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Wilma Custers


All things calm, all things comforting. Natural elements and so cosy. The first photos are of a charming bed and breakfast ... yes please. A stay here would be just the perfect weekend away. Or a cool, calm stylish apartment, minimal but everything you'd need. Just a few of the interiors by Dutch stylist and interior designer Wilma Custers. Don't miss her styling portfolio. Looks of lovely rooms (unfortunately not big enough to do justice here).







Open clothes storage

We've gotten several emails lately from readers asking for us to post photos to help inspire on all sorts of subjects and I thought I'd take a stab at one of them today. We received this email from Harpa: "I was wondering if you have any pictures showing an open closet or some clothing rails in a bedroom? I'll be redoing my bedroom soon (when my littlest one gets his own room) and I want to have a small rail out in the open for some of my nicer clothes, or to organise my work clothes for the week. Some inspirational pictures would be very helpful :)" To my surprise I had a hard time finding photos in my stash for this one but I was intrigued to find some because I hope to redo my dressing room in the near future (how long have I been saying that? LOL) and my father is trying to convince me to have everything exposed (except maybe a bin or drawers for unmentionables). I've included some photos that feature something other than bars or open closets to give some other ideas for exposing clothing as well (ie. round rack, hooks, cute armoire whose doors could be removed).

Bolig Magasinet Hus & Hem
Beach Studios Bolig Magasinet
Ulrika Ekblom Tori Golub
Adriano Bacchella Hus & Hem
Country Home Derek Swalwell
vtwonen Alexander Gorlin Architects

Selina Lake
AT Casa
Bolig Magasinet
Sköna hem
me melodia
Bolig Magasinet
Jordi Canosa
Marie Claire Maison
Marie Claire Maison


Victoria Pearson

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share the work of photographer Victoria Pearson. Bright, light, fun and cleverly curated on her website by colour. Think interiors, still life, food and all things lovely. Don't you want to move in to these fabulous rooms? That's what a talented photographer does - draws you into the picture.






Katie Ridder 

I am always in awe of a designer who can mix lots of patterns, textures and colours in one room and make it appear so effortless and cohesive. Katie Ridder is one of those designers. Jo featured some of her work back in '07, and I needed to showcase more of her work after drooling profusely over her portfolio again recently. I adore every single one of the spaces below. Gorgeous!



Tamara's almost completed kitchen

Tamara wrote us the other day, explaining how she recently quit her job with the Canadian federal government (I am beyond envious), moved to southern Ontario with her Aussie boyfriend, bought an 85-year-old house in a historic neighbourhood, and started a small catering/personal chef business from scratch. Yeah, I'd say she's been a tad busy lately. She wanted to share with us some photos of her kitchen reno that was necessary in order to use it as the base production and prep space for their business. Here is a before photo:

Gotta love 80's kitchens. BLEH. The kitchen is just about done but there are some finishing touches Tamara is looking for help with:

"We still have a few things to do in the kitchen, like installing a range hood and figuring out the best option for a backsplash. Maybe your readers could offer a suggestion?  Adam, being a professional chef, is all about stainless steel EVERYTHING, but I'm leaning toward grey/white glass tiles to keep things a little less..clinical. But, I can't decide how far to take them along the wall..any ideas?

We haven't done anything to the old lighting, but since we operate our small business out of our kitchen we have to make sure the lighting meets health and safety requirements.. It's proven to be difficult to find something non-hideous that does the job!

We're also hoping to find some bar stools for the island overhang (I'm obsessed with old industrial drafting stools, so I've been keeping my eye on eBay for those), and an area rug for under the table to warm things up a bit and define that part of the kitchen.

If your readers have any suggestions to complete the kitchen, we'd live to hear them!"

Now for the "after photos"...

Love the teal wall and the open shelving - I bet ALOT of fantastic food is going to fly out of this totally functional kitchen!
I have to call it a night shortly (it's Tuesday night as I prep this post) but here are a couple of my ideas. This jute rug (or something similar in jute) I think would look great under your dining table, or if you crave more colour I'd go for something bold to equal the boldness of your teal wall like this one or this one from Ikea. I completely agree about industrial drafting stools. I wouldn't bother with a backsplash - unless you want an easy surface to clean by the counter around your sink, in which case I would just get a piece of plexi cut to fit that would go 2 or 3 feet up that wall.

So folks, if you've got ideas for Tamara to finish up her kitchen please leave them in the comments.