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Stanic Harding

Stanic Harding is a Sydney based architectural and interior design firm started by Andy Harding and Andrew Stanic in early 1989 and have been committed to the production of quality architecture and interiors since that time. The practice has won a swag of prestigious awards in Australia. They are "are committed to the production of architecture that is of its time and that fuses a sensitive contemporary approach with functional and pragmatic requirements."

Images from Stanic Harding


Restaurants of NYC

Thanks to Lena for sending me the link to photographer Noah Kalina's site. This photographer is attempting to photograph every single restaurant in New York City...empty. And so far he's done a spectacular job at capturing some beautiful and creative spaces around the city. You can imagine the doors opening and the spaces filling up with people out to enjoy wonderful meals and great company. If I didn't want to go to NYC before, I sure do now! Please visit his website for MANY more stunning photos.


Mark Christofi

Mark Christofi has been designing interiors for over 25 years and began his own firm (Mark Christofi Interiors) in 1995. He has "a fresh style that juxtaposes traditional and classical elements with unexpected contemporary accents". Bold, a little off-the-wall whimsical and eclectic is what I make of the following photos from his portfolio...including one of the wackiest wall graphic paint techniques I've ever seen.


John Wardle

"To each project, irrespective of type, we bring an interest in the personal and collective histories of our clients, which enter into and enrich our ideas. We are committed to creating buildings that respond sustainably to their environment." Award winning Australian architectural practice John Wardle is a collaborative studio which produces diverse buildings and interior spaces. I love the use of woven cane for walls and rails and the sense of open space and voids in these designs. Oh and the cheeky splash of green inside that window.

Images from John Wardle


A beautiful space

I was just perusing all my favourite blogs when I came across a beautiful photo on Mark Cutler's blog of a vanity space he designed. It's so damn pretty I had to post it. I've always wanted a little corner with a gorgeous vanity table and venetian mirror and adorable chair to sit and have a tea and put my makeup on. You outdid yourself again Mark!