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Topping up onTodd Oldham

Renaissance man Todd Oldham is fashion designer, interior designer, la-z-boy lover, graphic designer and photographer. Kim posted previously here but I've just come across his photography portfolio at Marek and Associates. These are just a few.


Rustic and modern

I LOVE this house featured on Shoot Factory. The blend of rustic and modern elements really makes this home come alive and is a treat for the senses. This is an ideal demonstration of how mixing different styles can work as long as there is some cohesiveness, such as the colour palette of neutrals and deep warm colours in this case.


Tuft love

Rosali emailed me the other day with an interesting request:
"Lately, I've noticed that beautiful green tufted chairs and sofas have shown up regularly on your site. I'm a big fan of tufted furniture and have several pieces but none green. I think that a post with a grouping of those green tufted pieces would make many people (or at least me) stand back in awe."
Sounded like a pretty simple request. I think this photo was Rosali's inspiration:

I too have a love for tuft, especially since purchasing a lime green tufted bench. It can make furniture that is drab and simple look glamorous. But after looking through TONS of photos, I couldn't find many green tufted pieces. As a result, I've added some photos that have beautiful tufted pieces that are other colours as well.


Peter Dunham

I love these rooms by Peter Dunham . Lush, layered with a dash of fun. L.A. based Peter produces a range of fabrics and wallpapers which hold centre stage in many of his rooms. Mid-century pieces married with custom pieces, bright colours, rich patterns, clean yet complex. Inspiring rooms.

P.S. Check out Stylecourt for more fabulous examples from Peter's portfolio and podcast link.


Interview on Shakadoo

If you're just a little curious about what inspires us and how we share the work load on this blog, heck if you just want to snoop a bit into my personal life, check out the interview I did with Kristen over at Shakadoo. While you're there check out everything this great site has to offer. Thanks Kristen for asking me to be on Shak in Style.