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Sera of London - Part II

A while back, Jo did a post about Sera of London, and I happened upon her website recently and was just blown away by all the OTT, glamorous, exotic spaces Madame Sera has designed. So dreamy, so movie-star, so bordello fabulous. I just had to post some more photos.


Ithaca Views

Who wants to go on holidays again? How about Sydney and while we're there we'll base ourselves in this short stay midcentury base. Ithaca Views is "located in the award winning Harry Seidler apartment building, providing a comfortable inner city living experience. Within a minutes walk to the waters edge, enjoy the splendours of the ferries, yachting activity and panoramic views of Sydney Harbour." Funky midcentury design classics in a midcentury classic apartment building in the oh so salubrious suburb of Elizabeth Bay, we couldn't ask for more. Surrounding suburbs include Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and Rushcutters Bay. Sleeps 4. Who's in?

Images from Ithaca Views


Virtual space

Second Life is an online digital world imagined, created and owned by it's residents. There are over 6.5 million people living in Second Life and they spend almost $1.5 million US a day. Nathan Babcock is a resident of this virtual world and a talented home designer in the game of Second Life. These are examples of his work. Everything from prefab houses, retail spaces and interior designs. In the real world Nathan Tia is always looking to build projects in-world. Check his flickr site for more. For more information or to commission custom design builds in Second Life, please contact Nathan Babcock (Tia) in game or real world via his flickr mail.

Images from Modahome


The little stairs that could ... or how to travel the world without leaving home

Image from Vogue Living Australia Before+After Autumn/Winter special issue 2007.

This by now familiar image has travelled the blogosphere in 4 short weeks. We knew were it had been because it left a trail through Technorati as it was linked back to us. We laughed as it spread out further and further. But we only knew where it had been if our fellow bloggers who used it actually linked us as the source. You see the image is a scan from a print medium. Read the original post here to see. The magazine is cited and the manufacturer is in the comments. We know this is our image because I scanned it and there is no web link to it except my post.

So off our little friend went. Good friends blogged it and cited the source as desire to inspire but the blogosphere is like a giant chinese whisper and finally our little staircase was cut adrift. We had no idea where it had gone until we found this linked back to us on Technorati. Now we know where staircase has been thanks to Sean! This post alerted us to how our staircase had travelled like a ripple into the blogosphere. When he found out where the image actually came from he posted this reply. Thanks for following the breadcrumbs Sean and sending staircase back to us.

And the moral of this story. Always cite your sources and do a little detective work to find out where the image came from originally. Unfortunately staircase doesn't have a website but he does have an origin. Welcome to all those people who found their way to us because of this picture. Off you go again staircase. We'll see where you end up this time.

P.S. You may have noticed that Kim and I haven't scanned any images lately. All pictures are sourced from websites. A lot more work but worth it. We spend hours and hours each week finding these images for our readers and we love it!


Knú: sustainable contemporary furniture

Jerome of Industrial Woodworking Corp emailed to tell us about Knú, their new line of eco-friendly home office furniture that will be available only online beginning September 1. Knú furniture - by designer Bradford Davis - is produced from sustainably harvested wood products, assembled with 40% recycled post-consumer waste stainless steel hardware and is manufactured in an energy efficient facility that recently went 100% carbon neutral. They call it "Inanimate motion in crisp, sustainable form". I call it gorgeous. I adore the narrow curved legs...and that wood...