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There are some things conceived in the 60s that hold their age quite well (ahem, ahem .... I'm a case in point) but there are others that are in serious need of cosmetic surgery or is that a complete gut reno? Here are some interesting to say the least kitchens from the era. OK, OK I could live with one maybe two of these.

Images scanned from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement Vol 10, Greystone Press, New York, 1971.


Flickr finds - dining in



It’s been a busy few weeks on desire to inspire. First Blogger made us a blog of note. What an honour! Then we were guests on design*sponge. The crowds dropped in to see who we are and our hits skyrocketed. It was great having extra readers. Lots of lovely comments on the blog which made us feel proud of the job we do and made us feel appreciated. Then the spam and negative comments started.

Kim and I hate spam comments. If we want to know the 6 easy ways to make money from our blog or improve our traffic then we’ll start making spam comments offering the same “sage” advice for a price. Same with ambush marketing. By all means comment on the blog but don’t say “great” and then a huge link to your time share business.

Negative comments are another thing. Kim and I welcome all comments just like we share all styles of interiors. (OK that’s a lie. I won’t post frilly, country style with copper kettles and dried floral arrangements on this blog. However if Kim chose to then that’s her decision). What we will not tolerate anymore is the sort of negative comment that is personal. The “how could you if you were a moral person etc”, “I would have expected more from you ……” sort of comment. Often these are made by an avid reader called anonymous. We have decided that comments contrary to what we like, say or post are fine as they always have been BUT they will not be anonymous nor will they contain “baiting” of either of us. So anonymous comments will be deleted and all comments we believe to be a personal attack will also be removed. By all means disagree with what we show. Just state your case and your name and leave the personal out of it. If you can’t then tough. This is censorship but it’s our blog. We write this blog for ourselves and you come and visit. Don’t like it, don’t visit. If a few people leave then all the better for our supportive readers.



Neece Clark emailed this week with a link to her website. She and Christi Anne Hofland have recently opened a new business, "Bespoke", which specializes in hand-painted pattern and design for walls and surfaces, Fine Art murals, customized wall treatments, and interior colour consultation. Her paintings of blowzy drowsy peonies and romantic roses are so lush you can feel their perfume wafting through the monitor. Petals and leaves crowd canvases. These are a few of my favourites. I'm especially in love with the lotus loo.



What Jo's doing this weekend

HELP!!!!! The UFOs are taking over. The fact that I have enough of everything is not stopping me from hunting down the bargains. But what bargains!!!!! The credenza was all of $39. There's a lot of work and a couple of chips to fix and it is only veneer BUT it was only $39. Dining room or office?

The headboard (or bedhead as we like to call them) was a steal at $15 and will grace the master bedroom. Still deciding on a colour. The two cute bedside tables were bought a few weeks apart and were destined for the bedroom as well but now I want to use these......

a glass topped pair also thrifted and in the process of turning red! I'll have to find a new home somewhere for the others. Or maybe I'll leave the decision until the room is pulled together a bit more. So this is what I'm doing this weekend. Painting and procrastinating on which pieces where. Oh and praying for rain! We're in the middle of a severe draught here on level 6 water restrictions with only bucket watering of plants. That's why my poor little courtyard has only a few sad plants and a couple of blades of grass I'm struggling to keep alive. It better rain soon!!