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The new must have - greenery

Have you noticed that house plants are back? Not just your designer orchid but potted plants. Even bunches of flowers are being replaced by leaves and branches. I haven't seen this much greenery inside since the 80s and it's a trend I'd love to see continue. I'm currently tending three maiden hair ferns in my bathroom and all four of us are loving the group showers. OK too much information.

Caldwell-BeebeAimee Herring
Steven RandazzoArbogast Design
Arbogast DesignAnnie Schlecter
Kim CornelisonSteven Randazzo
Sacha DunnCindy Ray
Tria GiovanJohn Gruen

P.S. Why this post now? I came home to find that my body corporate had cut down a 60 year old tree that overshadowed my courtyard. Why? Because we are suffering a very serious drought here and the tree roots had found their way into the pipes. Sad that the cheapest option was chosen. It's an ugly scar now. Bye bye tree.


Idea Space Design

Idea Space Design is a Beverly Hills firm that is devoted to creating gorgeous furniture and dedicated to creating simple, elegant and understated interiors. Their portfolio is quite a sight, with before and after photos of their interior design work. The changes are so dramatic the photos left me breathless. I thought I would demonstrate the effect by including the before photos of their work as well.


Ara Design Studio

I love this apartment. The work of Ara Design Studio it was the winner of the 2006 Design Institute of Australia's Interior Design Awards: Best Residential Interior Decoration. That's just a mouthful for saying it is HOT! So is this Australian interior design firm.

Images from Ara Design Studio



It was one of those weekends where I didn't actually get much blog work done. Hence no WINKS but I just had to share these two juicy tidbits that came in.

  • Ed from SwankLighting sent us this exciting email. "To celebrate the opening of our boutique showroom at Debris Antiques in Dallas, the launch of our web site and our eBay store … we are giving away this beautiful pair of Barovier & Toso lamps from our collection. They’re priced at $3,400, but if you’re the lucky winner they’ll be yours for free!Just fill out the simple registration form and your name is automatically entered to win. The cut off date for registration eligibility is January 15, 2008. The drawing will be held at Debris Antiques in Dallas on Friday January 18, 2008." Head here for all the details. Those gorgeous babies would look so cool in my place! (Oh and the guys are blogging now too.)

  • And of course this ...."Hi, this is Mary Mulcahy and I'm so happy to finally announce that we are going to be up and running our retail online shop - hopefully within the next week! It will feature our new collection and all orders will receive a free catalog. Thanks again for you kind support. Best, Mary M, Les Indiennes, Designer." Have you been to the website recently? It's been updated with the most beautiful fabrics and wallpaper and the most gorgeously styled photos. A must see.


Saturday thrift finds

For the first time in a long time, I went thrifting yesterday. Now that I have sold my house and bought another, things have calmed down and I have a bit of spare time before the packing nightmare begins. (I don't want to say anything else about the house because it's in my lawyer's hands right now and I don't want to jinx it, but as soon as it's a done deal I will post some photos). I ended up going a little nuts at my favourite thrift shop. It's about an hour away in a small town west of the city, and it proved to be worth the drive. And luckily, I had my parent's SUV to fill. Since I am moving, there will unfortunately be no photos of these in their new homes anytime soon. I am just going to have to pack these up for the time being. And there are a couple other things I bought but they are for my niece for Christmas and my sister doesn't want to see them early. If you click on each photo it will take you to the photo on Flickr where I've included descriptions.

UPDATE: We went to yet another of my favourite thrift stores this afternoon. Bought more junk. Must stop going thrifting. Very dangerous. I am broke. See Flickr for details, again.