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Fruitful Saturday

Yesterday, I spent the day antiquing with my parents. They picked me up at 8 am and dropped me off at 5:30 pm. It was a LONG day, but a very successful one. I am still pretty surprised at the amount of great stuff I found, because believe me, this city is not known for it's great antique stores nor it's flea markets. You either find alot of total CRAP or very country-style things. Retro is generally not easy to come by. But we had a blast and because I have no posts done yet for the week and no clue what to post today, I figured I'd show my scores from yesterday. By the way, all of this cost me $204.

I have placed most of the items above where they will go for now (I'm ALWAYS moving things around) and I took some photos of them in their new homes. Check Flickr if you'd like to know what each of these cost and other details I may have added.


Angus Caravelli

Martha Angus and Paula Caravelli formed their Manhattan based design firm Angus Caravelli in 2005. With an eye for the fine arts and award winning architectural design the duo produce refined interiors with a keen understanding of colour and contemporary artwork. Featured in all the top interior design magazines their understated elegance and witty touches make these luxurious rooms livable, lovely and fun.

Images from Angus Caravelli


Otras Ventanas - other windows

Gabi is a mother of 3 in Santiago Chile. She hopes of becoming a designer and in the meantime dreams of beautiful things. Otras Ventanas is the name of her blog where she shares her finds and practices her english but her triumph is her Flickr site under the same name were she collects the most amazing and exuberant images. Her kids' rooms set is an inspiration. I met Gabi when I first started with Flickr and her joyous love of colour and fun brings a smile to my face. This is just a small sample of her images. And the good thing is that almost all are sourced so if you like what you see you can go in search of more. Thanks for sharing Gabi!

Bombay KidsRoom Seven
HistorBombay Kids
Southern AccentsHistor
Southern AccentsComing Kids


Teresa Sapey

Italian-born architect Teresa Sapey's website is in Spanish, but after a quick google search, she is apparently the director of the most fashionable interior design studio in Madrid. Her use of curves adds an unexpected softness to her predominantly modern designs.


Steven Miller

Steven Miller’s style is sophisticated and stylish with a sense of fun and whimsy. “We all know intuitively that life is better when we live, work, or play in a beautiful space,” says Miller. “Designers get to make that happen. It’s a privilege and a challenge—and for me, a joy.” His interiors are eclectic - traditional, modern, elegant, or OTT. AND he's not afraid to use Ikea.