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Real estate stalking

I thought I'd share 2 houses currently for sale in my home town of Brisbane. I’ve been real estate stalking again. The houses are completely different in style but both have wonderful ideas to steal. Colour is the key in both as well as a calm uncluttered feel (even if one is styled in the hoarder's favourite fashion, shabby chic). A well edited room is always calming. The first house is a renovated bungalow with loads of charm. That chocolate wall is to die for. The second is a new build with pops of colour punching through all the white.

Images from realestate.com.au


AJS Design

AJS Design, an architecture, interior and furniture design firm, was founded in 1992 by Abigail Shachat and is based in New York. Part of her philosophy is "creating spaces that appear more destined than arranged". Her designs are destined to be modern, minimal and functional. Throw in a rooftop cabin in the city (see last 2 photos) and you're all set.


Vicente Wolf encore

A while back Jo posted about Vicente Wolf, an interior designer icon. His spaces are so incredible I figured it was about time to do an encore. Spacious, light, ethereal. These photos will make you rethink the blandness of neutrals.


In the best possible light

Scott Dorrance is a photographer captivated by light. It means everything in a photo to him. I think he explains it best on his website. "Light, to my eye, is the essence of life. It dictates the mood of an image. It summons emotion. It lends action. It defines calm. It's constantly changing." I feel that I have just stepped into the rooms he has captured on film. Their presence is palpable.

It's not just his interior spaces that are lovely. His work entitled small spaces showcases his mastery of light and shade. Inanimate objects are jewel like in his lens. Flowers dance in the light. Go read his profile. I like the guy not just his photos.

Images from Dorrance Studio


New York Times

Some photos, from somewhere on the New York Times website. My dear sister can't remember the context, and neither of us has the time to go and find out. You don't really need to know any more than that, really. Just enjoy.