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Marsh Cashman Koolloos

Marsh Cashman Koolloos is an award winning Sydney based architectural firm at the forefront of new directional housing. This is a look that typifies the next generation of Australian interior architecture. Enjoy.


Is it 8 o'clock yet?

Just thought I'd post a somewhat strange photo while killing time waiting for Top Model to come on.

Photo from Todd Oldham


The art in words

I love bold artwork - and using words as art is a great way of making a statement. It's an in-your-face approach of getting a message across or just a fun way to decorate a wall. Whatever the motive, here are some ideas of how to use words (or text) as art.

Art Rep TeamFox-Nahem Design
Ken HaydenLiving Etc.
Pierce AllenPierce Allen



Stewart Russell relocated from London to Melbourne, Australia after perfecting his textile design and production skills in Sri Lanka, Scotland and London designing for the likes of Vivienne Westwood. At Spacecraft he and long term collaborator Donna O'Brien develop contemporary textile designs for use in Spacecraft's fashion line as well as linens and canvases. It is his back cloth paintings that have developed a cult following with a long waiting list of potential collectors. These back cloths are the result of the overprints and seepage of the day to day printing of designs. Serendipity produces eye catching artworks.

All images from Spacecraft


Jeffrey Bilhuber

Jeffrey Bilhuber puts a contemporary spin on traditional design. Celebrity clients, television appearances, almost every major design magazine and a beautiful book, Bilhuber is inspiring in his designs.

All images from Bilhuber & Associates