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Paul Costello

Thanks to photographer Paul Costello, I am determined to get myself a new camera for my birthday. A fancy schmancy one. Once I get this camera, I will stare at his photos for inspiration, so that I can, via osmosis perhaps, take beautiful photos too.


Oh No!!!! Here come the 80s!

It's true. The next big thing in retro is the 80s. Salmon and grey, lacquer and smoked glass, cane, indoor plants, gilt chrome and the "chop" pillow. It's the era of shoulder pads, power dressing, leg warmers and white shoes. Greed was good and taste went out the door! Here are a few 80s rooms that give you an idea why it's on the comeback. Not everything was tasteless. I should know. I was definitely there!

All images scanned from Better Homes and Gardens. New Decorating Book, Meridith Corporation, Iowa, 1981. (OK from the early 80s but I'm on the hunt for more vintage 80s books.)


David Howell


David Howell moved to New York after a successful career in New Zealand. His work is clean, crisp and organic, edited but artistic. The spaces are ultra-stylish and modern but liveable. Ask him how he describes his style and he says, "Opulent urbanity."




Thrifted finds in their homes

Thought you might like to have a peek at where I put all the items I found while thrifting yesterday. (I need to pick up more black spray paint - you can make anything look good with that stuff).

(See Flickr for details)