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Long weekend reading

It's Australia Day here in, you guessed it, Australia. A time of the BBQ, lamb roasts, cricket, citizenship ceremonies and a long weekend. No WINKS today, no Jo's place post just a lovely long list of 3 day weekend reading. Some are new, some are old favourites, some aren't in English. All will keep you busy with lots of design lolly. Apologies to those that have to go to work on Monday. Think of me as I'm slaving over a roast leg of lamb for my dinner guests. YUM!


Martin Dyrlov

More Scandinavian decor, this time in the form of spectacular photography by Martin Dyrlov.


OMG I had to share!

I was just web surfing (as you do, thank you StumbleUpon) when I found these! Beautiful tailor's mannequins by Malinki. Fiona Lewis and Lucy Howard are the women responsible for these sublime dress forms. Not much information on the website, just these stunning images and some contact details and the fact that these are available at Tann Rokka which of itself looks amazing! Take the tours while you're there.


Alfresco finesse

Beardsley Weiss are an exceptional multidisciplinary design firm. Their work embraces architecture, interior design, product and furniture design as well as landscape design. I thought that as it's cold and miserable in the Northern Hemisphere I'd feature these amazing alfresco pavilions and their beautiful landscaping. Just a taste of Beardsley Weiss' outstanding portfolio. (Only a few more months of winter left!)

Images from Beardsley Weiss