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Kathryn Scott Design Studio

I adore the portfolio of interior designer Kathryn Scott. Almost every space is punctuated with a hit of bold colour (ie. chartreuse ceiling in first 2 photos) or oversized artwork, and I love that mixed with her classic sense of style. "Our designs blend a sharp sense of the classic with contemporary insight and technique to ensure our creations, modern or traditional, are always timeless in style. We believe that everyone is entitled to surroundings that support their activity, inspire their actions and delight their senses."


Must see mag

I wait impatiently for the first of the month. Every month the first of the month I'm on the prowl for the latest editions of my favourite shelter magazines. I know I know I could subscribe but I love the thrill of seeing a new cover on the news stand. Last month I raved about Australian magazine Inside Out. This month I cannot get enough of another fabulous Australian magazine Real Living. It is just so good. Inside it's crammed with great homes, inspiring ideas and easy to follow get the look tips. Real Living is just that - a magazine about living in real spaces with real people. The thing is this real life is fabulous, funky, fun and budget friendly. Hope my clumsy photos give you just a taste. There is an "in the mag" feature but it hasn't yet updated to the hot off the stands latest edition. Still it will give you a feel for the magazine. If you can you have to get your hands on a copy. It's a must read! (Click to supersize.)


Whitewash beauty

Looking through the recent additions to Location Works I came across this eclectic whitewashed apartment. This is a look that the British do so well. Slightly eccentric, slightly decayed but with luxury touches it is a calm almost zen like place. I so want to soak in that tub.


Flickr finds - mid-century


Reader request

Zee left a comment on Friday's rug request post that had me in stitches: "Hi Kim. I'm looking for some photographs of chairs on ceilings. Green ones. If you could post some examples, that would be great. Thanks." Jo and I can always seem to find photos for reader's request, even those made in fun, so thanks to Jo who found the following photo especially for Zee.

Photo via garagesailor