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It's only 110 days till Christmas

Dear Santa,
I know it is a little early for Christmas wish lists but because it is a rather big present I thought I would ask early so you and the elves can get started on hustling up this New York loft for me in time for Christmas morning. Mummy says it is awfully large but I have 3 months to sew a super sized stocking to hang on the mantle. I want to ask for a change here and there in the decor but Daddy says not to be greedy. Please Santa I've been a good girl and I'll even buy my own air ticket to New York if it won't fit in the sleigh to come all the way here to Australia. If I can't have this can I have a puppy?
Lots of love,

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Flickr finds - flea market style



... spring on my windowsill

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?



  • Olivier Abry from Lyon in France is an "assembler of light". He takes vintage industrial parts and creates beautiful lamps. Minimalist, industrial and recycled. Definitely on my lust list. Wo and Wé Collection. Ships world wide .... oh lordy help me!!! Need, want!


  • At Moss NY from 15 September "Make Me" - The emergence of BUTCH-CRAFT in contemporary design. "Through the infusion of a cerebral yet virile narrative applied to rough work crafted in wood, iron, steel, marble, rush, paint, boiled leather, clay, baked agricultural waste, plant-life, gypsum drywall, and blood, sweat and tears."




  • Saving the best to last. Totally in love with Tricia Rose's Rough Linen range of bed linen, cushions and curtains. So rough luxe, so earthy, so beautiful and you would never have to iron your duvet cover again ;)

Reader's home #3

This last reader's home comes from a longtime reader of DTI, Ypille: "Recently, I've had the pleasure of reuniting with one of my best friends Graes Israel-Kiernan, after 9 years of not seeing each other. Both Graes and I are avid Desire to Inspire readers/subscribers and when I went to her house for a vacation, I just had to photograph it and send the pictures to you ladies.
Graes, her husband Jeff and their 2 young-lings Liam and Sebastian just moved to Wexford, PA, near Pittsburg and was able to acquire this extarordinary mid-century, well crafted 25-year old home. Per Graes, the original owners of this structure was a surgeon and his glass-artist wife who had this house custom-made according to their liking. And with Graes' talent and eye for design, usage of classic and modern furniture and her proletarian approach to life, this house in my view has become the most spectacular of all the houses I've stayed in.

Graes owns a bookstore and loves to garden as well, this is made evident in the theme of design all around her house with the presence of books, bookshelves and plants which are practical yet appealing for homes. Other than repainting the entire interior to Graes' preferred colors, there has been no major remodeling done as of yet and Graes, being the creative and honest designer that she is, pulled this one off and transformed this timeless house and stamped her mark on every room, signifying that this house is now her home!

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Reader's home #2

This second reader's home is that of Lione Monte, a pattern designer from Brazil. With alot of creativity and personal items, she has made it a cozy and inviting home that I bet she loves spending time in. (P.S. Check out her beautiful print & pattern work on her blog, her online portfolio and this website of the brand (Cantão) that she designs for).


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