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Is it a long weekend in the States?

If it is then it's time for a holiday reading guide! No such luck here. We're right out of public holidays until Christmas in my neck of the woods. So if you're lucky enough to have three days off sit back and enjoy. New blogs, not so new, lots of eye candy and always inspiring. Hey even if it's not a long weekend where you are there's always time for blog hopping!


Spaces to get those creative juices flowing

We're all about inspiring creative and beautiful design here at DTI, and the website This Ain't No Disco (it's where we work) is a favourite of mine (see here and here). As both Jo and I work for our respective governments, we spend our weekdays in less-than-inspiring offices. This website always has me imagining being able to work in a space that isn't filled with mismatched half-walls and industrial tacky carpet. Here are workspaces that would inspire the crap out of me. The first is the office of Pride & Glory Interactive, based in Poland (designed by Morpho Studio and photographed by Magdalena Pacana), and the second is Maycreate, based in Chattanooga Tennessee.


Jennifer Worts

I'm always putting labels on designers, trying to tie their work up in neat bundles with a few choice words. Timeless yet traditional, contemporary and classic, an eclectic mix of the perfect this and that. I could use these for Toronto interior designer Jennifer Worts' portfolio but instead I'll just say beautiful, simple and elegant, just beautiful.


When you can't make up your mind...

Keni Valenti runs a retro-couture shop in New York City, and has a Miami Beach apartment where each room is either ALL white, or is painted out in a bold, vibrant shade of teal or green. Love this - it's the best of both worlds.