions. Take the time to check out their furniture when you're over at their website.


Christopher Gaona

Christopher Gaona is an interior designer who believes in relaxed and refined spaces. He not afraid to use bold colours or artwork to add interest to his designs. I particularly love the furniture he has chosen in the following photos....hello scrumptious leather club chairs!