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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?


  • New slipcovers from Bemz in Designers Guild textiles. The new Barcelona Collection will be available as slipcovers for over 70 sofa and chair models to transform IKEA sofas and chairs.  Think of the outrageous pattern fun you could have with these. Eclectic boho madness!




  • So tactile so beautifully simple. Felt bowls by Gräf & Lantz. Perfect for your keys and smalls, the remotes or just by themselves. P.S. Want a wine quiver as well. Too cool!




  • Hola Amiga from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bags, pillows, art. What can I say? YUM! Modern with a retro vibe, stand out statement pieces, now colour combos.  These are so hot!


  • The Clothes Track clothes rack from Italian firm Rocket. Fun and functional it's design amplified (oooh sorry about the pun). Great for keeping your little musos tidy ... or your grown up ones as well!

  • I'm loving these beautiful limited edition hand turned timber stools by artist Jo Wilson. Actually I'm loving everything on bricks and mortar Prahan, Melbourne and online store Safari Living. Sweaty palms from lust and longing for just about everything there.

Jaime Ferrer

I see Jo's Swedish photographer and I raise her one Spanish photographer, by the name of Jaime Ferrer. Jaime's photos are beautiful, and the spaces seem to come to life and beckon you from your monitor to come and enjoy.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! May you have the opportunity to knock of some items on your TO DO list like I hope to gawd I can do with mine.



Karin Björkquist

Let's end the week with a fab portfolio by yet another super talented Swedish photographer. What is it about the whole scandi style that has us all purring with pleasure? Is it the relaxed and cosy family orientated homes? The simple and practical approach with lashings of personality to cheer up the dark winter months and celebrate the fleeting summer. Whatever it is Karin Björkquist captures it perfectly whether white and bright, dark and moody, jewel like boho or classic gustavian. Brilliant!









Reader requests - banquettes

Mary Anne of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia wrote us with a request for a post on banquette dining/eating areas. She found the post I did back in '07, but wanted some more ideas. So here are more banquette seating for your viewing pleasure.

Canadian House & Home Gaelle Le Boulicaut
Gridley + Graves Amie Weitzman
Amie Weitzman Turquoise
Sunset AT Casa
New York Social Diary Loyall Sewall
Wendy Blount James Merrell

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Gentl & Hyers over and over


Is it wrong to love a portfolio so much that you stalk it? This is the second time I have featured work by photographers Gentl & Hyers. Can't get enough especially when they update their portfolio on their rep's site (their own is still under construction). It's the richness, the jewel like tones, the rich almost thick light (you could cut it with a knife). Truth be told I did sneak in my all time favourite. It's the last one. So lush!