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David Michael Miller

"for david michael miller associates, the best outcome of inspired and relevant interior design can be characterized by a "fusing" of architectural context, geographical/cultural influence, and the client's own style and color sensibilities. a careful melding of these elements provides for an original, personal and thoughtful design aesthetic in which to live. creating these designs is the mission of david michael miller associates." Beautiful portfolio. What caught my attention is the art in the first two photos.


If I was a room....

I’d be this room by Ken Fulk. Eclectic, edgy, at times risky and definitely not to everyone’s taste. The mix of styles here is dangerous. It might not work. There are multiple levels and layers and a sense of humour as well as definite nod to the finer things in life. Enough of the psychoanalysing, I just love this room! So Kim if you were a room ......?


Ken Fulk


San Francisco's Ken Fulk juxtaposes styles, eras, shapes, and colors creating amazing rooms that delight the senses. Lush layered luxury. An extensive portfolio of stunning images awaits you at his website. Short on words long on lovely images.


Images from Ken Fulk Design



Elmslie Osler Architects

Sparse modern lines don’t mean a lack of character or drama. Sleek shiny timber surfaces with cowhide walls and oversized Buddha heads. Punches of colour and gloss. Elmslie Osler Architects create drama where you’d expect pared back minimalism. Next time you think cold think COOL!

Images from EOA


Aine Clune

Based in Dublin, Aine Clune of Aine Clune Home Design has a style I love - modern and simple but timeless. Bold modern furniture pieces and hits of colour and are key to her designs.