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William McIntosh

Tailored, elegant, refined. Bold, modern, sleek and textural. A few key words for the work of New York designer William McIntosh. Meticulous attention to detail and execution is obvious in these sophisticated spaces.

Images from William McIntosh

Jul042007 Jo

Since Jo is just heading off to work I thought I'd take this opportunity to plug her gorgeous artwork (since she won't be able to check the blog for HOURS). She sent me a package back in April and having FINALLY received it yesterday, it included 4 pieces of art that she drew. They are so amazing and I am so proud of her that I had to post them. I think I may have convinced her to open an Etsy shop so please feel free to leave comments and maybe she'll realize she REALLY REALLY should sell her art. (Sorry about the quality of the photos, it's raining here so I can't get good light).


This could be yours

Another Swedish beauty for sale in Sweden.



Sometimes you've known and admired someone's work for a long time that you take it for granted. I spend hours each week searching for names and portfolios to feature here. Sometimes I need to remember the obvious. Vanessa De Vargas is known to many of you. She is a talented L.A. based interior designer, high end vintage furniture store owner and writes her own blog Turquoise and for Apartment Therapy Los Angeles. Here are some of my favourites from her portfolio including new rooms. Love her work!

Images from Turquoise


Owen and Vokes

Paul Owen and Stuart Vokes are award winning Brisbane architects. They explore the interaction between internal and external space creating outdoor “rooms” that push the boundaries of a home beyond its four walls, playing with the ideas of enclosure and comfort. There is a preference for making plain buildings with humble materials. I’ve included a few of their indoor spaces showcasing the simple, Zen like feel of these family homes. Don’t be fooled though. Space is cunningly carved up to be as useful as possible and economical building materials ensure that these ideas are easily accessible to all.(Don't forget to click on the images to view them larger.)

Images from Owen and Vokes