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Here kitty kitty kitty

I adore this photo and I'm sure most of you can guess why. I've been wanting for AGES to blow up a photo of my cats. Actually, I don't think I have them all in one photo (except for the one where I was about to feed them chicken and I hopped up on the kitchen counter and snapped one of them all standing around wondering why I had a camera in my hand instead of a hunk of chicken). So if you have a beloved pet and a big blank wall, here's your opportunity to create your own piece of art.

Photo courtesy of Frederik Vercruysse



Lisen posted about a Swedish paint company and they have some wonderful photos on their website. Those Swedes sure do know how to take a picture!


Oh no more retro!

Yes time for more fabulous/revolting (never!) pictures from the 70s. This time our source is Windows Beautiful. Your complete guide to window treatments. How to plan, measure, and buy or make them. Decorating and energy ideas. Volume VII, Kirsch Company, 1980, Sturgis, Michigan. Oh almost the 80s, the next big trend! Check out the ikat room. Yum! Enjoy. (Don't forget to click on the pictures to revel in their supersized retro glory.)

Images scanned from "Windows Beautiful. Your complete guide to window treatments.How to plan, measure. and buy or make them. Decorating and energy ideas. Volume VII", Kirsch Company, 1980, Sturgis, Michigan


Shawn Henderson

Shawn Henderson believes that each interior should reflect how his client lives. No slave to a particular style he designs with a sense of scale, colour and sophistication. His rooms are serene, functional and elegant.

Images from Shawn Henderson


Happy Father's Day

Just wanted to say to my dad and all the dads out there - Happy Father's Day.