Return of the stalker


Stalking! Oh how I have missed stalking. Truth be told I have actually been trawling through page after page, suburb after suburb of Australian homes but no rewards. Christmas leading into January is the quiet time for real estate in Australia. Coupled with a stagnant market and banks that are so tight with their money I haven't found a home that took my fancy. Until today. How about this St Kilda, Melbourne home? Clean, contemporary lines, interesting art (wish I could see into the room downstairs with the baby grand and the gallery wall) and privacy ... definitely needed with a bathroom like that one. I know all the lights have to be on for the real estate photos but wouldn't you like to see this place with a little less overhead light and a lot more table and floor light. Once again the price will make you shake your head. Link here while it lasts.

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Sunday quickie

Jo mentioned in her post yesterday that this weekend is our last blog-free weekend, and while she kind of broke that rule by blogging, I am doing the same. I thought I'd get some blogging out of the way that I was supposed to do last week. Before I get to that, we've had people leave comments here and there asking about whether we're on Facebook and Twitter. Some members of my family have also been driving me nuts about this so over the holidays my husband got us up and running on both, and has been maintaining them ever since. Although Jo and I already have our hands full, hopefully we'll be able to start getting more involved. So in the meantime check us out on Facebook here, and Twitter here.

Alrighty, so last week we had 2 new advertisers join us that I wanted to mention. The first being J.Covington Home, a shop based in Portsmouth, NH that now has an online store of beautiful furniture, lighting, pillows, art, antiques and home accents. Unfortunately they do not ship internationally so I will have to love their pieces from afar, but folks in the States can take advantage. I devoured their website and below are some of my favourite finds.


After the jump is an introduction to another new advertiser....

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Last weekend in January!

Our January weekend holidays are almost over. Can I hear a collective "about time" from a large group of you? I know. I know. The DTI addicts need their weekend fix :) In the meantime jump over to my page and see what has been going on at the new old house.


Casual Friday

It is Thursday night as I am getting this post ready and I am a little bit swamped - I need to tidy up the house and get some photos together as we're meeting with another architect tomorrow when I'm off work for our house additions (we hadn't heard from the first one in a while, and we just found out due to some serious family matters he's unable to continue with our project). Luckily this shouldn't stall our plans. Anyhoo, I thought in my haste I'd just slap up some photos I saved a while ago from the website of French magazine Campagne Décoration (suitable because I had a 3 hour French class this aft).

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Friday quickie 3

Stylist Mikael Beckman recently shared with us a taste of Christmas (here) at Svenskt Tenn. Now spring is on the way so with a few simple but stylish changes Mikael brings in the promise of the new season. Love his concept sketch. A quick, free and easy style that conveys the message perfectly.