Rove Concepts


Massucco Warner Miller

Massucco Warner Miller - that's Julie Masucco, Melissa Warner and Carrie Miller. Their style is fresh and vibrant with layering of patterns and textures all with a modern twist to the classic. Think cool West Coast vibe is dating chic Upper East Side. The trio obviously love high end fabrics and finishes but equally treasure the flea market find.


DC Design House bedroom

Brocky Proxmire wrote us about the bedroom his mother, interior designer Kelley Proxmire, designed for the DC Design House. It's stunning, so elegant and sophisticated, and had a special feature: "The big hit of the room was the now you watch it (#7) now you don't (#8) TV. The TV is mounted on a swing arm behind the drapery panels. There is a slit in the drapery panel on the end so that swing arm may be extended several inches into the room. The size of TV (19") is correct size for this distance of TV viewing from the bed." Brilliant! Thanks Brocky (and Kelley!)


Muriel Brandolini

Muriel Brandolini is a highly sought-after interior designer from New York whose style is so funky and creative that I want to dissect every inch of the photos in her portfolio. It's all about vintage mid-century glam with layer upon layer of incredible patterns, textures and colours. Eclectic to the max, I think her style is as close to Jo's wacky taste as I've ever seen. So Jo, this one's for you.


Hepworth + Howard

Hepworth + Howard have a sophisticated but holistic approach to their projects. This holistic philosophy "allows for cross-fertilization from facades to interiors to gardens to furniture, home accessories and graphic design". I love their clean modern lines with more than a hint of mid century and I covet that bathroom in a totally unhealthy way!


Not at all to do with interior design

It's official - I have lost my mind. I have 6 cats in my house. Yesterday I became a foster mom to a cat (I named him Felix) who's been a fixture in my yard for the past few weeks. He went to the vets yesterday and has all sorts of health problems, but all treatable with antibiotics (PHEW!). I am fostering him through a FANTASTIC organization here in Ottawa called Friends of Abandoned Pets, who are graciously paying for all his medical bills. He has to live in my second bedroom until I get some test results back, so things are a little "hairy" at my house. :) Pun intended. I wanted to post this because I am very grateful they are helping Felix and I hope they can find him a great home, especially since he turned out to be such an amazing cat. They are having their annual dog walk in a couple weekends so I thought I'd plug that too, because that would be a blast...and I may be their photographer. :) So I'd like to introduce you to the newest (though hopefully temporary) member of my brood, Felix, one of the luckiest cats around.