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Monday dose of doggie

Aaaawwww so sweet! Let's start the week with more readers' pets taking over the furniture. Seems it's a dog's life after all. This little cutie is Buzz, a Jackchi from Dublin. His mum Hilary from Blacklashes left a comment on the last doggie post. "No chance of keeping Buzz our off the couch...thankfully its black leather so not much of a problem...I am thankful that I never got the cream fabric one I longed for a while ago!"

Ian just had to share this cute pic."2 out of 2 of our bull terriers prefer sofa's to their own beds! :) This is Basil on the sofa!" (And Ian I hope this new blog runs longer than one post ... come on I know you can do it!)

Here is the very blissful Coco. Maybe I should say cool as a cucumber Coco. Her owner Nathalie from Apartment20 fills us in on Coco's look of contentment. "Coco is a Rottweiler and this is her reaction when we turned on the air the first time this summer. Awww Lucky Coco enjoying the cool air!"

Shelly emailed this adorable shot of Lulu with her favourite chew perched jauntily between the bed pillows. What a cute throw pillow she makes herself but Shelly food and on the bed?! You big softy!

Diane's solution to a dog invasion of the couch was blankets. "This is Murphy and this was taken not too long before he went to doggie heaven." With a boy that big no wonder he got the couch Diane.

And finally from Melanie (Carolina Cottage), "Two beautiful dogs on one ugly couch .... Meet my 2 American Eskimo dogs - Shiya and Denver. Denver (on the right) rarely hops up on the couch, so this is a rare shot. The room is a work in progress... aren't they all?" Let's hear it for the room in progress. I think we all have one of those. Cute dogs are a good starting point for a design scheme.

OK regular programming will resume soon with a great photographer and an amazing portfolio. I might even have a new (or yet another) photographer crush!


Flickr finds - globes


The "I'm exhausted from shopping" reading guide

... Nesting Bird Interiors is just too wonderful to resist.

I had such a wonderful day today. Up early, breakfast at our fav cafe then off to Woolloongabba (really does have that many double letters) here in Brisbane for a day of thrift shops, antique shops and those dangerously delightful designer shops that are popping up in this part of town. I spent way too much, my feet are sore but think of the calories I burned weaving up and down the streets. What's a girl to do when all of you can't come join the fun? Why send you to other fabulous places ... time for a reading guide :)


Johnston Architects

In keeping with the architecture theme of yesterday, I thought I'd share another firm I recently came across on my internet travels. Located in Seattle, Johnston Architects creates modern oases with strategically placed windows to drink in all the breathtaking views. The magnificent views and landscapes paired with such creative architecture results in spectacular residences that must be the envy of all the neighbours.


Vangelis Paterakis

Want to get lost in a portfolio that is so spectacular that you won't be able to tear yourself away until every image is devoured? My new photographer crush is Vangelis Paterakis. Beautiful, beautiful photographs of equally stunning buildings. It is easy to see that Paterakis is a talented artist and that's not only with the camera. His work has been in Wallpaper, the Architectural Digest and the Andrew Martin-Interior Design Review. There are so many interior stories on his website that I decided to feature just one. It highlights Paterakis' understanding of light, how he captures the essence of a space and how he tempts us with each image to explore further. The house is an idyllic Greek retreat complete with Mediterranean view, a modern home anchored solidly in the past.

Still here? Rush now to Paterakis' website.