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80s - good vs bad

We're still flicking through the pages of Cose & Case, Forme,colori,oggetti, nell'arredamento. Robin Guild, Euroclub Italia S.p.A.,Bergamo, 1980. Edizione Italiana. Oh the 80s! Remember the knotty pine? Remember the grey and salmon colours? The coolie shaped lampshades? OH NO the masses of dried flowers?


Flickr finds - tray tables


Jo's place and a cautionary tale

I have been excitedly waiting for my new "old" sofa. Excited but also waiting with growing trepidation. You see I did something I have told clients never to do. I took on a new upholsterer without doing enough homework and without holding the reins as tightly as I should. I trusted a new tradesman and I shouldn't have.

I won't make this a long story (you can find the whole story here) but I was in a hurry. I couldn't wait for my usual very very good upholsterer and I took on a new guy and ..... OUCH! What a mess of a couch!!! Shoddy workmanship and extremely rude and sloppy customer "service". This is the only section of my patchwork couch I can share with you without cringing at the mess I received back. I'm not paying. I'm starting again. Time to order new fabric and apologise to my regular guy. Moral of the story - wait for quality. Don't rush and take second best. (Email me if you live in S.E. Queensland and looking for an upholsterer. I'll recommend who you shouldn't use.)



...in my office

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week? (A little short this week. Apologies but lots for next week!)

  • Super talented blogger and e-magazine editor and creator Erin has just launched Mankind Magazine. Mankind Mag is a monthly publication dedicated to showcasing the talents of the emerging art and design community. You can find out all about it here. Erin you're a one woman creative dynamo!!!

  • Press release in the email in box this week from Caroline at I LOVE DESIGN. "We are dedicated to bringing you the best in new design. It is our mission to present fresh, beautiful and unique design items, ranging from chic and stylish to cool, hip and fun. Whether you aspire to Victorian extravaganza, French bold glamour or prefer the clean lines of modern Scandinavian design there’s sure to be a style here at I LOVE DESIGN for you."

  • Beautiful wooden and leather lampshades by Weplight from Argentina. The shades arrive flat packed and expand to reveal their strong modern character. More info here. Thanks Nadia!

  • Jodie emailed "I wanted to introduce our website to you, Sea and Jae. It is our goal to take well-designed items and give tips and tricks for giving thoughtful and meaningful gifts. We will provide fresh gift ideas whether you are looking for a small gift for a friend or favors for 200. We believe gift giving is like story telling….make it relevant. I have also recently started a blog to further show people some tips and tricks, as well as, where to find the inspiration." Jodie such cute gift ideas!

  • It's winter here and I find an email from Erica in my box teasing me with an image of that sums up summertime. Drink in one hand and book in the other I can just see myself lounging on this fabulous outdoor day bed from Veneman Furniture. For those of you in the northern hemisphere check out the website for summer furniture ideas.

  • Award winning travel writer and photographer Piers Moore Ede emailed to introduce Robin Moore Ede Art. Online you will find art prints of Piers' photographs and delightful watercolours by his interior designer father Robin Moore Ede. I'm particularly taken with these Moorish tiles. Exquisite blues and intriguing patterns. Thanks Piers!


scrafano architects

"We strive to create environments that are serene, minimal, warm and sophisticated. We design and build projects exploring relationships between the built and the natural landscape. Our clients typically identify themselves within their environments by an acute awareness of the natural boundaries: ground, horizon and sky. Comparably, the built boundaries expressed in architecture consist of floors, walls and ceilings. By introducing the built into the natural, we explore the topological relationships of how architecture is situated in, on or above the ground. Views and connections from the interior to the exterior landscape are critical, and play an important role in the design process."

Love the explanation above from the website of scrafano architects - check out the views from the windows below and it'll all make perfect sense.