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The "I'm such a whingey whiney sick person" reading guide


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Sick with a bad head cold. Dragged myself out of bed, snapped at my husband, left a trail of used tissues and couldn't face a WINKS post. Sorry, but I promise a fabulous one next week. So I've plundered my bookmarks saved for my easter reading guides. Here are some of my favourites. 







Please enjoy! This grumpy little blogger is re-tracing her steps abck back to bed.


A little happy for your Friday

As usual, it's freezing here in Ottawa and I have just about HAD IT with winter. I thankfully decided to take a little 10 day trip to Puerto Vallarta at the end of the month to meet up with my folks who are there for 6 weeks. While I'm on that topic, if anyone happens to know of any interesting shops that sell decor items or architecture I should photograph (I'm bringing all my camera gear) in PV PLEASE email or leave a comment. Unlike my other visits there, this time around I'd like to do something besides laying around the pools (although I still plan to do ALOT of that).
Back to the real reason for this post. I found these adorable little cabins in Stuart McIntyre's portfolio when I was working on yesterday's post of his work. Grass, flowers.....I almost forget what summer feels like.


Camilla Julner


It's not about the words on Desire to Inspire. It's all about the eye candy. I could go on about the keen design eye and on the trend styling of Camilla Julner but her work tells the story. And inspiration doesn't always have to come from a complete room. Camilla's vignettes are overflowing for great ideas on colour, juxtaposition, texture. Hey too many words! Enjoy!






Stuart McIntyre

Jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, mind-blowing...anyone with even the slightest appreciation for interior photography will likely use these adjectives when they see the photos below of Danish photographer Stuart McIntyre. His photography has me so mesmerized I may have to do an encore tomorrow. :)