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John Paul Urizar

What's our mantra when it comes to amazing photographers? Lighting, lighting, lighting. For Australian photographer John Paul Urizar his use of beautiful lighting is a perfect counterfoil to his simplistic approach to what he captures through his lens. I've included tearsheets here and some of his personal work. (LOVE those b&w shots!) Whatever you do, don't miss the food .... yum!


Jeff Andrews at it again

Jo and I just got the scoop on the latest designs from one of our favourite designers, Jeff Andrews. The first 3 photos are too cute for words - rooms for a young boy and his baby sister. The other photos are of a new project - a home in the Hollywood Hills (photographed by Grey Crawford). Stunning, as always.


Maureen Footer

Maureen Footer creates rooms that are filled with light, elegance and colour. They are classic, sensual and beautiful but at times with a modern twist. Sensual is the word that comes to mind. Layered and refined, elegant but at ease.



Like Kim I've been flicking through the pages of magazines. My hunting spot is the newsagent just round the corner from my day job. Yesterday I was drawn to Notebook, an Aussie magazine that coves life, home, beauty and food. It's been a while since I picked one up and was really surprised. Oh no another magazine to add to my ever growing list! They have a great website. This is just one of the house galleries that caught my eye. If you'd like a sneak peek inside this month's issue just click here.


Sabrina's Etsy store

Just wanted to give a quick mention of a fabulous new Etsy store. Sabrina, who works with my twin sister, makes beautiful jewelry and finally opened Abacus Creations. There are a few pieces I've got my eye on, as do some of my coworkers...