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Philip Gorrivan

Philip Gorrivan is a New York-based designer who specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects. His designs are simply divine - they are modern, tailored and sophicticated. I am totally in love with all the fabrics and patterns in these photos. *SWOON*


Paint inspiration

As you may have heard me mention on previous posts or on Flickr, I am moving in a couple weeks and as a result my head is swimming with ideas on what to do with my new house. One of my dilemmas is what to paint each room. I'm hoping to afford to do a kitchen renovation which would include, if feasible, knocking out a wall and opening the kitchen to the living room. This will have an affect on much of what happens on the main floor, but I figure I better start going over all sorts of ideas in my head now so I can see what sticks with me. The photo below, and the others of Betsey Johnson's apartment, are my main inspiration. I ADORE pink and I love that she used it all over her apartment. Her zebra print curtains had me spending several tries on eBay looking for similar fabric to have curtains made.

I'm thinking a really dark brown for my bedroom, a teal/aqua for the second bedroom (which is so small it will be my dressing room), and definitively pink somewhere. The rest I have no idea. As a result, this post is self-serving. These are photos of rooms with wall colours that I really like. (I have a couple others that I've seen in magazines lately that have stuck with me, but I packed my scanner cable so I can't scan them to include here.)

Living Etc.Living Etc.
Kelly WearstlerTom Scheerer
Cindy RayJohn Barman
Roland BelloMarie Claire Maison
Marie Claire MaisonMarie Claire Maison


Kevin Hart and the art of zen

East Hampton interior designer Kevin Hart creates spaces with an almost zen like vibe. "The natural harmony of space, proportion, scale, color and light are essentials of the Kevin Hart Design ..." but there is a tension between smooth and rough, antique and modern, elegant neutrals and pops of colour.

Images from Kevin Hart


The lovely Lulu and fireside Schmoo

Sandra sent these too too cute pictures of her cats Lulu and Schmoo (great name). They are such a perfect counterpoint to the very frozen kitty below. Warm and toasty cats in a lovely home. The turquoise vases are so yummy.



Why oh WHY does it have to snow so damn much!!! People, there has been a blizzard here since last night. We got about 2 feet of snow. School was canceled, roads were crappy, and I only managed to get HALF my driveway shoveled. At the moment I am psyching myself up for round 2 of shoveling. But before I go, I thought I would post a photo that makes it seem not so bad, and that got me smiling. (Wish I looked that cute while I was shoveling).

Update: OH MY GAWD I am so happy I want to cry...actually I sort of did. I just bundled up and went outside to discover a totally snow free driveway (including the 5' high mountain at the bottom). There are tire tracks all over - I think it was a guy a few houses down who has a 4-wheeler with a plow attached to it. If he were still outside he would have got a big wet kiss from me. See? There are some good people out there. So thank you neighbour guy, and my back thanks you too.