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Much love

I find this photo totally endearing. So simple and serene and just .... *sigh*.


Punchy chandeliers

Did you see these amazing chandeliers in this kitchen by Civility Design that Kim included in her kitchen post yesterday? What a way to pack a punch in a room. For a couple of days now Pink from Casapinka has been wrestling with a colourful chandelier dilemma herself. Not sure if I'm into the orange myself but those light fittings are a big statement. Love a bit of drama and fun in a room. What do you think?

Images from Civility Design


Antonia Hutt

Antonia Hutt's understanding of the exceptional and her love for refinement are the core of her design philosophy. So says her website and I think these pictures reinforce that belief. These jewel like spaces speak of her training in the arts, silversmithing, jewellery and allied crafts. Her grounding in fine antiques led her into interior architecture. Based in Los Angeles her work draws on her exceptional taste and wealth of experience.


Playboy Town House

"The discerning city-dweller of individual ways and comfortable means is turning more and more to the superb outlets for decorative and architectural self-expression inherent in the town house ......." Playboy, May 1962.

To see the full page scanned images of this 1962 classic article (and didn't they buy Playboy for the articles?!) you'll find it here. Take the time to read the article. It's a scream. Remember Playboy isn't just for the "room" porn. Thanks to the team at Meathaus Enterprises for their selfless act of scanning and posting this classic.


Cuckoo for colour

Are you considering painting bright colours in your home? If so, let the following photos of a penthouse in Montréal be of inspiration to you. These may be OTT for alot of people, but it takes courage to use bright colours, and these folks could not be more courageous or adventurous.

Photos courtesy of Décormag