Rove Concepts

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Murdock Young Architects

The New York based firm of Murdock Young Architects has such a talent for creating simple spaces that are open, airy, bright and who's beauty will leave you speechless. As I've said many times in the past, I adore spaces swathed in white, and when I saw that bedroom above, I just about passed out.


Tia Zoldan

Think modern classic with a boho twist. L.A. interior designer Tia Zoldan creates rooms with a sophisticated yet at the same time casual appeal. Painted furniture and vivid artwork bring life into spaces while textures and colour add the bohemian flavour. It's a laid back Californian vibe that combines classic and playful.

Images from Zoldan Interiors


Dipping into the past

The north is in the last throes of summer while here in the southern hemisphere spring is pushing up its flower heads. To celebrate the warm weather that was for some and the promise of hot summer days to come for others, I've scanned a fabulous retro selection of swimming pools from Pools and Terraces House & Garden Guide to Landscaping and Furnishing, Gail Heathwood, Collins London and Glasgow in association with Conde Nast, 1974. Not quite warm enough to dip my toes in my pool yet. Kim on the other hand is moisturising some sunburn from a weekend swim at her parents!


Is it storage?...or art?

Furniture that acts as storage for all your junk belongings can sometimes be boring. I came across a line of eco-friendly furniture at 2Modern by Iannone Design that had me just smitten. It's furniture with a kick. They have such beautiful detail they would act as pieces of art. The design on the coffee table in the fourth photo? That's about 1600 hand inlaid wood dots!!!! WOW. You'd never see any of this end up on Craigslist. Me likey. Alot.


Reading guide!

So it's Labor Day long weekend in North America. No such luck here but that won't stop me sharing new blogs with you. Any excuse for a reading guide! You know the drill - some are new, some are new to me, some I've been reading for quite some time, some aren't in English and all have loads of eye candy! I'm not jealous that it's a long weekend in another country .... I'm still on holidays :) WINKS next week I promise.