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Gramercy Park Hotel

Ian Schrager's Gramercy Park Hotel is located in New York and was designed by artist Julian Schnabel. The rooms have a bohemian Spanish feel to them and are swathed in jewel-like tones of pinks, blues and greens. What an amazing experience it must be to spend a night there.


12 bathrooms for Maryam (maybe 16)

Maryam from My Marrakesh has the mammoth task of fitting out 12, yes 12, bathrooms in her guesthouse currently under construction. She's asked us for some inspiration and we've come up with a few ideas. Key words for bathrooms on the cheap - colour, rendered walls, repurposed vintage furniture, tiles where necessary and unusual wallcoverings (sealed of course). You can find more inspiration here and here and here.

Alan TanksleyMarie Claire Maison
Michael LuppinoCrossan Clarke Carnachan
David ParmiterMichael Smith
BluelinesSteven Gambrel
Pieter EstersohnJames Merrell
Barclay FryeryBetsy Burnham
DominoHome Portfolio

P.S. These were some quick ideas thrown together. Hope you like them Maryam. I'm craving indoor outdoor bathrooms with plunge baths and open air showers. Very spa like and organic. Think Balinese resort but with Moroccan twist. Ahhhh to dream!


Roland Bello

I love photography and can really appreciate a quality photo. In this case I'm appreciating (with gaping mouth) a whole slew of photos from photographer Roland Bello's portfolio. Some examples are below, so you can appreciate along with me.


Living in the 70s

Lisa, a loyal lurker from Canberra, Australia sent me the link to this 70's time capsule. What do you think? Is this the home of a little old groover hanging on to the past or is it the lair of a hard core retro buff? Either way it is an amazing trip back in time. Love it all!!!!!


Gotta love cranberry velvet

OK, maybe some of you don't care for cranberry velvet but when I saw this couch on Craigslist I had to have it. My boyfriend and his friend picked it up for me tonight. (Thanks guys!) It was advertised as a Bauhaus sofa but that term seems to be used so loosely I figured that meant the style was Bauhaus. Turns out it is actually made by Bauhaus because it's printed all over the fabric under the seat cushions. I really have no idea what that means - if the $80 my boyfriend paid for this was a steal of the century or not. If anyone out there knows any details of Bauhaus furniture, please share...I'm very curious. (P.S. My green wall sadly will have to go.)