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Reader's home

Hi Jo!

Just a fan letter from Seattle! I'm finally settled into a family remodel/rebuild two years in the making and DTI was my partner every step of the way. I read through the entire archive and clipped I can't even count how many images for my contractor.

We're happy as can be here and this week's theme reminded me that I hadn't sent "after" pictures with a proper thank-you to you and Kim for all your hard work with the site.

It's wonderful!


Annie in Seattle

Hi Annie!

Not talking to you. Insanely jealous. Fabulous house, fabulous propaganda poster collection, fabulous view. Want to say thank you for sharing but I'm still speechless from your photos. DTI helped do this? Blushing but still not talking to you because I am so jealous :)

Your house is wonderful!


Jo in Brisbane


Erin Martin Design

"Balance of art, engineering aesthetics and personality."
"Capture the rhythm & energy of space."
"Consistent & classic, yet absolutely unique."

These are some of the philosophies of California based Erin Martin Design. Uniqueness is key here as there are so many unexpected touches throughout their designs. Complete creativity and bold choices. All done in shades of cremes and white, grey and black. My new favourite firm.


A tale of two cities

This week the common theme is modern, minimalist, white and inner city. How I love this Melbourne home and when I say Melbourne I mean slap bang in the central business district. It gives nothing away on the outside yet inside is an oasis. Love the floor, love the slight 80s vibe, love the red and white, hate that there are only 4 pictures on the real estate site.

Our second home is inner city Sydney. Darlinghurst in fact. Just sold, this terrace house promises much from the inside and delivers a modern home big on space and light (this is a narrow terrace house after all). Would love to see this one professionally photographed. Wide angle lens, flash and photoshop don't do it justice. One from Sydney one from Melbourne. The rivalry continues. Which one does it for you?


Douglas Friedman

New York photographer Douglas Friedman can take a fierce photo (have I been watching too much ANTM?). His photos play up the quirkiness of the spaces and draw you into the wonderfully styled nooks and crannies.


Decoration Empire

Antique with modern, a mix of cultures and all with a holistic approach. These stunning interiors are by Dutch firm Decoration Empire. Not constrained by trend or fad Anne Noordam, Thong Lei and their team of architects, interior designers and artisan craftsmen create homes that intrigue, that captivate. They live for beautiful things, work to bring out the soul of a building. It's luxe and aged but modern and expertly crafted.