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New at home

Just an update on what's going on with my UFOs (unfinished objects) at home. Not much!! My old dresser is now painted a teeth clenching green (I love it!) and my thrifting continues.

I'm playing with arrangements and buying things on ebay and at the thrift stores that I really don't need but I really really have to have.

The ebay fabric may go on an ottoman and the birds were a great thrift shop find. My sister has returned some paintings that she has been "babysitting" for too many years now. I can't complain though because she also transported the free table/desk that I found. It's in my dining room at the moment and desperately needs a new paint job and some much chicer draw pulls. The artist's mannequin at over 70cms gives me an excuse to hang some of my beads and looks happier in my place than in the thrift store where I found him.

I've framed my ISO50 prints in cheap Ikea frames but had some mattes cut to improve the look. No idea where they are going but I'm playing with vignette ideas already.

Finally I've been playing around with printing some of my drawings and hand colouring them with watercolours. I'm testing some ideas for an etsy store. I'll keep you posted. I'm sorry to say that's all I've got for you today. You see I'm rather busy. I'm finishing some upholstery.

To check out the chaos my UFOs are causing check out my flickr set here.


Karina Garrick

These are some of my favourite photos from the portfolio of photographer Karina Garrick.


Double retro trouble!

What better way to end the working week than a second dose of retro inspiration. Once again these images are scanned from Better Homes Decorating Ideas, Ruth Quatermaine, Meridith Publishing Company, 1967. Bedrooms bedrooms and more bedrooms. Master, guest and children's rooms to love or loathe.


Noel Jeffrey

A giant on the American interior design scene Noel Jeffrey has woven his magic for more than three decades. Though he may seem a traditionalist he embraces all styles. Unashamedly high end and beyond the reach of most what can his work teach us? The the key is in the detail, that layering is luxury in itself and that the fun is in the extras. A bobble trim on a dining chair cover, diaphanous drapes on a bed, shades on your scones in your all too girly dressing room. You may not click with his style but you have to give more than a nod to his skill.


Kanner Architects

Kanner Architects is an award-winning and internationally known family-run firm that began over 60 years ago. "Our goal is to explore, develop and produce designs of warm and timeless Modernist architecture. We draw inspiration from the climate, innovation and diversity of Southern California and our design process takes into account the seasons and the changes of light during the passage of the day." The views and massive expanse of windows are so breathtaking in the following photos.