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Patrick Sutton

Whether tailored and luxurious with sensuous leathers and rich woods and just a touch of refined masculinity or light and casually refined in that summer on the coast way, designer Patrick Sutton isn't easily pigeonholed. Unless you call contemporary elegance with just enough luxe a pigeonhole. His work is at once glamorous as well as stylishly and deceptively simple. It's romance and travel, luxury and layering. Life would be lovely in any of these rooms. As an aside I have a major design crush on the pink Murano chandelier married with those pink silk drapes. Love. More after the jump.

P.S. There's a store too ... oh my a very dangerous store. 



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Flickr finds - Bertoia chairs



... just sitting on my coffee table

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week? Everything from the over the top and luxurious to the simplest of crafty carry cases. Lots of pictures so some before and some after the jump.

  • The Society Inc. 's Sibella Court has a new chalkboard paint range for Murobond Paints. Beautiful rich colours - black, blue, white, green, red and orange. So lush, so fun.

  • In Florence dreams are fashioned by artisan craftsman. Savio Firmino creates luxurious and at times over the top (no never over the top) furniture collections. Glamour and decadence, dreams and indulgence. Soaking in a tub with a vanity to primp and preen? If only!



  • Kim featured a video by Roberto Dutesco on her own page earlier this week. When his wife Fabiana Mortari emailed us I was captured by his photography of wild horses. Truly beautiful and incredibly powerful. And available for purchase. I'm dreaming of one over an aged wooden console. Simple but stunning.

  • Hide couture - amazing works of art for your floor by Kyle Bunting. The colours, the textures, the patterns. OMG I want to run my toes through these. But there is more! If these rugs have your heart pitter pattering then there are couture chairs and the richest coloured hide ottomans you could ever imagine. I know that some readers don't like hide but I also know there are readers who swoon at the thought. If you love then go ...

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Laura Bohn

Today is the beginning of a 4 day long weekend for me which I am really stoked about because it means I have lots of time to get the dressing room completed and Jeff, Domino and Inky are moving in to my humble abode. It's the unofficial beginning of summer up here in Canada, as this May 2-4 weekend is the biggest party weekend of the year filled with cottage parties and exorbitant beer consumption. I on the other hand will be painting....while drinking beer. :) In honour of this special occasion I have some gorgeous spaces to share with you, care of Laura Bohn Design Associates. Based in New York, Laura Bohn "will often set unexpected hues and shapes together to give rooms depth and richness that is not easily replicated". Rooms that are fresh and modern without being harsh. I loooove the bathroom sink set on metro shelving (after the jump).

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Rushing out the door ... will a stalking post do?

Friday has already finished for me. I'm 14 hours ahead of Kim. Sweet bliss to be finished with a working week and now I'm off to eat too much curry at a favourite local restaurant. Yum! So please excuse me if I just put together a quick stalking post. I'm still wandering the streets of Paddington in Sydney. Peering through virtual windows and daydreaming about how I'd rearrange things, a bit more colour here, a few more cushions there, change the rugs and art, more art. I do love the large blue artwork in the family dining room though and could easily live with that courtyard. Dream on girl! Go on ... what would you change? Is it perfect in its calmly elegant monotones or would you throw it all out and start again? More after the jump and link here while it lasts.

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