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Open kitchen shelving...and a dog on a chair

Skye sent an email in regards to my kitchen inspiration post that I thought I'd share (part of it anyway).

"Your kitchen has so much potential! I can't wait to see what you do with it. We recently did an inexpensive IKEA kitchen replacement and decided to go with open shelving. It's so handy! I've attached a photo. Sorry about the poor quality and lack of 'editing.' I took a quick photo to send to my parents after making lunch one day, hence the shark pot mitt and dirty stove. I just wanted to show you a real open shelved kitchen in action. The shelves are just simple IKEA lack shelves screwed into the concrete. The bottom shelf sags a little because the plates are so heavy, but it all works out. I find the pot rack indispensable. It's so nice to just reach for a pan when I need one. The kitchen is still a work in progress, but it's FAR better than the previous chip-board/wood laminate monstrosity that was there when we bought the place! I've also included a dog on a piece of furniture. His name is Max. The chair is something temporary until I can find another piece I actually like...."

I have vowed never to use Lack floating shelves again due to the nightmare they caused in my living room, but I hadn't thought about hanging my pots, which is a great idea given how much space they take up in a cupboard. And Max is such a cutie. Thanks to Skye and everyone else for the tips on my future kitchen renovation.


Jo's place

Help me! I've been thrifting again. Things are bad when the thrift store managers not only know your name, they have your phone number. Mr X (name concealed to protect my source) rang to tell me about an entertainment unit and a 20% sale. Unfortunately he still won't sell me the 60s era rattan wall size display cabinet but that may be lucky as it probably wouldn't fit. The entertainment unit wasn't my style but I found all these little beauties.

A West German floor vase 50cm tall and a lovely "subtle" orange. It's by Jasba Keramik and was a steal at $20. I felt bad taking advantage of Mr X with this one as he didn't think it was West German. You can see some of my other pots in the hall way and some of my Papua New Guinea artifacts.

Finally a matching pair of bedsides. Now what do I do with the 3 unmatched ones I have? Thank god for friends who want to buy them.

Finds for the garden. The cast aluminium planters will be tarted up with gloss navy paint and find a home on the patio.

This lovely old copper tub will be filled with ferns tomorrow after a visit to the nursery. Love it's old patina.

The bird bath is destined for the small garden by the door. Filled with water and floating flowers it will greet my visitors. I've promised myself I won't go thrifting next weekend unless Mr Y rings .....


New blogs

I've been enjoying some new blogs and wanted to share. As well as being design based blogs they have something else in common. They're all written by Australians. (Well one is an Aussie living in Hong Kong but that counts.) Some of you will already enjoy dropping in on these blogs but I wanted to introduce them to the rest of you.

Felicity is an Australian living in Hong Kong. Her blog All Things Bright and Beautiful is full of eye candy. She's a talented artist as well as having a fabulous sense of style.

Apryll Annie has been blogging for a little while now. She's an interior design student from Sydney with a great eye and just starting out on her design adventures.

Peta is an Interior Stylist currently based in country NSW. When she's not writing her blog Colour and Design she works freelance for a couple of Sydney based interior magazines, consults as a pre-sale property stylist and interior decorator and she has a degree in Photography from RMIT University in Melbourne. When does she have time to blog?

Anna is another blogger from Sydney who is also studying interior design. She has just started Villa Anna full of inspiring photos and tales of her families travels.



WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Cardboard Safari emailed to let us know about these very clever and oh so affordable 3D cardboard "trophy heads" - deer, moose and rhino. Love them!
  • Terri sent in info about Surface Collective, a Vancouver based design company creating commercial and custom wall tattoos. Some great designs and the chance to customise.
  • Sabrina from Yum Sugar sister blog to Casasugar sent news of their ultimate holiday entertaining giveaway in conjunction with Hostess with the Mostess. They're giving away over $7000 in prizes — grand prize is worth over $5000 — including Jonathan Adler tea pots, notNeutral plates, and westElm dinnerware. More details here.
  • Emily, a.k.a. iShadow has opened her etsy store. Each silhouette is cut by hand from fine papers in fabulous colors and patterns and 20% of each piece sold goes to shelters and animal charities.
  • Deborah from DGarden Collection sent in some great Christmas specials. Order these 2 outdoor cushions before Christmas and get 2 for the price of one! 70.00€ for 2 cushion envelopes 50cm (19inch) x 50cm + shipping. Very limited stock! Order any banner at the standard size of 2m x 50cm before Xmas and pay only 125.00€ instead of 140.00. Contact Deborah for details.


Gosia's latest finds

Hey everyone. Scoot on over to Gosia's Etsy store and check out her latest vintage finds. I think my favourite is the blue/green vase. CUTE!