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Shareen Joel

Simplicity, balance, elegance and proportion. Shareen Joel and her design team take a multidisciplinary approach to their work. It's just not interior architecture. Think creative branding management and product design even Shareen's stint with Ford working on car design. The spaces here are clean and crisp. There is a form follows function, modern minimalist feel but these are not cold spaces. Natural materials or infusions of whimsical and personal touches warm the rooms. I've included some of SJD's retail work as well. I always love checking out innovative retail and commercial spaces. I don't know if it's the industrial design influence or the interior architect one but the joinery details in SJD's work give me goosebumps.


Emma Mitchell

Seems I'm following Jo's lead and here to show off another fabulous photographer's work. This time it's London's Emma Mitchell. Her photos are crisp and bright and have me completely drawn in, staring and taking notes of many perfectly styled vignettes. (A few of these I love so much I'd stick in a frame and have hanging in my home).


Monday's pets on furniture

"I send a photo of my sister's dog called Rufus, she will be looking forward to seeing your blog."
- Susanna (from Spain)

"I'm a graphic designer and illustrator from Switzerland. Here you can see my ridiculous attempt to protect my sofa from two fighting kittens. The sofa lost and had to go. But there's so much more important things I can use my money for, like cat food, the vet and cat food! And they can always rest on the bed, two special cat chairs, the balcony and the various cushions. Also we have friendly neighbours with lots of furniture and there must be several women who care for my tiger, he often smells of perfume when he comes home."
- Stefanie

"Felfel is my 11 years old lady cat who's not afraid of skin cancer! She spends hours on that old chair everyday just to get her vitamin D..."
- Julie (from Quebec City)

"Here's my cat on our sofa. Contemplative."
- Karyn

"Knowing how much you enjoy pets on furniture or just pets being pets, I've attached photos of our 2-year old Persian cat, Kitty Bang Bang, helping out with last year's Christmas decor."
- Lady

"For your 'animals on furniture' series, this is Morgan on the couch about to give me stink eye. Morgans are not supposed to be on the couch, but looking at them, how could I make him get down?"
- Holyoke Home

"My name is Monica, and i'm a medical student from Northern Italy. These "pets on furniture" are so sweet, and i can't avoid to add to this beautiful pictures my little Camillo during his favourite guess!"

- Monica

"Well, after seeing the Frenchies on one of your posts, I had to send you a photo of my Pipi sitting on my bedroom chair!"
- Eileen

"its not really 'pet ON furniture'....more like 'pet IN furniture'...! This is Pudgie, an American Snow Shoe [I think?] my mother saved him from an abusive home when he was just a kitten. Now he's enjoying his golden years sleeping and well basically thinking he's human...he even sits on a chair at the dinner table when we eat...he's totally one of a kind!"
- Stacey

"I enjoy your weekly posts about pets on furniture. Here's another one to add to your collection. This was our Tibetan Mastiff, Tannin, who had full run of our house until she passed away last November. We miss her everyday."
- Sara C. (from California)

"May I add this to share on your "dog-blog"??? The other dogs are sooooo cute & precious, and of course, I think our Belle-girl is too!"
- Linda

"First of all, I love your blog! And especially love the section animals on furniture, so I send you 3 pics of my loved cats, Phill, Dodi and Luma. They love to stay on furniture, Phiil on the terrace chairs, Luma on the "rede" a typical brasilian furniture and Dodi loves when its Christmas time so he can jump and sleep in the decoration boxes."
- Marília Matoso (from Recife-PE, Brazil)

"I'm writing in to just say I love these cute posts of pet on furniture.. nice to know it's not just me who allows my pooch to lounge in style.. although as you can see from the pic of my Doberman Pinscher Skuzzy, it's not like I have any say in it! She loves that Queen Anne Sofa! Perhaps because it's so far the swishest item in my WIP house? teehee"
- Lisa

"I noticed recently Pets on Furniture and have a question...I too have pet's who would rather hang out on the furniture than anyplace else and was wondering if you or your readers have any tips on keeping the smells off the furniture...
Recently, I am temporarily living with a friend and he is complaining about the dog smell. I have discovered fizzion which seems to work wonderfully but would love to hear any other tips to keeping a house poet odor free....
- Jennifer

Anyone have any advice? And with my 6 cat household I'd love to hear some ideas as I'm sure my house doesn't quite smell as fresh as it could.


Roo Way

Hi everyone! Let's start the week with great photos. Roo Way is primarily a lifestyle and product snapper but I love his interior shots. There's a life to these shots, not static at all and that light just bounces. Now if I could just be inspired as much by his lifestyle shots I'd find myself hiking and biking next weekend!


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