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Carter Williamson

Shaun Carter of the Sydney-based architectural firm Carter Williamson emailed Jo and I yesterday after finding a post Jo published of their work back in '07. I happened to mention that their work is so fabulous that I'd hoped there were enough photos on their website for another post. Turns out they're about to launch a major update to their site so Shaun sent over a number of photos of their latest work. My favourites are below. (Thanks Shaun!!)


Even the floor!

Want to paper your space with all those posters you have hoarded over time? Don't forget the floor! This amazing installation is by Alisa Grifo, a set and interior designer based in New York and Sweden.


Planting a little retro

House plants are becoming an all consuming passion of mine. I find myself dragging home little pots from the supermarket and losing myself in green envy just outside the hardware store. Today's retro deliciousness is fitting then Interior Decorating with Plants, by Carla Wallach, Macmillan Publishing, New York, 1976. And please no comments on the phallic symbolism of that cactus in the bedroom!


Flickr finds - Ikea's Lack floating shelves


Birthday wishes

Just wanted to do a quick birthday post this morning. Yesterday was my dad's birthday, so Happy Birthday Pops. (Although he won't notice this post as him and my mother are in their 3rd week of a 6 week vacation in Puerto Vallarta (grrrrr)). I could only find this photo I took of him being mauled by my niece...

And today is my boyfriend Jeff's birthday. I told him we could do whatever he wanted today, and he wants to help me build a couch for my living room. THIS GUY IS A KEEPER. Happy birthday Jeff!!! (His mom has been scanning photos of him growing up, so of course I had to share one).