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Monday's pets on furniture

Hi! After enjoying all the pet photos on your blog, I couldn't resist. I had to send you a couple myself. These are my two Frenchies. They think the couch is their bed even though they have dog beds all over the house. And I don't normally let them on the antique (white!) chair but I couldn't resist posing him on it for a photo.
- Alek

Tonight I was getting caught up on all of your fabulous postings and had to write -- I just love your "creatures on furniture" series and thought I'd send you both a few of my pups, Bear and Daisy -- just for fun.
- Myla

I am a 43 years old nurse educator and manager, living with two cats in Istanbul. I used to have an other tom cat who was died last November in his age of 14. I decided not to have a cat at the beginning. I moved my home to the apartment just above my previous one in last July. Meanwhile I was looking at your photos with cats. I told myself I need a cat in my new flat. I was surfing the web side about free pet adoption. I found a nice lady. She is a Van swimming cat. One is blue and other is green. She is not % percent but still, she had two colored eyes. The advertisement about her, says one year old pregnant van cat. I decided to adopt her. In next telephone call, her owner told me she delivered 1 kitten. 2 days later They were in my apartment. Now the kitten is 2,5 months old. By the way I am living a very modest furnished apartment. I am still working on it. I am sending a few photos about my girls first. They were taken my Nokia mobile phone.
- Sibel

Our whippet rufus will come running everytime i take out the camera to photograph something in our apartment, so i have so many pictures of him posing on our furniture. Here are a few - love the blog!

- Mette

Since I love your blog so much, and since you guys love dogs so much I wanted to send you pictures of my adorable dogs in LA! I hope you and your readers love the pictures as much as I do.

- Aimee

I saw your "Monday's pets on furniture" feature and I thought I'd send you a picture of The Mini, a 5 year-old cat with a big attitude. He is the star of my own blog every Tuesday as I publish a special feature called "Mini Mardi" (Mini's Tuesdays). He loves to take dramatic poses on my green velvet wing chair from Bombay (
- Martine from Montréal

Every week I see the photos and think that I really need to send some to you! Back in the days when he was allowed on the furniture, Ridley made himself strangely comfortable.
- Nina

Here is our little puppers Iggy (or more formally Iggy Juilius Huggleman) hanging out in his favorite spot on the back of the sofa. I think it makes him feel big.
- Morgan

Because trimming this and stripping this took me the whole freaking weekend, I have SO many things to get done today before I go back to work tomorrow. And this being a holiday and all, I think I will call it a day with this post. Happy labour day!


Beach shack love

A small shack with jetty reaching out. The sound of water lapping gently. Laughter just before a splash and friends, lots of friends. I have dreams of the summer to come and this would be prefect. (Just as long as I don't have to dust it!)


Flickr finds - bottles


Is it a long weekend in the States?

If it is then it's time for a holiday reading guide! No such luck here. We're right out of public holidays until Christmas in my neck of the woods. So if you're lucky enough to have three days off sit back and enjoy. New blogs, not so new, lots of eye candy and always inspiring. Hey even if it's not a long weekend where you are there's always time for blog hopping!


Spaces to get those creative juices flowing

We're all about inspiring creative and beautiful design here at DTI, and the website This Ain't No Disco (it's where we work) is a favourite of mine (see here and here). As both Jo and I work for our respective governments, we spend our weekdays in less-than-inspiring offices. This website always has me imagining being able to work in a space that isn't filled with mismatched half-walls and industrial tacky carpet. Here are workspaces that would inspire the crap out of me. The first is the office of Pride & Glory Interactive, based in Poland (designed by Morpho Studio and photographed by Magdalena Pacana), and the second is Maycreate, based in Chattanooga Tennessee.