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New York interiors

I happened upon the website New York Social Diary and was initially excited to see a section that included photos of famous New Yorker's interiors. My excitement turned to amusement when I began perusing these photos. It baffles me how many over-the-top ornate and totally ridiculous interiors were included. Just because you have tons of $$$ and can buy whatever expensive antiques your heart desires doesn't mean you can shove it all into a small space and consider it a well-decorated. I was however able to find some photos of tastefully decorated spaces for your enjoyment.


Plants and outdoor spaces

I woke up this morning, looked out the window and had to stifle a scream. Apparently there was a snowstorm overnight. I have been dreaming about doing some landscaping, and this being my first home (despite the pretty small space I have to work with), I am pretty excited. But with at least a foot of snow on the ground in the MIDDLE OF APRIL, I am not going to get much done. So instead of freaking out I started looking for photos of gardens for some inspiration. This first group of photos is of some gorgeous modern planters from New Zealand company the urban garden.

The following photos are from garden shows held in the UK. From the Reckless Gardener.


Antti Lovag

Le Palais Bulles (The Palace of Bubbles) by Antti Lovag near Cannes is Pierre Cardin's summer house. Begun in 1975 by Lovag, Pierre Cardin bought it in 1989 for 50 million French Francs. A collection of ferro-cement bubbles the interiors are furnished and decorated in a perfect '70s style."The circle is my symbol," says Pierre Cardin. "The sphere represents the creation of the world and the mother's womb. Holes, cones, breasts—I've always used them in my designs." A futurist architect meets a fashion designer known for his space age futuristic designs. OMG!

First 2 images from Le Palais Bulles others from Antti Lovag


Ruba dub dub

More bathrooms to drool over. Whether you're a shower person or love a good soak in the tub here are some bathing beauties for you.

BelleGail Marsden
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HakataiLiving Etc
Thread CollectiveSills Huniford


Penelope Tang

I mentionned Peneloppe Tang's beautiful porcelain in a post a few days ago. She had emailed me to thank me for the mention but since we usually post only interiors I hadn't included any photos. I was feeling a bit guilty and since we post about pretty much anything on weekends, I thought this was a great opportunity to show her work. Her pieces are handmade and thus one-of-a-kind, of oxidation-fired porcelain and hand-mixed pigments. STUNNING.