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All in white

I came across the Swedish blog Purple Area and the author posted some photos from a site called Vintage by Nina. This site has some of the prettiest photos of "shabby chic" design I've ever seen. And white upon white upon white. If this doesn't invoke a huge *sigh* out of you, I don't know what will.


Susan the kitchen designer

Susan, our blog friend from The Kitchen Designer emailed Jo and I to show us another side of a typical kitchen designer. Unbeknownst to me, kitchen designers often design build-ins and furniture. She has some impressive examples in her portfolio of built-ins she's designed, and I thought I'd throw in some kitchens and bathrooms I love as well.


Dog on a chair

Another dog on a chair for Kim but this time with a twist. Sony ad photographed by Ross Honeysett.


Lucite lust

You may call it Acrylic, Plexiglas, Lucite, or Perspex but I call it fabulous. Aaron R. Thomas designs and creates these fab pieces. Aaron works with his design team out of his studio in Orange County, California. Both Kim and I are Lucite lovers and Aaron's pieces are calling my name and if they are singing to you too check out his website for great deals. But don't stop at the website only. Check out the blog! As Aaron says, "We have that which you crave."

Images from artc

Thanks to Anne Ewen for giving us the link to your blog and website.


Religious trinkets

Jo has a thing for religious tchatchkies, and I may hunt some down next time I'm out antiquing. There's something so calming and mysterious about them. So this one's for you Jo.

Second photo from Bolig Magasinet, the rest from House of Pictures