Rove Concepts


Patrick J. Baglino

Washington interior designer Patrick J. Baglino, Jr. calls his style "Urban Sophisticated". Eclectic and contemporary with a twist Patrick's rooms are young and hip with lashings of trad meets bright young things.


Verity Welstead

Verity Welstead is a British photographer with tons of talent who specializes in still life and interiors. The following photos I found here of hers are so gorgeous I had to post them despite the annoying digital watermarks across them. The lighting and composition was just too incredible to pass up.


My favourite Canadian magazine

I've subscribed to a few Canadian shelter magazines for several years and my favourite has always been Canadian House & Home. If you can get your hands on one, do check it out. Their website is fantastic as well and has a great gallery of photos from past issues where I found these...


Sandy Koepke

Sandy Koepke is intrigued by the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. Her designs blur the boundaries and result in beautiful outdoor rooms. She says it's a light-filled and light-hearted approach to interior and garden design. Her portfolio is an eclectic mix of styles and materials but fascinating details are everywhere. Not for the minimalist or the pure modernist but definitely for those who love vintage, found objects, rambling gardens and fun.


Photography at its finest

William Meppem can take a simple space and photograph it in such a way that it speaks volumes. Simple but beautiful.

Vanessa Levis has an incredible eye for composition, creating fresh and energetic photographs that draws you in and keeps you there.