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Homes in Atlanta

While perusing the internet, I found many photos of lovely homes in Atlanta, from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine. I adore the first photo (I love any room with a faux zebra rug - so glam)...and the second...and the third...the fourth too...



Daphne wrote us with an interesting and common problem: "So, I have a happy dilemma, but a dilemma nonetheless. The BF and I are taking the plunge, and he's in the process of moving in with me now. He's pretty content to let me handle the decor, but I want him to feel like he lives here, too. So ... rock posters? I need to see some inspiring photos of ways to keep a bedroom looking sophisticated and elegant with rock poster. Yikes. So far, I am thinking of painting room light gray and framing the posters with carved wood frames painted glossy black. Maybe it will be dramatic. Any ideas?"

For starters your idea is a good one. But I love grey walls and anything in a glossy black frame. Maybe these rock posters you have to deal with aren't as bad as some of us may be imagining. But based on the fact that we don't know what they look like, I have a couple of ideas and a bunch of photos that might help. I don't think you can go wrong painting the walls dark, which would go with the hard edge of a rock poster, or you can glam it up using flocked wallpaper. If you don't want to go dark, then just funk up the room with fun colours and textures, and make it a quirky, eclectic space where you'd expect the unexpected (like a rock poster...in a bedroom). A thin black frame is classic and would work as well as a wooden glossy black one too, or if the posters turn out to have some good colours you can use as accents in the room, maybe thin coloured frames, like yellow or red. P.S. I could only find one photo with a rock poster featured. :)

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Ruy Teixeira

Brazilian born Italian based photographer Ruy Teixeira's work has a poetic element that is not often captured through a lens. His understanding of and respect for the design he shoots is obvious. His portfolio is mind blowing not just his houses but his amazing collection of portraits of the world's leading designers. This is just a taste. Vibrant, exuberant and empathic, three words I use to describe his work. One word? Fabulous!

Images from Ruy Teixeira


Lauren Rubinstein

I am just loving these beautiful spaces from the portfolio of photographer Lauren Rubinstein, and the artwork in the first couple photos in particular.


Can't see the forest for the trees ...

Or the furniture for the plants! Laurel emailed with her design dilemma. "Have you ever done a post of cool rooms that includes large dramatic houseplants? I just staggered home carrying a 6' fishtail palm and am looking for ideas -- a big mirror on the wall behind it is as far as I've gotten in my thinking." I've pulled a few from the files Laurel and while only one features a large mirror (great idea) they all have something in common - the 2 "Cs", containers and care. Dress your palm in a fabulous pot and lavish it with attention. Nothing looks worse than a tatty plastic pot or a tree that has dropped half its leaves from neglect. I love plants in the house although I must admit I'm more a fern on the bathroom window girl. Good luck with your palm. Have you given it a name yet?

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