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Michael Habachy

What does Southern design mean? Is it grand old mansions with classically inspired interiors, layers and layers of patterns and sumptuous fabrics, well loved and almost holy heirlooms and tradition tradition, tradition? Maybe not if Atlanta based interior designer Michael Habachy has a say. It's crisp bright modern minimalist apartments. It's broody lofts and funky nightclubs. It's white vinyl rococo chairs and black walls, glamorous 40s salons and sassy salons. It's whatever and wherever imagination takes you. It's fabulous and it's fun. You won't find all these images on Michael's website yet. He's in the process of redesigning and has kindly sent over a few teasers of what to expect.


Jamie Bush

Californian interior designer Jamie Bush "is recognized for his ability to mix period and contemporary furnishings with a fresh and discerning eye. Layering rich colors and textures with exotic and organic elements transforms each of his spaces into an inviting, modern, and unexpected environment." He has a very impressive portfolio that includes mid-century, modern, minimalist and contemporary designs - all which are guaranteed to knock your socks off.


Visual Oxygen

All things beautiful and inspiring. Rooms and objects, art and photos. Belviana used that wonderful phrase "visual oxygen" when she emailed to tell us what Desire to Inspire meant to her. We blush, mumble "aw shucks" and borrow/steal the phrase for a semi-regular series of beautiful images that inspire us. They don't have to be rooms. They just have to lift our spirit and feed our imagination.

Megan Morton has been a great friend of the blog sending us images of her work as one of Australia's leading stylists. So when an email from Megan landed in my inbox with some of her latest work I knew it would contain something special. Megan collaborated with Benja Harney from Paperform to create these for Australia Travel and Leisure.


Galo Verdesoto

It's amazing what you can find when you follow link to link. While devouring the fabulous photos on Paul Whicheloe's website I was lead to the work of Galo Verdesoto. This New York based architect has a flair for drama. His contemporary space are clean and elegant,open airy and bathed in beautiful light. Positive and negative space play off each other and colour is a vital counterfoil to the lashings of lovely white.


Paint question

Laura wrote us an email with the following:

"I was inspired by this entry to ask you a question. There is a lot of discussion about the perfect white paint, but I have yet to come across a discussion about the perfect off white/cream/beige paint. I know people use it because I see it every so often in Domino. One of the things that I love about Domino so much, is that they talk about paint colors. White is discussed a lot. But, I've noticed that if there is a picture of a space with an off white/cream colored wall, the paint is hardly ever mentioned. If the perfect white is so often hotly debated, why not the perfect off white?

I am really looking for the perfect color for a room in my house that I am working on. Just to prepare you for the picture, we had a terrible water pipe leak and as a result we had to tear down most of the left wall and some of the ceiling. You can see in the picture the new dry wall. Also, our windows are very special. They were made from old telephone pole wood. Every window in the house is some variation of this window. I don't plan on painting the wood or the baseboards. I've already painted one bedroom a robin's egg blue that looks beautiful. I plan on painting the master a light gray (right now it is a horrible yellow). But this room I wanted to do in a cream color. Hopefully, this will be a child's room someday and I want a nice neutral background that will be able to take on blue or pink accent colors. As you can see in the picture the color that the previous owner's of the house used is a beige, but it has a lot of yellow in it, which I don't particularly like.

Here is the room. I apologize in advance for the chaos, but I am still working on the drywall:"

What a beautiful window - and a whole house of them?!?! I am very jealous. I explained to Laura that I had absolutely no experience with off-white, while I always stick to pure white or light grey when I'm looking for a neutral paint colour. My suggestion for a non-off-white would be a light grey as I think it would be really pretty with blue or pink. But I thought I'd throw this out to you guys if anyone has any paint colour suggestions for Laura. What's your favourite off-white or beige?