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I've got to make this a quick post because I am scrambling to get my house in order now that the kitchen reno is winding down. It's SO good to have furniture in place again, and for things to be CLEAN. I thought I'd start with some ideas for Christmas gifts for the guys in our lives. Because we all know how tough they are to shop for. Here are some ideas from 2Modern (click on photos for details).

I posted about Colleen Duffley's work last year, and her friend Molly emailed today with a heads-up on Colleen's latest project: "Colleen is actually starting a new studio (Studio b!) in early 2009 that will be more of a cultural/ lifestyle venue; bringing in top photographers, designers, chefs, authors, musicians, and artists for classes and seminars, events, as well as gallery exhibitions. Studio b will be doing cooking classes, photography classes, for adults and kids... and really establish a venue for creativity. The first event that Studio b. is hosting is an online photo exhibiton of people's first shot of the new year, which must be taken from a cell phone camera! We have been working hard to get the word out, so it will be fun to see how many we get and from what corner of the world!! The website is new, so we will be updating constantly." Details are below - what a great idea!!

Neece Clark is an artist based out of Seattle who creates unique fine-art wall designs and original paintings for clients. Check out samples of her paintings here, murals here and great gift ideas in her shop. Below are some of my favourites (so pretty!!).



... if I have to be at work on a Saturday at least I can go to Chinatown

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So after spending all day in the office on a Saturday let's see what's in this week?

  • Let's start the weekend with the seriously stunning work of photographic duo Alex and Cocco. They work exclusively on fine arts and advertising projects from around the world, with recent personal series shot in Sydney, Paris, New York, Tokyo & Shanghai. Just a taster of what's in their current folios. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

  • Time to introduce ourselves to Trixie Jones & friends. Trixie has a brand new blog full of lovely things and we're invited for a play date (by her good friend Jenny). Hi Trixie!

  • Las Coleccionistas an eponymous blog out of Barcelona by a super talented photographic studio. Gorgeous images just right for weekend perusing.

  • Remember when it was all the rage to go to cooking school in Tuscany? Well it seems like now it's all about interior design. The Florence Institute specializes in graphic design and interior design, as well as specialist art history courses, with all classes held in English. Study Abroad and Gap Year students are catered for, alongside graduate and undergraduate classes. Ah Firenze, my favourite Italian city. I wish this was available when I was once a medical student tearing myself away from a gorgeous Florentine to come home to a degree I never quiet completed (yet). Oh sorry. Too much information ;)

  • Valerie that *visual*vamp* sent a lovely email for Thanksgiving. Valerie I'm sending the love back. Have you been to Valerie's blog? Besides a savage addiction to blogging Valerie manages to squeeze in not only a passion for tango but running a Bed and Tango in New Orleans when she's not changing out the look of her fab home.

  • Andie Olive, aOlive is a purveyor of fashionable oddities (her moniker not mine). Her 2D/3D coat tree tricks the eye and gives new meaning to functional art. Yes more wall decals but Andie's have a quirky sense of fun as does her website .... "I was raised by a band of circus bears and have a well developed appreciation for nature, the circus and dead stuff ..." and "I also love to dance, spin fire and play the musical saw, but never at the same time." Gotta love the girl!

  • Chris Brown is at it again. The second issue of Refueled magazine; the bible of alt-country style+design is online now. This issue, even bigger and better than the first, concentrates on STYLE (and doesn't that old style hound Chris have buckets of it!).


Country kitchens

I've got kitchens on the brain these days, so I thought I'd share some lovely kitchens from Country Home.


Gregg Segal

Just a quick taste of the extraordinary work of photographer Gregg Segal. He captures these spaces so brilliantly. Great light, interesting composition and a great sense of the house. His website is a scream, his work so quirky and creative. Do not miss his superhero portfolio or the detritus or the pirates, the dreams. Hang it! Don't miss any of it.


Living in the library

While many of you are recovering from too much turkey (and family) and the rest of us are facing a day "at the office" I thought I'd share another of my favourite homes from Airspace. Oooooh! Imagine living in a library. So many books and so much style. IO don't think I'd ever leave home again.