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Dining room dilemma

My parents are in a bit of a pickle. They are looking to replace their dining set that's over 20 years old. You're probably thinking that if it's 20 years old it must be pretty terrible. OH NO IT'S NOT. They have an entire set made of TEAK. That's right, I said teak. And it's FABULOUSLY RETRO. But I understand that after 20 years, looking at the same furniture can be tiresome. So their favourite daughter would GLADLY take it off their hands. (Yep - that's me). Here's the dilemma. My father is craving a harvest table (and I have no idea what he's thinking for chairs). On the other hand, my mom wants something modern, and a SET. I am desperately trying to convince her NOT to get a set because that is BORING. UGH. To please them both, I suggested a harvest table (or maybe one with a modern base like steel), and modern chairs. They have cherry hardwood floors that were just installed, so I think the base should be painted black if it's wood, black chairs (or at least with black legs), and a black buffet. And the harvest table would tie in the antique dry sink they have. Another idea is a modern dark wood table, and upholstered (in just about anything) Louis XV chairs. Then the buffet could be modern or antique. Hopefully these photos will give them some ideas. Please feel free to leave comments with more ideas to really confuse the hell out of them. ;)



Before the Fatboy there was the Slumper. Set up the sewing machine and whip up one next weekend. Click on the images to see full size. Scanned from Bright Ideas For The Home, by Per Dalsgaard and Elizabeth Erichsen. McMillan, London, 1978.

P.S. There are dozens of fabulously over the top soft furnishing ideas in this book. There's even a silver lame cat shaped tea cosy! Should I post that one Kim?


Elizabeth Felicella

Elizabeth Felicella is a New York based architectural photographer. These beautiful images have an almost ethereal feel to them though they capture bricks and mortar. She stands apart and documents a space letting it take its own place and not her position.



Lisa, aka MissKittyKat on Flickr, made me a contact the other day and when I went poking around her pictures, I was floored by the photos of her home. They are so colourful and kitschy and fun I HAD to show off her fabulous space. Thanks Lisa!


I want to live here

A penthouse apartment designed by Glen Gissler. Oh how I want to move in. Now, right now!