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Graham Atkins Hughes

Today's a day for featuring photographers and I love the portfolio of Graham Atkins Hughes. Great sense of colour and interesting angles and compositions make his work popular with magazine editors at the likes of Elle Deco, Wallpaper and Marie Claire. These shots focus you in on the product or the designer's work. Love the dark bedroom and who wouldn't want to soak in any of those tubs!

Images from Era Management


Ryan Benyi

Love the light in photographerRyan Benyi's work. I can feel the warmth of the air and imagine dust slowly wafting in the faint breeze. The shadows are cool and you know the sun is oh so bright outdoors. The rooms have a life instilled through his lens and they are real not pretentious at all. Speaking of real don't miss his wedding portfolio.


Shameless plug (again)

A couple of weeks ago I was squealing with delight when Victoria from sfgirlbybay featured her latest apartment incarnation. I love her style but was sooooooo happy when on closer inspection there was one of my chair prints. I love seeing my work in other people's homes and when it's one as wonderful as Victoria's well you can guess how I felt. Several emails later from people who had seen the link to my etsy store in the comments and I realised I was very low on chairs. Only know have I managed to paint a few new ones. So kudos to Victoria on her gorgeous home and a shameless plug from me ;)


Modular Garden

Kim has a small rather bare backyard. We were only discussing the other day what to do with it now that summer has arrived. Normally on a Sunday Kim scours Flickr for inspiring finds and I thought I would do the same. After typing deck and garden into the search box I didn't have to go far to find all the inspiration I needed. I found modular.garden. Checking their profile I discovered that they are one of the UK's leading garden design companies. Not hard to see why. These are fabulous small space solutions with interesting hard landscaping and gorgeous plantings. With their designs the indoors and out meld seamlessly and "garden rooms" provide much needed extra space. Check out their website for cool before and after shots as well as plans for some of these gardens. I love Flickr finds don't you?

Images from modular.garden


What's in the box?

Scott Weston emailed earlier this month with a sneak peek at his latest perishable architecture. He wowed us with his installation for Nokia (see it here) and now it's time for an installation at the "oh so stylish must be seen at" Australian Fashion Week from Monday 28 April – Friday 2 May 2008. This is the concept model but I'll let him explain the idea behind this room.

"We have been asked to do a chic room for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2008 at the end of this month (April) for Sony.

We have presented a chillout space with (refer our concept model):
1. Purpose designed Black carpet in filigree roses, leaves & butterflies.
2. A continuous techo fabric printed in filigree roses to cocoon the space.
3. Topiary sculptures of peacocks & cranes sitting in glowing white pots studded with fresh flowers to reference the preening & strutting of our Sydney fashion editors.
4. Quilted leather chairs to sit, preen & be seen.

The idea of fashion (to be seen, preening & the art of display/artifice) we have referenced architecturally formed topiary sculptures of peacocks & cranes. We are working closely with a person who makes these topiary forms individually & painstakingly by hand. It's going to be the space to be at Fashion Week & our topiary will be mini works of living floral art for 5 days."

Scott says he took the idea of topiary from the spectacular eagle on a ball he has been tending in his backyard. Such a clever idea referencing peacocks and preening at a fashion week! Very tongue in cheek. I love these peeks into the creative process and Scott's presentation boxes just blow me away. Don't forget to send us photos of the finished room Scott.