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Beautiful barn

Clean simplistic living space in a barn in Oxfordshire. Stone walled rose garden with box hedging and lavender. Light filled spaces with whitewashed walls. Sun on stone, space for art and massive timber beams. Modern fittings but rustic charm. Sound like heaven? Then this barn conversion might just be for you. From where else but location company Airspace.


I'm lovin'....

Ok, I'm still thinking about bookshelves and this room certainly isn't lacking in the bookshelf department. I adore this space. So light and airy and the furniture is so plush you would just sink into it after grabbing a book from the shelves. What a smart idea to break it up a bit with a space for a tall mirror. And don't even get me started on that light fixture...


Ron Mann

If interiors with an earthy vibe appeal to you, then designer Ron Mann is, well, your man. (LOL) His projects integrate natural elements so beautifully and artistically, and the spaces completely blend with their surroundings. Gorgeous!


Mark Lund

Extraordinary, stellar, exceptional, inspiring, über talented, downright gorgeous, a master at capturing a fabulous room on film. What can I say about New York photographer Mark Lund and his work! We're big on eye candy on this blog, short on words. These photos are sending my blood sugar levels sky high they are so sweet. So much more on his website. A must not miss.

And after all that eye candy there is this. Possibly our all time favourite photo of 2007 (actually still is). Swoon!


Gridley + Graves

Anne Gridley and Gary Graves are a husband and wife team of photographers who can work a camera like nobody's business. The kitchens I found in their portfolio are to die for...such beautiful and welcoming spaces.