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Lori Graham

Remember this photo from earlier this month? I found it in photographer Eric Johnson's portfolio. So often we never find out the designer or stylist responsible for the room itself. Not this time. All these gorgeous rooms are by interior designer Lori Graham. And her style? It's old world meets urban cool. It's layering and textures, brave colour choices and a modern twist on elegance. It's perfectly lovely!


Kitchens with open shelving

I love open shelving in kitchens. ALOT. Only thing is the dirt/grime that can collect on your kitchenware. Not a fan of that. Regardless, I think every kitchen should have some open shelving, even if it's just one shelf (this is all I've got) to display some of your favourite dishes or glasses or anything really. Anyone out there not a fan of open shelving in kitchens? (I might convert those folks once they see the photos below).

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OK so I was stalking again

.... and I found this little gem. On a tiny vacant lot between period terraces Kavellaris Urban Design have not only created an environmentally sustainable family home but pushed the envelop of what we think of heritage values and the cultural significance of the built environment. It's not just a "decorated shed" though but a space that reacts with and to its inhabitants as well as challenging what is private and what is public. Now for sale, you'll find the real estate link here while it lasts.


When your budget is bird feed ....

... but your decorating dreams want to soar. Birdhouse Design's Jessica McKay focuses on affordable design. She believes that everyone can have a gorgeous home regardless of how much they have in their budget. Her's is a reuse and reinvent mantra both for its cost effectiveness and the green approach. You never know what's lurking in the attic or basement especially when a lick of paint and some new fabric will transform the ugliest of ducklings. I love work like this because so many of us can't afford a house full of high end designer pieces. Sometimes a guiding hand is all we need to transform our homes with what we have.


Magnus Anesund

I am completely head-over-heels in love with the work of photographer Magnus Anesund. Fan-freaking-tastic!! the first two photos are my favourites. That kitchen with all the open shelving is so bright and inviting, and that island with built-in doggie bed is brilliant!

Photos via VOL