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I love grouping (no not groping!) I love the way that artwork clustered together in loose or formal arrangements often adds even more impact than a solitary piece. Here are just a few ideas.

Portland MitchellAimee Herring
Michael LuppinoBetty Wasserman
Megan MortonPaul Costello
Paul CostelloRoger Davies
Alexandra RowleyThomas Loof
Tria GiovanLorraine Dawkins


Cat on a sofa

It didn't take long from Kim's request for cats on chairs for Susan, The Kitchen Designer to send us photos of the adorable Sparky. "Sparky sits his derriere right against and usually on top of one end of my keyboard every day for part of the day. Other times he jumps on the tall back of my expensive chair and, what else, uses it as a scratching post. Oh, and let me tell you another thing...every night he sleeps just below my feet on top of the covers! How cute is that!" Too cute that's how cute he is! Here Sparky want to come live in Australia with Jo?


Election time in Australia

Yes we're in the middle of a protracted election campaign in Australia. Still 2 weeks until election day. I don't want to show political bias so I thought I'd do a post that combined both major parties, the Liberals (right wing) blue and the Labour Party (left wing) red. So without further ado the red and blue room post!

Alexandra RowleyRoger Davies
John GruenMichael Grimm
Roger DaviesQuentin Bacon
Barbel MiebachTria Giovan
Daniel FarmerSandra Lane
Eve RobinsonOliver Burns Interiors

And mustn't forget the Greens who will probably hold the balance of power in the Senate.

Take the time to check out these super talented photographers' sites. I'll be singing their praises in detail soon.


Dog on a couch

Pethra of the Swedish blog Design & Inredningsbloggen wrote to contribute to our 'dog on a piece of furniture' theme. I'd like you all to meet her adorable dalmation Venus, who is a fabulous addition to her decor. (Thanks Pethra! And by the way, if anyone has 'cat on a piece of furniture' photos, we welcome those too, or any other animal for that matter.)


Sara Bengur

Sara Bengur Interiors is a very successful Manhattan-based interior design firm that has been featured in some of the best decor magazines such as House & Garden, Domino, Elle Decor and House Beautiful to name a few. I love that alot of her spaces are white which draws your attention to the beautiful furnishings, like the bed above. Love that headboard!