Rove Concepts


Eva Lindh

There is something wonderful about the Scandinavian style and there is definitely something wonderful about Swedish stylist Eva Lindh's work. Beautiful rooms, fabulous fashion shots, her portfolio is just too gorgeous and inspiring. A must see website.


Alessandro Pasinelli

Alessandro Pasinelli is a stylist from Milan with a fantastic edgy style. He appears to love using warehouse-type spaces for his backdrops which makes the furnishings in the photos come to life.


From the desk of lola

Alexandra Loew and Lauren Soloff are from the desk of lola. Love their description of their design firm, "The ladies of Lola have created a unique practice that takes seriously one thing that architectural profession has too frequently overlooked: decoration." Yah! Fun, quirky at times and drop dead gorgeous their interiors scream "come on in, have a drink". First prize too for the best name for a fabulous design firm!


Don Freeman

We have written about light and photographers over and over on this blog. It's a no brainer. Cameras capture light. It's how a photographer manipulates that light though that defines a great photo. New York based fine art and commercial photographer Don Freeman uses his camera not only to revel in the light but to portray the feel of his subject. "I like the mood of Interiors. I feel I can represent the spirit of a place by observing how the daylight reveals its secrets... why we find perfection and beauty in it." Don't miss his still life and fine art portfolios on his website while you're there.

Images from Don Freeman


Fasano hotels

The Fasano hotels of São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro are perfect for lovers of mid-century modern design. The São Paolo location was voted one of the 50 best hotels in the world in 2004 by the Condé Nast Traveller hot list. I was sold when I got to the photo of the view off the balcony. And after just walking home 45 minutes in a blizzard, I am now going to stare at that photo for 45 minutes.