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Peter Frank

Thought I'd share with you the work of Peter Frank , prop and set designer. With work for Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Garnet Hill and Target in his advertising book, these gorgeous spaces appear in his editorial portfolio. Got a great eye hasn't he. Peter is represented by Thomas Treuhaft, New York.

Images from Thomas Treuhaft


A ceramicist and an artist

The new issue of Canadian House & Home magazine had an article about Vancouver ceramicist Laura McKibbon. I was captivated by the photos of her work and went looking for more eye candy on her website and was even more taken. I adore the shapes of the dishes and the beautiful colours, not to mention the stunning screen-printed images.

She has also collaborated with artists for some images, including Jon Izen, a Winnipeg artist, on "headphone dude" below.

I thought headphone dude was so cute I just had to go poking around Jon's website and found the following adorable drawings.


Day of parties and fireworks

I would like to wish all our Canadian readers a very happy Canada Day. Because I live in Ottawa, Canada's capital (and no, Toronto is NOT the capital) I thought I'd share some photos with you of this lovely city (and one of the museum across the river). Sadly I have never really taken any good photos of the beautiful scenery and architecture here so I had to enlist the help of Flickr.

In my Flickr search I found the following images and had to include them because they are crucial for survival in this city.

Many of you probably don't know that we have 2 extra food groups here: Tim Hortons coffee and poutine. Without these life as we know it would cease to exist. Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Ottawa. Come on out and visit sometime...just maybe not in the winter. ;)


House tours

Joanna from A Cup of Jo emailed to remind us that one of Cookie Magazine's blogs nesting has some great house tours featured. Drop on over and take in the inspiration. Thanks Joanna. Must be fun doing posts for Cookie.


Sara Story Design

There is an oriental influence apparent in Sara Story's designs. Not surprising as she was born in Japan and travelled extensively in Asia. Her style is contemporary, eclectic and timeless. Clean lines, contrasting neutrals, rich textures and a global streak are typical of her work. I think I need a Hermes box or 2.

Images from Sara Story Design