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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we think you'll like to see. If you'd want to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you.

  • Had a lovely email from Roséline introducing her blog This is Glamorous. Check it out. Great read!
  • Stylish travel blog TravelerWIRE and its sister website Directory of Hotels for cool boutique hotels and hip resorts. Thanks Rob.
  • Diana sent us a great link. "I was intrigued by the comment .... that yellow might be a little tough to decorate around. If you think that, check this place in San
    Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Casa del Alma."
  • ISO50 is having 25% off tshirts and posters. Limited time. I have 3 of their posters and they'll be taking pride of place in my new office if I ever get it started!
Enough for this week. Don't forget to send your links!


Colin Streater

I adore these photos by photographer Colin Streater. He captures the greatness of each room at just the right angle in perfect light. Like the chair above. With the mirror. No words....

And because this one was just too cute...


Alexandra Rowley

Here is a glimpse at the portfolio of photographer Alexandra Rowley. She's fascinated by light and form. The luminosity of her photos shines bright. Beautiful rooms captured beautifully.

Images from Faucher Artists


Glenn Gissler

Glen Gissler trained as an architect but practises as an interior designer. Key words here are elegant sensibility, comfortable, striking, beautifully crafted and integrated into the architecture fabric of the space. Polished spaces combing traditional and contemporary furnishings his work is stylistically diverse but always makes a statement. Love it!


Caldwell-Beebe Ltd.

The firm of Caldwell-Beebe is internationally known, having been recognized in publications and on television. I would say their style is contemporary and timeless, but I think they say it better: "If we have a style, it is best termed "transitional" - a blend of old and new that grounds a room in an extraordinary way. We don't do period rooms. While they're beautiful, they are best suited to museums - not people with an active lifestyle. We create spaces that have a unique depth of authenticity - a presence, a patina, a degree of comfort - that is, in a word, magic." Magical, and simply beautiful.