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Jake Curtis

Jake Curtis is a photographer with a great eye for detail. Check out these blog-worthy photos of his interiors, plus token cat photo.



Banquettes are so much fun for use in casual dining spaces. I just adore them and the vibe they give off. I wish I had incorporated one into my dining room but sadly, it's too late. I noticed I have many pictures saved of dining spaces with banquettes, so I thought I'd post them in the hopes that this will inspire folks out there to think about a banquette as a seating solution for an eat-in-kitchen or dining room. They are fantastic space-savers too, and get everyone cosying up together. (Mark Cutler posted about banquettes a while ago here as well so have a look.)



Shane Reilly

Shane Reilly's design aesthetic is casual elegance. She has a natural eye for style and color and this shines through in her elegant liveable interiors. With offices in both New York and San Francisco she is also the author of Inspired High-End Interior Design a unique opportunity to hear high-end designers reveal what inspired them and how they pulled it together. If this wasn't enough for this talented designer she blogs!

Images from Shane Reilly Inc


Jenn Ski

Jenn Ski sent us an email introducing her new online shop. She is an award-winning graphic designer and artist, with a passion for modern and mid-20th century art and design. Her work is beautifully delicate, is incredibly sophisticated but with a touch of whimsy. Love the mid-century vibe. So cool! Check out her website for her original pieces and really affordable giclée prints which come matted and ready for framing. Don't miss the introductory offer on the prints until June 22nd and keep an eye out as she will soon be adding stationary and pillows to the range. Thanks for sharing Jenn.

Images from Jenn Ski


Here kitty kitty kitty

I adore this photo and I'm sure most of you can guess why. I've been wanting for AGES to blow up a photo of my cats. Actually, I don't think I have them all in one photo (except for the one where I was about to feed them chicken and I hopped up on the kitchen counter and snapped one of them all standing around wondering why I had a camera in my hand instead of a hunk of chicken). So if you have a beloved pet and a big blank wall, here's your opportunity to create your own piece of art.

Photo courtesy of Frederik Vercruysse