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The basement hatch

This blog chronicles my entire kitchen renovation from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, and I'm taking care of the rest.

If you'd like to be brought up to date, check out my kitchen remodel blog for an archive of previous posts. I posted recently about the backsplash, dining table and yet more decorating. Now I thought I'd dedicate a post to the hatch door created for access to the basement - a GENIUS idea.

I cannot express the magnitude of how genius of an idea it was to take out part of the wall that sectioned off the basement stairs, and have a hatch door created. I have talked about this in previous posts, but OMG it turned out so swimmingly that I had to dedicate a post to it. This is such a great idea for folks out there who have really limited space, as I do. This house is 12' 2" wide - so that is the width of the kitchen, and the section where the wall to the basement was made that about 9.5' wide. Let me show you some before photos. Now, this decision was made partway through the demolition phase so I did not specifically take before photos of the area. Below are some I happened to have already (and one I snuck during demo when I was deciding what to do).

Leaving that wall meant the pantry unit would have had to have been placed closer to the door to my office and with the fridge there, that would have made the doorway very tight. Then with the dining table down the middle of the space, you would have had to shimmy sideways to get by the table, or I would have had to use a small 4 person table instead. Here are a couple photos I took during the reno.

Below, my completed hatch. Genius I tell you - GENIUS!! Worth every penny. And I love that my house, that was previously lacking any architectural feature WHATSOEVER, now has something slightly quirky, and isn't just a straight boring wall.

For more photos, a video I made to show the hatch in action, and my new artwork, click HERE.


Brazilian beauty

Some of the best inspiration is coming out of retail spaces these days and one of the hottest spots for design inspiration? Hair dressing and beauty salons. This amazing urban industrial meets eco chic with a splash of venetian glass girliness is to be found in a country that is white hot with hip design ideas - Brazil. Felippe emailed these photos of his Sao Paulo salon ... "the salon is called "bob salao de beleza" (roughly "bob beauty salon"). it is named after my partner, bob toscano, the hair stylist and makeup artist that leads the team. our website is under construction. for now it features basic info such as directions, phone #s, etc: (we are currently having some problems with our web host, but that should be sorted out soon.) interiors and most of the furniture by brazilian architect marcelo escanuela (still working on his website) and photo credits to roberta dab dab."

Check out the lighting! And the cave like brutalist concrete juxtaposed with the organic feel of the timber. And that red sink! Thanks Felippe. It's a fabulous cutting edge (pun intended) salon. I'm sure your work is just as hot!


Stalking in Sweden

I’m real estate stalking a little further afield today. Sweden in fact. I’m a lot like Kim. I can’t get enough of Scandinavian homes and this apartment in Göteborg is gorgeous. So much white and a perfect porcelain stove. Pity it’s sold. Actually probably for the best. I have my eye on a property here in Australia. All this loveliness via brokers Alvhem.


Flickr finds - random from my favourite groups



WINKS returns next week but I couldn't wait to share one email from my inbox. Rachel Castle is the creative force behind Castle, beautiful bedlinen and embroidered artwork. Rachel and her extensive factory (her very patient mum) handcraft these beautiful pieces for the home. Castle loves crisp white cotton bedlinen, with a little bit of handprinted colour for sheets and pillowcases. It's crisp white coverlets with printed buttons tossed with yellow and charcoal, polka dots and flowers and a collection of lovingly handstitched one-off pieces on vintage French linen. It's fresh. It's fun. It's modern meets vintage with lashings of indie. It's so cute!