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Playing house

Some people never grow up but some people do something a lot more special and never lose the wonder of a child. That’s how I like to think about The Shopping Sherpa. She has collected the most amazing collection of vintage and contemporary doll’s houses and furniture. More than that she has recreated interiors that most of us would love to live in. (OK OK either we would have to be only a few centimetres tall or the houses would have to grow to life size.) The collection is even part of an exhibition at The Canberra Museum and Gallery that started on October 7 and runs till the end of January. I know that if I lived in that part of Australia I’d be there over and over. Visit The Shopping Sherpa’s blog and Flickr to view more of the collection.

I must give a big shout out to ninaribena of the fab blog Canberra’s Got Style for sending us the links to these cute houses. Pop on over to her blog for the original post and lots more great finds.


Sophie Robinson

Below are photographs from British interior stylist Sophie Robinson's portfolio. Gorgeous colour palettes, and styled just enough to make the spaces seem...real.


If I were a house .....

Long time readers will remember a series of posts I did featuring rooms that spoke so much to me that I could see myself not only in them but as them. I had the same longing to "be" a place when I first saw this Creekside Guest House by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. The firm is well known and respected for their consideration of place and user, the meaning and sensibilities, the possibilities and sensitivity. Their portfolio is diverse as is expected from a large firm but it is this simple yet refined building which not only addresses but embraces its site that took my breath away. I love it. I want to live in it. Take the time to view their work particularly their residential, renovation and adaptive reuse projects. They are truly a gifted firm.


Trend alert ... yellow Ferrari in living room

Talk about home styling for real estate photo shoots. Hire in beautiful furniture or seriously declutter your own - check! Hang some dresses in the walk-in dressing room to show you have taste and style (but a VERY limited wardrobe) - check! Park the yellow Ferrari in the glass garage - check! I think this is a definite decorating trend. Here in Australia where house prices are seriously over-inflated the Ferrari is definitely cheaper than this warehouse conversion.

Hahahaha! I knew I'd get that car wrong. I squinted so long at the photos and swore I saw a rearing stallion but alas, as anonymous so kindly pointed out, it is a Lamborghini Gallardo and a bull! I really should change the title to "Trend alert ... yellow phallic symbol on wheels in living room" :)



Sorry to all of you sick of my animal posts. This one I couldn't help. This afternoon I was ecstatic to find out Binky has a new home. I cried a few tears of joy. Now I am blubbering again, this time from sad news. I just found out my boyfriend's very good friend Nick put his rottweiler down today. Storm had cancer and really bad hips and there was nothing that could be done. He was one of the smartest and most loveable dogs I had ever met. He was Nick's best friend and his mom's body guard and faithful companion. So I wanted to do this for Storm, Nick and Nick's mom. (And where is that damn box of kleenex!!!)