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Jo-anne's vintage couch

A little while ago I posted photos of vintage couches I found on Flickr. Jo-anne in Vancouver commented that she has a vintage houndstooth couch and was curious as to it's age and origin. I adore houndstooth so I was so pleased that she sent photos and this info about it: She weighs 5 tons, or at least my movers thought she did after bringing her up the 3 flights of very steep stairs into my attic apartment. I’m darn curious what the cushions are stuffed with but kind of scared to find out. She’s also getting lumpy and her bottom is saggy but she’s a darling :o) Found her for $50 at an antique shop near my old place. The owner wanted her out of the way for antiquey things and I was in the market for something after throwing my recently ex-partner’s p.o.s. couch onto a heap at the dump! She's little but so is my apartment – a perfect fit! My guess is the 50s...any light you can shed would be lovely. If anyone knows anything about her fabulous couch please leave a comment.



WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Let's start with the new blogs. Lucy works in Melbourne as a props buyer/set dresser in the film industry and has just started a new blog The Design Files. Lots of great design and funky Melbourne shops. This promises to be a fab resource. Good luck Lucy!

  • Lynne is a transplanted South African living in the American West. A writer, poet, creative stylist, artist, mother and more, she's intrigued with the idea of rejecting excess and choosing a simple, yet truly chic lifestyle. (I stole that from her profile. I couldn't have put it better!) Her new blog lovedreamliveathome is full of beautiful photos of her home, snippets of her life and her design philosophy. Lovely.

  • Unique::Decor is a modern home decorating blog devoted to highlighting exceptional and unusual products to make your home or apartment as unique as you. Thanks for introducing us to your blog Kayla!

  • Take a journey down memory lane with Enchanted Merchantile's vintage images, altered art, digital photography, Pre Raphaelite art woven into digital compilations. Nancy emailed to let us know about her business producing professionally mastered CD-Roms, ideal resources for altered artists, scrapbooking, crafters, costume designers, nostalgia buffs, and fans of the silent screen, Edwardian Theater and Pre Raphaelte art! Check out her art site and her blog.

  • We received an email from online children's shop Little Circus created exclusively for children from 0 to 6 years. Little Circus' toys and accessories are chosen to cause joy and wonder for your little ones. High in importance is quality, originality and rarity. Beautiful blog as well! In French.

  • Susan emailed us about Petrie Point Designs, a collection of one-of-a-kind, vintage pieces that are turned into framed works of art. The collection consists of “repurposed” rare wool and vintage bathing suits from the 1920s to the 1960s as well as a collection of vintage infant/children’s clothing and collectibles. She calls it “Memories Made Modern”, I call it too cute!

  • Bettyjoy is celebrating the start of the year with free shipping on UK and overseas orders until January 22, so grab your last few pennies and get down to for some serious retail therapy.

  • New in from Modern Dose these gorgeous birdcage pendants! Exotic lamps are woven from buri, the center stalk of a palm frond. A captive bird is stenciled on the center light diffuser and a cage door is provided for its potential escape (and bulb changing).

  • Rowena creates photographic prints using pinhole camera, polaroid, photogram and traditional darkroom techniques. These beautiful and eerie prints are available in her etsy store Polaroids and Pinholes. Thanks Rowena!


A wandering heart

Stylist, photographer and blogger Pia Jane Bijkerk has an exciting new collective book project, my heart wanders a collection of subtle hearts in special spaces where ANYONE can enter a work. More details on Pia's gorgeous blog.


An Indian Summer Bazaar is open!

Bhavna from An Indian Summer has launched her online bazaar. Her exciting venture is helping discerning people across the world access unique, high quality Indian products - ranging from decor to the personal. Bhavna has handpicked each item straight from the craftsmen for the bazaar. Fair Trade and beautiful products with an established provenance. Congratulations Bhavna! The shop is gorgeous.


The bag lady and the bookfest

Twice a year Brisbane holds what is touted as the biggest secondhand book sale on earth, the Lifeline Bookfest with over 1 million books covering over a football field of space. Twice a year I drag my little shopping trolley along and join the feeding frenzy. I call myself the bag lady. Today was the last day, everything half price and even fill a bag for $5. (The bargain hunter in me was out!) 10 bags later and dozens of retro design books, boys and girls annuals, craft books and vintage Penguins I was filthy but happy. Four hours of bibliophile bliss. I need a nap. Here are just some of the beauties I found.

You know what this means though. More retro posts! My favourite of the lot is a book of dissertations from 1896. Someone has covered it in this wonderful pink brown and white chevron fabric many years back. Now it's all beautifully worn and stained.