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Gloss Creative

When the A-list party in Australia it's Gloss Creative setting the stage. Three-dimensional design is an area we haven't featured a lot of ... until now. Event staging is huge and Gloss Creative is the biggest and baddest of the bunch. Hop over to their website and dream of making the guest list to the swankiest private parties, Fashion Week and every Australian's pinnacle of social climbing, the corporate marquees at the Melbourne Cup (that's a horse race to those scratching their heads). Here are some of their recent Melbourne Cup party tents. Yes tents. SWOON! Pass me a champagne.

Images from Gloss Creative


Adeeni Design Group

Claudia Juestel, principal of Adeeni Design Group, has a website filled with beautiful images of her interior design work. But before I talk about her work, I've got to mention that her firm's name, Adeeni, is a Yoruba word that means "royal people". This is fitting as Claudia believes in making her client's home their castle, and treats each one like royalty. Her style is quite rustic, which brings such a level of comfort to the spaces with many rich earthy tones on the walls and in the fabrics used. Stunning Asian pieces are abound in her spaces, which I am so fond of, and she loves to use antique and flea market finds - which is fantastic because as you all know, Jo and I are crazy for anything vintage.


Love me some teal

Teal is such a gorgeous colour. I love the combination of greens and blues to form such a rich, lively colour. It's jewel-like and looks absolutely amazing with red. My second bedroom that I use for a dressing room is going to be perfect painted teal. I just need to find the right shade. So to get me moving on this little project, I thought I'd amass some photos of teal rooms. It was a bit of a difficult task because I found alot were too blue. I don't love blue, so I prefer a teal/aqua/turquoise leaning more towards green. Hopefully this post will light a little fire under my butt the room will be painted by the end of the weekend. (P.S. I think I might go for the wall colour in the photo above, Bella Blue by Benjamin Moore).

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This week's retrolicious images are scanned from Australian Home Decorating by Babette Hayes, Paul Hamlyn Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1970. Babette was the darling of decorating magazines from the 60s in Australia and still is at the forefront of Australian design. Check out more about Babette here.


Dog on a cowhide

Typically when we post animals, it's "dog on a chair" or "dog on a couch"....this time, it's a dog on a cowhide. And this I had to post for 3 reasons. First, this photo was sent by Jessica, of The World According to Jessica Claire, who has more animals than I do. 4 cats (2 sphynx and 2 cornish rex), 2 dachshunds and a great dane. INSANITY! Makes me want to go out and get a dog. Second, it's a photo of Jessica's great dane. I have wanted a great dane for a LONG TIME. Third, Jessica's harlequin dane Leya matches the freaking rug. FABULOUS!!! Thanks Jessica!