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You can see heaven from the deck

I must stop searching real estate sites particularly when I come across fabulous houses on fabulous blocks of land. This Sunshine Coast house is just a few hours north of where I sit and I think it's love at first sight. Look at that view! The architect has wisely chosen to not compete with the spectacular site but to enhance it. The house is modern and seaside holiday tough but there are just enough luxuries and ....that view! Can anyone lend me the money?


Pia's story

The other day Pia had written to us about her latest project featured in Home Beautiful magazine, which I posted a sneak peak of. She just emailed us the hot-off-the-presses photos of the story and they are gorgeous, as per usual. Here they are, and be sure to click them for a larger view. Thanks Pia!!


Hunting tigers in the tulips

Please Sir may I have this house? And this garden? Especially the tulips. Eccentric, quirky, well loved and well worn. Historic, irreverent and down right British! I love this decorating style, part shambling 19th century digs, part inherited my great uncle's furnishings with lashings of boarding school fun. OK I made that up but you must admit the Brits do this so well. Tiger print and tulips. Yes please!

Images from Light Locations


Penny Wincer

I'm in love with the portfolio of photographer Penny Wincer. Lifestyle and kids what more could you want? OK so no kids featured here but don't miss them on the website. Like these stunning images they are beautifully shot and have a sense of wonder to them. The light in Penny's photos is wonderful and so crisp and clear. White rooms are notorious to capture well and these draw you right in.


Decor Fellow and Vicente Wolf

In case you haven't been over to Decor Fellow this past week, James posted some awesome photos he received from Vicente Wolf's office. Sorry James for posting this so late but once I saw the photos I thought better late than never! Here Is one of the photos: