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Morten Holtum

I was so excited to stumble upon the portfolio of Danish photographer Morten Holtum. Such beautiful, light-filled photos of bright and eclectic spaces that I fell in love with. Hellooooooo white floors and that pink staircase! And the photo above? HEAVEN.


Philip Harvey

Let's start the week the way we want to continue with beautiful bold images. How inspiring are these photos by Philip Harvey! They are strong and confident as well as evocative. Compelling, well designed spaces need good wrangling skills from a photographer to capture what a room or open space is all about. You can feel Philip's passion in all of his work. Don't miss his lifestyle portfolio!


Flickr finds - entryway/landing strip



....ssshhh! Mickey's sleeping.

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Kylie let us know this week that paper boat press' "online store is now ... well... online! AND… as a special offer during the first few weeks of the store being online i am offering a 10% discount on all orders placed. this special will expire June 10th 2009. to use this special discount you must place the code: PBP in the box provided on the checkout page. your discount will be then calculated once you press enter. " Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

  • Monika sent us a lovely email this week and through it I discovered her blog. "I have started my own little blog, Splendid Willow ... I have carved out my own little place focusing on design in my own home country Sweden, mixing it with my new country, the US. (I have lived in the US for 15 years but go back to Sweden a few times a year.) Trying to see it from both perspectives. There I mix my traditional design roots with a little bit more edgy style." If edgy classic with a Swedish twist is just your style you're going to love Splendid Willow.

  • Here's one for you Kim. SIDD Fine Woodworking are from Ottawa and hand build exceptional, sustainable custom furniture. The Tilt series is all about angles and a simple, minimalist sense of order. Built from a single chunk of solid walnut, with a Canadian maple inlay to keep your knives in place. Finished simply with natural beeswax and orange oil to bring out the natural colours and grain patterns, Tilt is built by hand over a period of one week by a single craftsman. Also catching my eye is the Hours of Glass dining table with it's seemingly infinite pool of ripples. Think of the workmanship in each of those layers! SIDD merges substance with style, through a commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethics.

  • Great new blog alert! Ali Mode is the creation of an ex-Elle Decor/Domino editor. Interior design, food, NY shops and great finds, Ali Mode shares the ideas and inspires.

  • Love these cute kits from Dumpling Dynasty available in Australia through Lark. Must get, must get ... oh sorry that was me muttering with a greedy grin.

  • Gemma Comas' new photos of darling little flower arrangements by Matthew Mead here.

  • It's getting colder in my part of the world and when I found an email from SPARK Modern Fires I fell in love with the idea of a fire place in the bathroom. A complete luxury and totally unnecessary for about 350 days of the year here but oh let a girl dream!



Jason is loving the entries he's getting. He even joked that some of them are so good to begin with that you'll think that we made them up. No it's just that we know you guys are all so design savvy in the first place! This weekend is the perfect time to get your submission together if you haven't already. The deadline is Friday May 15 that's if I can keep a rein on Jason. He's itching to go. Details here and send your entries here.