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Retro fabulous

One of my favourite design styles is retro. My living room is retro-themed but I've been thinking lately that it could still use some work. So I went looking for some photos of retro rooms to get some inspiration and I stumbled across these and thought WOW - how FABULOUS!!! Way I see it, if you're going to do something, you might as well go all the way. Don't you agree?

Photos courtesy of Retro Crush


More weird art

I have had this link of a Russian artist's website for a while. I think I had seen it on NOTCOT. This art, while weird, is hauntingly beautiful.


One week to go!!!

I love Easter. All those chocolate bunnies, the ones with the long ears. Yum. I stumbled on this site and just had to share. Matthew Mead is a stylist extraordinaire. His beautiful site is full of Easter ideas, crafts, decorating and food. To top it off there are free downloads. Check out his other seasonal offerings in the bonus section. Enjoy!

Images from Matthew Mead Style


Weird Art

So this has nothing to do with interior design images but I just found this and had to post it, well, because I can. This art by Ray Caesar is so wild and totally has a Mark Ryden vibe to it. I love the first photo.


Black and white

I was going through some Elle Decoration magazines I have and noticed that most of my favourite photos were of black and white colour schemes. So this post is all about black and white. Miss BlackWhiteBliss, here's another one for ya.