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"In a city like Sydney our greatest strength is our ability to maximise space and natural light through efficient, environmentally conscious planning. With a passion for aesthetics, we not only fulfill a project brief, we create beautiful places to live, work or visit." And it's true. Clean minimal lines, clever spatial planning and loads of light flooding in in unexpected ways are essential elements of the designs by Architect Prineas. Check out the unusual placement of windows that allow light in and maximise privacy as well as the clever placement of the flat screen TV on the outside of the kitchen island.

Images from Architect Prineas


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What's in store this week

I've been busy painting birds. Both my peacock and Scandinavian inspired bird prints have been popular this week. A couple of new prints too this week once again based on vintage embroidery patterns. Drop by my etsy store and take a look.


Retro hotel

Joanne emailed us a photo with an interesting story behind it that I wanted to share:

"We are working on an enormous photography project for my in-laws. Going through literally 60 years of snapshots and slides to make a photo album. Anyway, I unearthed the attached, which was taken on a trip they had made to โ€“ I think โ€“ Florida. Must have been in the early sixties, is my guess. Anyway, they stayed in this hotel and must have taken a picture of the room before they really lounged in it. I thought it might go with your next 'retro' series. Check out the serious shag carpet โ€“ and the artwork is actually fantastic!"

I love the fact the photo originates from the sixties, and thought it was worthy of it's own post. It's amazing how "current" the decor is. The sixties are back baby! Thanks Joanne, and good luck on the photography project!


Open kitchen shelving...and a dog on a chair

Skye sent an email in regards to my kitchen inspiration post that I thought I'd share (part of it anyway).

"Your kitchen has so much potential! I can't wait to see what you do with it. We recently did an inexpensive IKEA kitchen replacement and decided to go with open shelving. It's so handy! I've attached a photo. Sorry about the poor quality and lack of 'editing.' I took a quick photo to send to my parents after making lunch one day, hence the shark pot mitt and dirty stove. I just wanted to show you a real open shelved kitchen in action. The shelves are just simple IKEA lack shelves screwed into the concrete. The bottom shelf sags a little because the plates are so heavy, but it all works out. I find the pot rack indispensable. It's so nice to just reach for a pan when I need one. The kitchen is still a work in progress, but it's FAR better than the previous chip-board/wood laminate monstrosity that was there when we bought the place! I've also included a dog on a piece of furniture. His name is Max. The chair is something temporary until I can find another piece I actually like...."

I have vowed never to use Lack floating shelves again due to the nightmare they caused in my living room, but I hadn't thought about hanging my pots, which is a great idea given how much space they take up in a cupboard. And Max is such a cutie. Thanks to Skye and everyone else for the tips on my future kitchen renovation.