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Grand Tour

Call it serendipity but just as I'm ready to write today's post I receive an email from Jonathan Adler's PR Director Deb Willis letting us in on Jonathan's latest addition to his website, his monthly musings. This month he waxes lyrical on his Neo-Neo-Classicism range and mentions the Grand Tour. Grand tour! Here's the serendipity....

Today's post is an OMG gobstopper. Look at this outrageous one bedroom (yes one bedroom!) London apartment. Well-to-do young men of the 18th and 19th century travelled Europe improving their classical education and bringing home a few well chosen (dare I say pilfered) souvenirs. Think Elgin Marbles. What I'd really like to know is if this is the owner's collection or if they inherited it from their Europe trotting ancestor? My goodness I hope they have a cleaning lady! Although I could not live like this I secretly envy them this amazing collection and the passion needed to live with it. Perhaps I'll take just a soupçon of Jonathan Adler's pieces instead!


My Easter weekend painting projects

Like Jo, I thought this weekend was perfect for getting some painting projects done around the house. I just finished mine a couple of hours ago. I painted 2 bamboo/cane chairs I bought last month at an antiques store. I still need to have the cushion on the white chair professionally upholstered because I want piping detail, and the other I am hoping my mom will make a cover for me. I should have probably waited until spring to do this when I could have sprayed them outside instead of in my basement (no ventilation), but I have no patience. And as a result, my house absolutely STINKS, I am totally nauseous and the cats are all high. The prices you have to pay for interior design...



Finish line - Easter reading guide part 4

Congratulations! You're almost done with our marathon blogathon. It's like an all nighter at the drive-in theatre. (OMG am I dating myself.) I've only got one chocolate bunny left and I've already bitten off his ears (see above) but he will be just enough to help me reach the end of the reading guide. OK here we go!


It's part 3 of our Easter reading guide!

2 days down and 2 to go! Keeping up OK? Here's your next installment. I've finished my eggs and it's time to demolish the chocolate bunnies. Just remember the secret is to pace yourself ... on blogs that is not bunnies!


From this to this

Do you have any weekend projects on the go? I planned to spray this thrift shop frame a bright sunny yellow and ditch the shell "painting" inside. I changed my mind after a coat of white paint. If the easter eggs are making you hyper then a little weekend project might be just what the doctor (or more importantly the nutritionist) ordered.