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Allyson Mitchell

Allyson Mitchell, a Torontonian, is a maximalist artist, writer, performer, filmmaker and teacher. She is one busy chick: "I am a fat activist. I began the performance/education group 'Pretty Porky and Pissed Off' in 1997. I am also a queer activist and I have concocted the term 'Deep Lez' for a movement that works to maintain the radical in lesbian. I am completing my PhD dissertation about fat women power and space at York University in Toronto Canada where I teach feminist activism and popular culture. I lecture about lesbian graffiti, 3rd wave feminism and fat activism. As well, I conduct film and video workshops, do artist talks, studio visits and body image discussions." WHOA. Here are some photos of her fun and quirky installations and art. The first 3 photos are of a room she designed for the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.


Gladstone Hotel

The Gladstone Hotel has 37 artist-designed hotel rooms and suites located on the third and fourth floors of the hotel. The caliber of these rooms is comparable to those of the Hotel Fox, the hotel in Copenhagen that many blogs, including this one, has posted about. And I'm proud to say this is a Canadian hotel, located in Toronto.


Isn't meant to be

My husband and I are in the process of apartment hunting. Or rather we were until we decided to buy farm equipment for our business instead. Thought we’d put the hunt off for a few more months. What always happens when you’ve just spent a fist full of cash? The perfect place lands in your internet lap. I’ve found it and I can’t have it. The auction is in 2 weeks. It would have been at the top of our price range but possible unless a bidding war broke out. I love it. I think it would look great in a boho Scandinavian vibe. I’ve placed all my belongings in their perfect spots and chosen a few different colours. All in my imagination. Guess that’s where they’ll stay unless .....

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P.S. Forgive me if I don't give the exact link. Don't want any competition in case we go for it.
P.P.S. Anna is this some of your work?


Kurt Cyr

Kurt Cyr believes "In our plugged-in, multi-tasking, frenetically-paced, cyber-ready world, we crave spaces that can be all things to us at all times." His website outlines his design process for each project. While there take in his how to projects, his table centre piece ideas and dream of a stay at his Montana Bed and Breakfast. Stephen is as comfortable in a Palm Springs milieu as a 1940s house. Zen to mountain. Mid century to colonial.

Images from Kurt Cyr


New room to decorate!!!

So I have kicked Jeff into the basement (ha - it was his idea) so now I get to take over his office. It's a pretty small bedroom, maybe 10x10. I have some white Ikea bookshelves in there that I happily removed from my dining room, a round white table with white wicker chairs, and a teak-ish dresser that back in the day was one of my mom's first furniture purchases. I am telling you all this because I am on my way to Home Depot shortly to get some paint for my new room. I was initially thinking a pale pink because I have a pink obsession, but I don't think pink would go so well with teak. Then it hit me. Wary Meyers turquoise.

Jo enthusiastically agreed with me this morning, so I printed off the first photo above and I'm going to attempt to match this at the depot. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: I'm back with a gallon of Behr's Sweet Rhapsody, which I think is brighter than the one in the photo - but it was my fav. I found out turquoise is as hard a colour to choose as blue is. Also found an awesome Debbie Travis rug that was about 60% off. Love a great deal. Will post pics here or on Flickr tomorrow.