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Dog on a chair!

Where oh where are the dogs on the chairs? Remember when Kim and I were obsessed with dogs (and cats) on chairs and sofas, beds and just about any type of furniture? Marissa in Chicago remembered and sent us this fab photo of Jack, the dog, on a yellow Knoll that neighbors were throwing away. Hello Jack you gorgeous thing and hellooooo yellow chair! Throwing away?!! Thanks Marissa these photos are so cute!


John Loecke

I was excited to come across the portfolio of John Loecke, an amazingly talented interior designer, and as it turns out Jo blogged about his work quite some time ago. But there is sooooo much more to see so here's another peek into the "frisky, fabulous and fun to be around" world of John Loecke. It's all about colour, patterns, and more colour. And no beige.


Rubens LP

I'm so excited to introduce a new sponsor. Rubens is a Brazilian web designer and art director but more importantly Rubens is an amazing artist. He has just started an etsy store Lines 'n' dots. Fluid and fabulous prints and limited editions. I'll let him explain ...

"I'm using a online way to sell my art because I'm a nerd. 8-) I love computers, internet, technologies, video-games... I'm a shy guy also, so the internet is my office. That's the motif of the art digital in my life. I divided my life between computers and dreams. When I'm not in a computer you can find me reading, playing video-games, lovin with my girl, visiting parks and art museums, libraries, shopping ... I love to write poems and read texts of brazilian modernists ... well...

I draw since any children starts to draw. In 2000 I started an Industrial design course and I worked 6 years as webdesigner/art director for small-medium companies. Illustrator is my tool of trade. I love hand drawing and paints like acrylic, watercolour, pastels and collages... I really love to do collages and I have lots of cuties, sad, ugly and beautiful images. Now I started experiences mixing digital art + watercolour.

I decided create the store now and sell my things for many reasons. Maybe a hippie dream... I don't know.. haha. I have a obsessive aesthetic neuroses. It is a disease... really... I love curves and the beauty ... sensual body forms and nature forms make me crazy."

... just some of Rubens commercial work - cool!

I love his work and I love the way he thinks. You'll find his portfolio here with links to his blog and etsy store or just head on over to the left hand column and click on the still life with apples.


John Dummer

Shadow and light, something seen and something imagined. Dutch photographer John Dummer brings a touch of realism as well as whimsy to his work. Beautiful rooms that you can imagine real people in. And of course it wouldn't be a great portfolio without me raving about the food photos. All round a delicious body of work.


A new addition to the kitchen

Sorry folks, there will not be a Flickr finds post today. Instead, I thought I'd share with you a major purchase I made about a week ago. A bit of background first...

During the kitchen renovation, I wanted a dining table built because I needed something narrower than an average size table, and it needed to fit 6 people. My boyfriend and I were initially going to build it, but my contractor offered so we took him up on it. The table turned out to be pretty disastrous. The wood of the top ended up warping and splitting, and the pedestal base was completely non-functional for such a long table. In the end, I ended up picking up a couple cheap table legs at Ikea and adding those on, particularly for instances when some of my porkier cats would launch onto it from the countertop. Here is a photo of the table:

I've been looking for a table on and off for several months now and have had no luck, up until a couple Fridays ago when I took my boyfriend down to the Byward Market with me on a table hunt. We were in Stacaro, my new favourite store, when Jeff spotted a really cool desk. It was on sale at 40% off (floor model), and had a black steel base and a wood top, the same colour as my cabinets but a few shades darker. It came with a shelf attached to house a desktop computer, and we quickly discovered it could easily unscrew off. It was the perfect width (just shy of 3') and length. Here is a photo of it from their website:

SOLD! It arrived last Monday and I finally got a chance to try it out with the shelf (decided it was too distracting and hid my Pantons) and find some things for a centrepiece. I love it. I am so happy to have something straight to eat off of, and I am no longer embarassed to have people over for a meal.

There's a few more photos over at my kitchen blog.