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What a week! Work is so busy at this time of the year and Christmas cleaning is just as overwhelming as Christmas shopping. Today I took a little break from putting together the holiday reading guide to work in my little garden. Some of you may know that we're suffering through a very serious drought in Australia. My home town is under level 6 water restrictions which means no hoses and only bucket watering of gardens 3 days a week for a few hours only. When we moved in the garden was dead.

Now there are signs of life and my biceps are a little bigger with all the bucket carrying. Of course there have to be some thrifted finds in this post. I did manage to find a couple of cute little pots which I planted up today and the sweetest tiny brass watering can. A lot of my garden is potted to conserve water and my garden beds are heavily mulched. Time to go back to sweeping the patio if I can.


Holiday reading part 1

If you're like me the thought of your favourite blogs shutting up shop for the holidays is causing your palms to sweat and your heart rate to rise. Without you're daily fix what are you to do? I have the same addiction. Last Christmas when I was new to the blogosphere I went into withdrawal when the few bloggers I was reading then went on well deserved holidays. So with that in mind I've put together a holiday reading list. Some of these blogs are brand new. Others have been around for much longer. Some you will know, others you won't. There are interior design blogs, graphic design, home renovation and some much more. They come from all over the world and not all are in english. I'm a long time lurker on a few and others I've only found in the past few days. By no means exhaustive this list hopefully will help you fill those "empty" days. Part 2 is still to come.

P.S. Medical authorities warn that gorging on new blogs may be a health hazard. Take your time. There's lots in their archives and there are even more new blogs on their blog rolls. Click on the banners to go directly to the blog.


Tommaso Ziffer

Big, bold and strong. Italian architect Tommaso Ziffer designs the interiors of apartments, villas, hotels and even a palace. Whether contemporary, eclectic or classic his designs are rich in colour while marrying design classic furniture with a sense of fun and vibrancy. So stylish, so Italian.

Images from Tommaso Ziffer


Tim Young

Love love love the portfolio of photographer Tim Young. Beautiful light and so natural. That kitchen takes my breath away. Love love love!

Images from Tim Young


Inner city hip

This groovy warehouse-style home, built for living, entertaining and relaxing is a prime example of the medium density planning happening in my home town. In a quiet lane that's reminiscent of a country town - several new dwellings combined with lean-to sheds and empty clotheslines, its hard to believe you're in the inner city. Backyards are being subdivided and funky small living houses are sharing the streetscape with historic worker's cottages and bad 70s "6 pack" apartments. Apologies for the quality of the pictures. This house was borrowed from a real estate site.

Images from