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Boyd Baker House

Things are a little chaotic at home at the moment so I thought I'd take another virtual holiday, this time to Bacchus Marsh in Victoria, Australia. Boyd Baker House, a post war modernist masterpiece is just outside Melbourne. The stone structure is filled with mid century classics and stands on the property with sister house,the Boyd Dower House and a stone library. Designed in 1964 by architect Robin Boyd it is an Australian architectural icon in an iconic bush setting. Both the Baker house and the newer Dower houses are available to stay. Now that the weather is cooler here in Australia It's the perfect bush holiday. This is my idea of camping!

Boyd Baker House
Boyd Dower House
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TheBoyd Baker House


Outdoor spaces

I am still itching to get out and do some gardening but my fence and deck have yet to be built (any day now). So I am getting my fix through beautiful photos such as these...



Domane is a London based interior design and bespoke furniture company founded by Aiden Garrity. Jeremy Banks left a comment on the Daniele Perna post about Domane and I just had to check it out. Beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail and great ideas. Their product is highly functional and looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing Jeremy!

Images from Domane


J Pritchard Design


Texan Jennifer Pritchard creates these eerily organic porcelain wall installations and tiles. The richness of the glaze, the texture, the pattern all lure you into a closer look. Lose yourself in the convolutions of her crazy repetitive over and over art.


Images from J Pritchard Design



Sills Huniford

Sills Huniford Associates is based in New York, and strives to create modern interiors using furniture from many eras. I am adoringly drawn to the oversized artwork used throughout their designs, particularly the simple black circle on white (I am trying to figure out where I can replicate this in my home), and the framed chalkboard (unless it's an art piece, then imagine it as a chalkboard - the versatility of it).