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Graceful in Graceville

Things are quiet on the real estate front at the moment. The holiday period is always a difficult time to sell a house. Unless of course it is a stunning renovation of an old Queenslander house in the riverside suburb of Graceville. Lovely homes like these dot Brisbane and sometimes someone does something very special with them. I particularly like the separate modern studio/tv room. Built in 1886 and originally used by Cobb and Co. as a resting place for travellers on their way to the neighbouring town of Ipswich, it's typical of the Queenslander style with wide verandas, tongue and groove walls, criss cross bracing and high ceilings. I'm in love.

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Styling dog on a hot sofa

"I had been able to resist thus far. But now you leave me with no choice, here are my dog on chair photos. This is Brindi our Staffy-pussycat cross living it up in our living room. Styling it up in Canberra."

Lisa (aka Ninaribena)
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I too am a thrift store addict

Jo isn't the only one that can't say no to a good bargain. I just bought my fifth couch in about 6 years. Crazy, I know. But I saw this one yesterday at an antique market and couldn't stop thinking about. I went back this afternoon, and about an hour later, it was delivered to my door. It is SO much more comfortable than the last couch, and much cuter. The colour is not my favourite, but I'll have to make it work. I'll get some pillows made (mom??) in some great colours/patterns and liven it up. (See here for details).

Couch is already cat approved.

I also got this table to house my TV and components, and got to put my coffee table back where it belongs. The table was from an antique store and was originally $285 marked down to $95. It could be a bit longer, but I had too much criteria to find the perfect table. Now I have to get the room figured out so I can find a colour to paint it. Another day, another score.


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I am a thrift shop addict

My name is Jo and I am a thrift store addict. I'm sure I've said that before but I now need to form Thrifters' Anonymous. It's an addiction. Help! So what did I buy this week?

It started off simply, a sweet pink Murano glass vase for $2 from the thrift shop around the corner from work. My "dealer" here is Colin.

Then it was off to Phillip's thrift store. He has the "good stuff". I now have embraced the Victoria Rule (first described by flea market addict Victoria of sfgirlbybay). One piece in one piece out. That's how I could justify buying this desk, chair and mirror. A coat of fuchsia or orange paint and they'll be my snail mail desk in the office. I'll be selling this one if I stick to the rules.

I didn't buy these. Well I didn't need a single headboard and yet another bedside table. The Manhattan skyline was tempting but I haven't even hung my other artwork after painting my apartment. The kitchen print was cute but dirty and way too big for the only small wall space in my kitchen. I'll draw a smaller and brighter interpretation for beside the window.

I blame this guy for my dilemma. He's my enabler. He never tells me no but I love him.