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A beautiful space

I was just perusing all my favourite blogs when I came across a beautiful photo on Mark Cutler's blog of a vanity space he designed. It's so damn pretty I had to post it. I've always wanted a little corner with a gorgeous vanity table and venetian mirror and adorable chair to sit and have a tea and put my makeup on. You outdid yourself again Mark!


Miles Redd

I happened across Miles Redd's website recently and realized, much to my astonishment, that we have never done a post on this brilliant designer. Forget brilliant, he's a design GENIUS. The KING of vignettes. I don't even know what to say....just have a look below at some of my favourite photos from his portfolio because they speak for themselves. And they speak loudly.


Pulling it together

Thought I'd show you what is going on in my new place. First let me say that the carpet is going. YUK!!!!! I have ordered a room size coir rug. Everything here is thrifted, bought on etsy, found in secondhand shops or through retro dealers except the screen which is from an interior design student exhibition from my university days. This is not how the room will look, just an idea. Wait till you see the travertine, chrome and glass coffee table I have coming. I'm going for a Wary-Meyers retro boho look with lime green, navy and a clash of chrome and gilt. I am trying to pull this all together on a strict budget and with mainly thrifted finds because a)I want to show that it can be done, b)I believe in reuse and recycling and c) I'm broke at the moment! Check out my Flickr for more explanations.

And here's what prompted me to post this now. I found this couch on Chez Fifi through a link I found on Absolutely Beautiful Things today. A red suite similar to my now navy blue suite. Small world!


Jordi Vayreda

The other day I received an email from Jordi Vayreda introducing me to his design studio in Catalonia, Spain. A boutique team of 5 designers create commercial and residential work as well as industrial design. I've mainly featured their domestic work here but check out their amazing shop fit outs. Jordi says that each project is unique as they don't like to repeat their designs as they adapt to each clients needs. The studio has collaborated with companies such as Coinma in Spain and Sipam in Italy. Exciting times are ahead for Jordi Vareyda as the studio prepares to launch their own line. Good luck guys! Awesome talent!

Images from Jordi Vayreda


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