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Timothy Kolk

Eye candy overload! Too many gorgeous photos from über talented photographer Timothy Kolk. I guarantee you'll know a lot of them because Timothy's editorial and feature list includes all the major shelter magazines. So talented, so gorgeous, so much! Check out the rest of his portfolio here.

Photography by Timothy Kolk


SPG Architects

SPG Architects, based out of New York, is a twelve-person team of super-talented individuals. This firm has been awarded and published numerous times, and their design philosophy speaks volumes: "The designs are defined not by the 'minimalist' inclination to eliminate visible function from space, nor by the desire to expose the workings of a building. SPG's work clearly presents a visual consistency based on human proportions, the exploitation of light, and the judicious use of materials that provide singular tactile and visual experiences".


Zebra rug

My love for zebra rugs has existed for some time now, as I mentionned in a previous post. I'm talking FAUX zebra. Real zebra would be VERY WRONG. I have never owned a zebra rug but would so love to get my hands on one (or three). I love anything graphic and black/white is my favourite colour combination so zebra rugs are right up my alley. Here are spaces that...*sigh*...include a lovely zebra rug.

Arte Luise KunsthotelRobyn Karp
DominoRiehl Designs
Jan ShowersDomino
Glenn GisslerJonathan Adler
Point Click HomeRobyn Karp
studioilseIndia Mahdavi

This photo I had to include because the rug, while not zebra, is incredible in this space.


Private oasis

Another beauty for sale in my home town. Unimposing from the street it has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, pool, spa and water features galore. There is a snag. It's for sale by negotiation. Sure sign that it's way out of my league.



I promised Kim a virtual holiday to take her mind off things at home. Something with cutting edge design and cats. Singita Game Reserves in South Africa and Tanzania run a number of stunning game lodges and tented camps. Kim we're going to Kruger National Park in South Africa. Now to decide between the Singita Lebombo Lodge or the Singita Sweni Lodge. If you tire of watching the big cats there are plenty of other animals. Check out the website. One of the loveliest I've seen in a while. The lodges cover all styles and all activities, safaris, spas, ballooning over the Serengeti, fine wine and food. Don't miss the guides' diaries and the community projects. Beautiful!

Images from Singita

And the cats? Here's a few of the regulars.