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Elmslie Osler Architects

Sparse modern lines don’t mean a lack of character or drama. Sleek shiny timber surfaces with cowhide walls and oversized Buddha heads. Punches of colour and gloss. Elmslie Osler Architects create drama where you’d expect pared back minimalism. Next time you think cold think COOL!

Images from EOA


Aine Clune

Based in Dublin, Aine Clune of Aine Clune Home Design has a style I love - modern and simple but timeless. Bold modern furniture pieces and hits of colour and are key to her designs.


Books on display

I adore this photo. Not only are the books organized by colour but by size too. Love the graphic effect.

Here are some more I really like. My favourite are wall-to-wall bookcases. But there are a couple of smart ideas below for books that maybe aren't the greatest to look at. Such as the third photo. Place a REALLY nice chair in front of your books and no one will even notice them because they'll be too busy admiring the chair. Or in the fourth photo - just turn the books around so the spines are facing backwards.


Eric Roth

Here’s a just a peek at the portfolio of Eric Roth. His photos grace the pages of the major shelter magazines and the covers of books. He captures colours beautifully and there is a playfulness, a joy about the composition.

Images from Eric Roth

P.S. Eric escaped earlier while Blogger and I were having issues. So here he is posted making an early (he was to be tomorrow's post) or to some of you encore appearance.


Grant K Gibson

I came across this black and white room by Grant K Gibson in my many searches but was disappointed that the site was under construction. The good news is that it is now up and running. Although images are limited (he is a young gun of interior design after all) his portfolio does not disappoint. There is a young dandy about town, English gentleman’s rooms feel about his work. This isn’t foppery though. This is talent starting out. Still find that black and white room breathtaking.

Images from Grant K Gibson