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Pleysier Perkins

The pavilion is an important concept in Australian architecture at the moment. Interconnected spaces that are independent "boxes", parts of a whole. Living, sleeping, family, formal. Pleysier Perkins is based in Prahan, Melbourne but their portfolio extends to the Noosa hinterland, a beautiful place for a beautiful space. Homes are linear, address the outdoors and are sleek, modern and hard edged.


Jobs Handtryck

When I first came across this site, the name made me chuckle. Turns out this is a textile company that makes floral fabrics (printed entirely by hand!) that are colourful and have a fun Swedish/Scandinavian vibe. This vibe is no doubt due to the fact that they are from Sweden. :) Below are some cute photos from their site and some swatches of some of my favourite fabrics they carry.


Thout (provoking) design

Thout has been featured on a few blogs but I seem to have missed them until I started reading my new copy of Canadian House and Home where they are featured. Being a Canadian firm, I had to give them a shout out, because of that fact and after checking out their website, I was so impressed at the creativity of this group.

"Based in Toronto, Upper Canada, Thout is a loose group of designers formed by Patrick Turner. Thout is named after the Turner family cabin, built in the 1900’s without running water or electricity. Thout is a place where needs are met with simplicity, clarity and honesty. Our products are created in the same way."

A useful wall tile for storing all sorts of odds and ends, like kitchen utensils.A useful tile for storing everything from spices to fruit to condiments.

A useful tile for storing your utensils in a fun and space saving way.This lamp is formed by a single cloth-sheathed cord wrapped around a skeleton.
This lamp is formed by a single cloth-sheathed cord threaded through a punctured frame.A useful tile for hanging up all those coats that clutter your front door.
One of the coolest tables I've ever seen."Cedar stumps are made lighter when pierced with holes that look as though they could have been made by a giant worm. Holes can store beer, if required." This is quoted from the site, making it my favourite item here.



Yes, folks, our blogroll has finally been updated. Thanks to everyone who wrote to us with links to their blogs. I think we've got a pretty good list going now, and it's subject to a couple minor changes along the way as well.

Since all of our posts feature some sort of photo, I thought I'd add photos I took yesterday of my Morrisburg antique fair finds. Nothing too exciting this time around, but my wallet is thanking me for that.


Playing hooky from blogging

I'm supposed to be drafting posts for this week but I'm spending my afternoon recovering my dining room chairs. All six of them. They're part of a dining set made in Brisbane by Danish immigrant Hans Larsen who made furniture to Danish designs using Australian rainforest timbers during the 60s. These chairs are blackbean not teak. I love them so much but felt I needed a change from their black leather seats. So I recovered them with ..... a table cloth. Don't worry their original covers are still underneath. Only 5 more to go! Oh and a weeks worth of posts still to do. P.S The pots are West German floor vases, another collecting vice I have.