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The other David Hicks

Not to be mistaken with the guru of style in the 60s, 70s and 80s the other David Hicks is a Melbourne based designer of equally luxurious spaces. The monochromatic palette, iconic furniture and the finest finishes add an elegance to these beautiful spaces. His boutique size practice focuses on his chosen clientele and the quality of the designs has seen his rooms featured in leading shelter magazines and books around the world. Masterful!

Images from David Hicks


Colleen Duffley

Colleen Duffley is versatile photographer whose portfolio includes lifestyle, fashion, food and of course, interiors. She has shot countless magazine covers and seems to have such a great eye for light and detail.
"When you work with Colleen, you get more than just pretty pictures. You get the essence of her subject matter. Looking at one of her images can almost tell you what a room smells like, how a fabric feels beneath your hand, or the joke someone just told. She puts you in the scene. Plus, she's really cool to hang out with."
Cathy Still Johnson - Homes Editor - Coastal Living Magazine


Inspace Locations

Photos from another locations company in London. (That brown loveseat and chair in the second row are so retro-fabulous. Love them!)


New Queenslander

This is the future of the Queenslander house. Just as the old houses addressed climate issues, today’s architects are taking a holistic approach in climate consideration and design. Houses are often only one room wide to improve cross ventilation and louvers, sliding doors/walls and breezeways are an important feature. Natural vegetation is left not only to provide privacy and views but to shade the house from the hot sun. Once again houses are raised to improve air flow. What results is a stunning home like this one by Andresen O’Gorman Architects. (Recently sold for $1.3 million AUD)

Images from


Gari Camaisa

I found an email in my inbox yesterday titled "SHAMELESS PLUG" and I had to laugh. I mean, why waste time beating around the bush? It was from Gari who wanted to show some of his interior design work for his firm Jugendstil Designs. After a quick peek at his Flickr photos, I was quite impressed and delighted to plug his work. The photos included modern, retro and traditional. He does it all...and does it REALLY WELL. I've included my favourites below, but there are many more photos here. (It seems I must really like Gari's work - it appears I have posted his work once before).

Also, check out Edit Furnishings, the firm's online furniture shop that carries the most incredible, drool-worthy mid-century chairs.