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WINKS - weekend links. It's a short WINKS this week. I'm up to neck in collage, paint and print. Back to full posting from Monday but I wanted to share the amazingly generous work of fellow bloggers for now. Have you noticed the developing sense of community out there? Yes we have our blogging networks where we visit and comment popping in and out of each others blogs. A quick email to a blogging friend to ask how they do whatever they do technically to get that look you want for your blog too, queries about the "next" step to grow your readership. Private mentoring has been around for as long as blogging but now bloggers are coming together to demystify the whole process. Here are three such sites and if you know of more please share in the comments!

  • The Skirted Roundtable has me hooked. Podcasts by Joni of Cote de Texas, Megan of Beach Bungalow 8 and Linda of ::Surroundings:: not only discuss interior design but the nitty gritty of blogging. From staying motivated to finding your voice these three established and trusted bloggers make blogging real.

  • Megan also joins with Rebecca from loving, living, small at the Blog Out Loud Blog where you will not only meet creative types exploring the blogging world but pick up great ideas for your own blog. Starting as the Blog Out Loud Event in Venice, California, it's now expanded to include newsletters and blog TV. You'll find lots of inspiration here from the tech stuff to ideas for writing original content, photo tips, marketing ideas and more.

  • Last but not least is the blog BAKERY. Jaime, Design Milk and Erin, Design for Mankind not only have a new business BAKERY to help you with a start-up, self-promotion or navigating the waters of social media but you'll find their blog invaluable. Practical advice on everything from brainstorming post ideas to social networking. Congrats to both of them as well for their gigs on AOL's new home design blog ShelterPop. Go girls!

So that's it for today. Short and sweet and all about community. Get out there. Get involved. Share and learn. I'm off now to finish a painting. See you on Monday.


Elliston Lutz

Happy Friday everyone. I thought I'd leave you with some attention-grabbing photography by Elliston Lutz. Have a fabulous weekend!


Janet Lohman

Interior designer Janet Lohman has a traditional approach to decor but spices things up with antiques and some modern touches. I adore the tile in the first two bathrooms, and how comfortable and lived-in these spaces seem.


Katie Fine

How about some striking, eclectic spaces from La based designer Katie Fine to brighten up your Thursday afternoon?