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Little Paper Planes

Kelly of Little Paper Planes wrote to tell me about the great art she sells at her online shop. She had just found Desire to Inspire today, and funny thing is I had just visited her online store this morning too. I think we might both have Grace of Design Sponge to thank for this coincidence. She posted a bloggers' guide to online shopping this morning and Jo and I were happy to be a part of it. (Kelly's store was part of another blogger's list). So...back to Kelly. I'm including some of my favourite artwork available at her store below, but there's also clothing, accessories, papergoods, jewelry and other fab items to check out. Thanks Kelly for distracting me from my Monday chores (I hate doing laundry).


Spin me round

Fancy living in the round. Check out this apartment fitout by Stanic Harding located in a circular 18 storey high tower in Darling Point. Extensive views of the harbour and the Opera House compete with this clever refiguring of the whole floor space and highest quality finishes. The kitchen blows me away!

Images from Stanic Harding


Michael Luppino

Renowned photographer Michael Luppino has the most amazing portfolio. Here are a few examples of interiors captured by him. Love that the room’s personality shines through and that the eye is drawn into the details. Beautiful rooms deserve a beautiful photograph. Michael Luppinosucceeds in portraying these inspiring spaces in all their glory.

Images from Michael Luppino


Housewarming party

As you all may know, Jo recently moved to a new apartment. Because she lives on the other side of the world and shipping to Australia is astronomical, I thought I'd have a little virtual housewarming party for her. There's all sorts of things a new place needs - like the perfect furniture and lighting and fabulous accessories to pull it all together. So Jo, happy housewarming, and here's a few things I picked up (virtually) for you on my internet travels. ENJOY!

So let's start with some important pieces - couches. Now I know you are in the process of painting your suite, and it's looking FAB. But where is Mickey the wonder dog going to chill out? I was thinking the Milo sofa from Anthropologie. And you're going to need a place to nap after all your hard work decorating your new place so I thought a daybed from Mondo Trasho would be super-functional.
You mentionned you can't find a Malm console table at Ikea so I found you a couple of options. I LOVE this Louis console table from Anthropologie. It's a tad more exciting than a Malm piece. There's also the fun West Elm chunky console table. (Oh, and did I forget to mention that at a virtual housewarming the stores will ACTUALLY ship outside of the U.S.?)
Now I think everyone needs that one piece of furniture that's really unexpected and eclectic to spice things up. So I found you this Nubian side table set from Surfing Cowboys. Half-naked-men side tables ought to work. I also think a screen is a must-have in case you have unexpected visitors and your place is a mess.Perfect to place in a corner and you can chuck the mess behind it. (Ok - maybe not this one for that purpose). Love the pattern of this Mondo Trasho room divider.
Now for some accessories. Gotta have an amazing light fixture over your dining table. So I found you the beauty below from Mondo Trasho. Retro fabulousness. Maybe I'll get one for me too. And for some mod graphic art I'll pick you up this Rita Letendre Original Silkscreen from Found Design. Figured it would match your new living room colour scheme.
Every girl needs some fun colourful accessories to brighten up a space. Now because we both love anything Chinoiserie flavoured, I thought some foo dogs were in order. And in turquoise, these couldn't be more perfect. I know the carpeting in your new place is, well, not so special (especially after the toilet incident) so how about a fun rug to cover it up with?
And last but not least, some "outdoorsy" items. First up is something to keep Mickey company in your new courtyard. I was thinking these limestone dog statues. And I know you don't drive but if you need to zip around to get to your favourite thrift stores in a hurry, you may need some transportation. So I thought you could fly down the sidewalks in this Ducati Brio 1960 motorscooter. There's even a little rack at the back to tie your new chair purchases to.
If anyone else has any virtual housewarming gifts they would like to give Jo, please leave a comment with links to your gift(s). What's a party with only one guest???


Little Gorgeous Things

My little sister just got back from a week in Cape Cod with her boyfriend and found a shop called Little Gorgeous Things that she thought I might want to post about. Something in this shop caught her eye....the furniture art of Johnny Swing. He uses all sorts of junk to make his pieces like glass jars, a footrest on a dentist’s chair, coinage and car windshields. The following are some of his wacky furniture...the first is his butterfly chair made from 1,500 half dollars and 7,000 welds. The second is his leather disc couch that utilizes remnants of Italian leather floor tiles (8,000 pieces of hardware). The third is his quarter chair made from approximately 1,200 quarters and the last is his tack chair, that he claims is so sturdy it's "hurricane-proof".