Desert Nomad House

Desert and man-made. Inside and out. Vastness and intimacy. Modern and ancient. Desert retreat, museum and home. It's about location and built environment. Light and shade. A dichotomy of design. Looking in, looking out. Texture, materials and art ... oh the art. The Melanesian statues are to die for. Three steel and glass cubes by Rick Joy Architects, the Desert Nomad House, Tucson, Arizona is listed for sale here.

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The Modern Shop

This is just a quick post to welcome The Modern Shop to our sidebar. I have featured this shop before, back in October when I went to their grand opening (and when it was called The Modern Light). I am always eager to help promote local shops, especially ones as COOL as this because I often complain about the sh*tty selection of shops (for furniture and clothing) here in Ottawa. The Modern Shop is FOR SURE among my top 5. I have to admit I've been avoiding stopping by there lately because they carry such awesome furniture and lighting and I really need to get through my house additions first before I buy more stuff. They carry lines such as Flos, Hay, Modernica, MASHstudios, Moooi, Thonet, Jonathan Adler and MANY more. They'll ship anywhere, and offer free shipping on most orders within North America.
Now I'm thinking maybe I could stop by The Modern Shop today, just for a few minutes....

(I sooooo want a bunch of these....)


Design crew

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don't know what to do? You're not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you .... that's you lot ... the readers! Kristin needs your help this week. She's a woman with strong ideas on a mission. I know you'll love giving your 2 cents worth :)

I just moved from a small one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan to a 3 bedroom house in Denver.  Luckily, my mom is selling her house and I was also to take some furniture with me.  My design dilemma comes to us in the shape of an awkward living room.  The living room is long and narrow.  The entry from the front door is smack in the middle and located on the walls on either side of the entrance are long radiators (i.e. no furniture along one of the two longest walls in the room.)  The other long wall is closed with the exception of the entryway into the dining room (about 12 ft wide).  The two shorter walls have a fireplace and staircases (one upstairs and one to basement), respectively.  What a challenge! 

I have decided to create two seating areas separated by the entryway.  However, in order to help the room flow, I would like to tie them together (using the existing furniture I have from Manhattan and from my mom - I'm on a budget) by using a navy/lilac color palette.  I have the basics - a neutral/ivory sofa, a navy sofa (a very dark ink color), a brown leather chair, a marble top coffee table with a walnut base and disparate wooden side tables. 

I discovered a local upholsterer who is selling two British cane chairs.  She will reupholster them in any fabric I choose (the frame finish can also be customized).  They will be located next to the navy sofa (the ivory sofa, leather chair and marble top table comprise the other seating area in the room).  As everything in the room is solid, I would like to introduce a lilac print.  I'm looking for a grayish-lilac or khaki-lilac, something neutral to play against the navy.

To tie it all together, I eventually want to buy two matching area rugs and to use throw pillows, throw blankets, curtains etc to help spread the color palette throughout the room.  Does anyone have any navy/lilac inspiration for me?  Also, can anyone recommend an affordable lilac fabric for the chairs?  I've been told that lilac is not a popular color by every single fabric store in Denver (including the Design Center!)

And here is what she has to work with.







Reader request - patterned sofas

We received this reader request some time ago from Charly: I am considering a new sofa that is covered with a crazy printed fabric.  It is totally amazing but also quite intimidating for me in my small rental apartment that I am just beginning to decorate. Before I take the plunge, I am trying to find images of printed couches to help me decide if I can make it work.  Do you have any images of sofas and couches with colorful and/or busy prints on them for inspiration? Since it's been so long Charly has likely already chosen her sofa but I was curious to see what photos I could find in my stash of patterned sofas, as they certainly are not everyone's first choice for such a substantial piece of furniture. But why not - you only live once!

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